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  1. I used to be like that when i was a teenage and got me banned for several spanish and latin pso communities and i was totally agree with it, if i do grow up why he cant? but i dont see the point on let him back if he doesnt want to behave, this is a game when u suppose to have fun, and its not competitive at all, why being toxic and disrespectful about it.
  2. LCK or Luck affect the critical hit rate, the higher the luck (max 100) the higher chances of your character deal an fixed increase in damage with a weapon, doesnt affect magic.
  3. Most of the time the antivirus detect a false positive in the launcher.exe and antihack.dll check that both files werent send to quarentine and set the whole psobb folder on exception, and add psobb as a nosteam game and see if it helps. EDIT: theres a ephinea guide to make the game works on steam deck and users helps a lot on troubleshooting, you should check that out.
  4. look like a performance issue, pso was really cpu demanding back in the day, cpu reduction, low res and frame skip in 0 should help, also change the energy config of the gpu to high performance, or in the gpu driver itself
  5. go to game directory and Data folder, look for the file plFtex then change the name of the plFtex to plFtexoriginal or copy the file somewhere else for backup, the game would not patch this files if u want the old skins back or the file get missing, now place the new file "plFtex" from chronovex in the data folder and thats it.
  6. i have all except bkb and sil dragon slayer, but i can offer some other weapons
  7. Faucilles, less range but, autolock, higher atp and easy combo. i think serene works better for hunters
  8. Ep2 Ultimate Seabed Morfos - PBC
  9. i make this skin a while ago, if u want to try it, its not a recolour, its completly hand made with higher resolution
  10. Could you write a or link a tutorial?
  11. Yo, you're right, i thought my 980ti is too old, but never happend before, once i used a trap and blizzard weapon i get those nasty frame drop until i move the camera, is not that noticeable like ur video, but someone should look into this, i cant imagine that frame drop with a low end rig. @Soly helpppp
  12. La mejor cancion de lobby fue esta
  13. i take the samurai armor pls
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