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  1. Ahhhh miss ya buddy!

  2. B> Photon Sphere/99pds for 15dts . PM me

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    2. leezy


      hi izaya

    3. MadOrNah


      Izzy is a hacker.

    4. radezz


      I have a photon sphere if you still need one

  3. Cyane's last big Hit event - where you could add hit to 100000000000 weapons of your choice - was only some months ago, I'd rather have something else. I don't think something similar should happen again before atleast 1 year has passed. Personally, I'd like to see a return of the "custom mag event" or "adding specials to weapons event" or maybe something completely new (like adding stats to certain weapons or an limited amount of weapons instead of hit f.e.).
  4. Multimode Solo - FOmar - Izaya - Raid On Central Tower - no PB - 13'52 ( remaining at olga warp ), 10'55 (Olga ded) I have video proof obviously, soon I will try a better run though. I played it safe alot and I can probably do it 5-7min faster with some luck/higher risk. Also no STA used the whole run.
  5. Did I miss something or why is everyone selling their stuff for other games/currencies now? :cr-dunno:

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    2. MadOrNah


      it will stop when I say it does.

    3. cloor


      or when you get 1 shot again lel

    4. MadOrNah


      reporting for harassment.



      and it stopped bc i'm so awesome.

  6. This needs some FO Times, so: TTF - Izaya - FOmar - No PB - 10:56 could be better with better inv luck and boss patterns but ttf is random PoD - Izaya - FOnewm - No PB - 20:30 solo Fomar roct video coming soon
  7. B> Frank the bunny costume

    can trade for a RR or/and DTs or something else. i d c

  8. Almost all of my runs were without PB so... more tries, better times obviously. But yeah now that Macho blades are around I feel like it doesn't really matter, Olga dies nearly as fast + no annoying twins animation. With a perfect run & PB maybe I could do few seconds better though.
  9. xmas event is almost over. Time for some new records. Multimode Solo - Izaya (RAcast) - RT - no PB - 18:33 Proof: Multimode Solo - Izaya (RAcast) - RT - with PB (at Olga) - 19:19 EDIT: better time already: Multimode Solo - Izaya (RAcast) - RT - with PB (at Olga) - 18:47 Multimode Duo - Izaya (RAmarl), under9000 (RAcast) - PoD - no PB - 23:54
  10. Well, to be fair. I remember there was a vote not too long ago, where an overwhelming majority of 80% of the community voted for making PGF an All year drop. I think none of the players complaining would really bother about the droprate, if that would be the case. But instead of giving some profound reasoning the problem is/was ignored or swept under the carpet. Like alot of things on Ultima. Yes this is larva's server, but it wouldn't exist without the community. Sometimes you have to or should meet halfway.
  11. Lmfao happy birthday Zaya!

    1. Izaya


      thank   you Ildavid07

  12. ...is that confirmed? I thought they also boost SD Range. I need them in my life if that's true
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