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  1. back in my days of lineage 2, theres was a gold bar system to "increase" the gold u can store in your character since it got its limit a 2.5 billions by trading for free 1billion adena (money in l2) for a gold bar, which can be stored or trade anywhere and enchange back to 1billion meseta, is it prossible to make that happend by a quest npc?
  2. no matter what i do, i always come back to pso, hope i start over in ultima soon.
  3. sta rate has been lowered a lot, but thats not the issue, i got an sta too, but all the drops in general are shit
  4. idk, something is really wrong with this, and yes, you're right nobody wants to hunt even with happy hour, im going to take a long break till this shit gets fixed.
  5. Hunt a bunch of photon crystal EP4 normal or hard mode, rare mobs like PAZUZU, DEL RAPPY, DORPHON ECLAIR and MERISSA AA, its a fairly easy item, the go to one person mode in normal and try to complete Black Paper Deal 1 or 2, do not die or quest is over, if you're a ranger complete ZU route in hard mode, ZU route for hunters in normal mode, rappy route for FO in very hard, and black paper deal 2 in Hard mode, drops nice items like master raven, last swan, cent ability, shouren, etc. heres the quest reward list. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/droptable/special-quests/
  6. is it possible to make a weapons with lvl3-5 resta for Cast clases? this thing of using mates for soloing its really unfair, since all the roles has been balanced, FO and RANGER does heavy melee dmg, hunters and fo has nice range weapons, why not a support hucast, hucaseal or racaseal xd with non combo resta weapon with the slowest animation you found.
  7. Meanwhile in lobby 1, Larva i beg you i want a STA!!!!
  8. belras literally 1shot most of my characters, im agree that they shoul'be buffed, but its more like a balance thing...
  9. this is an old idea and its simple, make a stronger katana type (animation) weapons, or give some love to orotiagito, magic hammer is not enough, single target, low dmg with zerk but very very risky... since katanas got a shit animation, its like a melee suicidal heaven striker... so the pricipal idea is buff orotiagito by making dropable with stats, or adding a tool item to use on a 11-stars agito 1975 with stats to 12-stars orotiagito with stats like ab machine and hit for example, and maybe the special properties of a excalibur (hit 3 targets) would definetly put katanas on the game meta,
  10. it is weird how these game works, more than 50 runs with shared drops, 5 epsilons each, 1 roct run with individual drops and we found 4 orbs (1 each party member) and 2 pwand.
  11. does that means that i've missing a % of the chance using shared drops with a character in pioneer 2 for whitill ID? or maybe bad luck, 1 roct run 1 drop, more than 40 runs of weather effect, no drop.
  12. epsilon has a boss status? i've only seen a drop twice, meseta and resist burning, doing weather effect runs the whole event, with 2 players and i never change the drop type. how do i change the drop type?
  13. Dark Meteor HD skin made by me! also widowmaker skin
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