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  1. Take care Midori. The times I spent with you were always a blast. Maybe you'll be back for christmas event, who knows. You kept the PD's flowing in this game, thanks for doing that too.

  2. Taking a break from this game. No idea when/if I will return. Either way, as soon as PSU Clementine opens access to the public again, I will be on there. (^_^)/

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    2. leezy


      Hope to see you on psu,,if I can get away from pso2 ,, I loving pso2 more each day

    3. Mr Noob

      Mr Noob

      Access denied. You got to make me an army of aggys first! :D

    4. Larva


      take care Midori. You may thing that i hate you or something like that but I really don’t. We just have different believes but that's ok we all are different!.


      have fun in any new project and you are always welcome!

  3. Could a mod please lock this topic? Thanks.
  4. Could a mod please lock this topic? Thanks.
  5. OK good. So it can drop with Individual after all. I guess my CCA parties just had bad luck. I still wonder about the non-Caves EP 1 bosses in TTF though, because that was extraordinary levels of bad luck. Thanks for telling us this. I will go back to doing multiplayer Individual CCA runs and see if the Hylian Shield drops in my party, so I can be certain of it.
  6. Really? Multiplayer Individual and it dropped for one of you? You said that you and Depassage just found a Hylian Shield but if one dropped, then only one of you actually got it. Unless two dropped, one for each of you. Please clarify as much as you can. I want to make sure it can actually drop for multiplayer Individual.
  7. You shouldn't be soloing with multiple accounts in the same party to take advantage of the Individual drop style. There is a countermeasure in place to prevent it from working. Soly can explain it better than me. The Individual drop style exists to punish players less than before for playing multiplayer. Of course, the game still punishes for you playing multiplayer but at least now the item penalty is around 50% less items compared to 75% less items like before, and you don't have to fight over items anymore. All of the times I played multiplayer Individual lately were the proper way, meaning I used a single account and played with others in the same party. Anyway, I am tired of wasting my time not getting anything with the Individual drop style, so I will be soloing until it's fixed.
  8. So if those numbers are correct, what do you think could be causing some bosses to be unable to drop their rare item? I hope you figure it out soon.
  9. 3 Hylian Shields should have dropped on average in my multiplayer Individual parties so far, but 0 dropped. Also I remember before I did all the TTF runs, a friend and I killed 3 Kondoryuus for the 1/2 Redria Limiter drop, but 0 Limiters dropped, even though we should have found 2 on average. This has been bugged for a while, but either no one else noticed or didn't care enough to report it. Soly, please fix it as soon as you can. Thanks.
  10. R3, it would be like killing Dark Falz 1000 times and never getting Red Ring. Between the Dragon, Vol Opt and Falz, we should have found 18 rares, but ended up with no rares whatsoever. I gave up on TTF since non-Caves bosses can't drop their rares and started hunting Mother Garb+ with multiplayer Individual drop style. Mother Garb+ drops just fine. I've done a dozen or two runs and 2 dropped. The other enemies drop their rares fine as well, so I'm thinking this bug is limited to some bosses only. I hope the Gal Gryphon isn't bugged, because I'm looking forward to hunting Hylian Shield with other players.
  11. Basically, we should have found 18 total boss rares (on average) from the Dragon, Vol Opt and Dark Falz, but we actually found 0. So that's why I'm thinking there may be a bug or something, because that's incredibly bad luck.
  12. Just did multiplayer Ultimate Whitill TTF runs using Individual drop style the whole HH, about 15 runs. The Dragon should have dropped his rare 2 times, but no one ever got it. Same for Vol Opt; should have dropped 2 times but 0 actually dropped. Falz should have dropped Red Ring 1 time but it never dropped. Are you convinced that it's bugged yet?
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