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  1. I get most of my gear in HH back in 2014 2015, but i played 4 to 6 hours a day and there where 3 actives GM at that time, means that there were HH 1 time every 3 days at minimum, sometimes 2 hh in 1 day, not blaming the GM's ofc, 1 active GM can do the whole job alone, right now, in the last 2 months we barely have 6 or 7 HH, we need to have a system imprementation or the ride of the thing for good. EDIT: i have 3000 hours on ultima by the way.
  2. HH and rates are not whats botter me the most, what this guy said is been ultima curse and the reason that is dying, years ago i suggested that event items drops at higher rates ALL year (except pgf if makes u happy) and lower rate at current event, this past month we had like 5 or 7 players max cuz was no event, its like a ghost server sometimes.
  3. theres no "HH system" a GM log and start HH if he wants, solution?, automatic scheduled HH or kill HH and increase rates, ive seen 3 or 4 hh at the beggining of this month and thats it, and last month we had like 3 or 4, which only happend to run 2 of those 4 cuz time zone. #Free lk38 and ban KOTTA cheers.
  4. Theres high value in handgun animation too, but i see ur point mud, what i would do again, make a item to upgrade LK38 less dmg combo unlocked
  5. Easy, make a custom cannon rogue for ramar ramarl only but 800atp its just a lot, i would balance it to 600-650 since human ranger has less atp than cast
  6. i would unlock belra cannon and meteor rouge
  7. @R-78@Larva@Soly Help this guy please
  8. i can give u one for free, let me know when you on
  9. Single shooting vol opt screens needs lots of dmg, and seeing the suffering in ramar face, i can tell you that indeed its its a 3000R with Zerk
  10. I strongly recomend you to not Go for that plan or you never going to reach HUcast full potential, if youre not a 80hit weapons, and STA user, with no room for extra units you would get megied, freezed, confused, shoked and since you wont have space for smartlink you also miss a lot en EP II use this plan instead> u can switch cent resist and smarlink depending on ur needs, V502, Cure units, or even POSS https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/&c=2&l=200&m10=100&m11=0&m12=50&m13=0&m14=0&m15=0&m16=0&m20=5&m21=162&m22=33&m23=0&i0=62&i1=39&i2=78&i3=91&i4=100&i5=91
  11. nvm got one already
  12. i been out Ultima for 6 years and its good to be back, looking foward to hunt with u!
  13. Mostly needing DT's VJAYA 0 0 0 0 45 Crush Bullet 0 0 0 0 45 Crush Bullet 40 0 0 0 40 Egg Blaster MK2 0 0 50 50 50 Master Raven 0 0 35 0 45 Spread Needle 0 0 0 0 45 Red Sword +52 0 0 0 35 35 Psycho Black Crystal x1 15 DT's Cannon Rouge 20 20 0 0 30 Ophelie Seize 35 40 0 0 35 Ophelie Seize 30 0 35 0 40 Ophelie Seize 0 0 35 30 40 Ophelie Seize 0 25 0 30 40 Ophelie Seize 0 0 25 25 50 Lame'D Argent 0 0 35 0 15
  14. Yeah its actually easy to edit colours by layers, are you familiar with the Texture Manager?
  15. New skins! - Inferno Girasole - Tellusis - Soniti
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