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  1. Hello, I'm looking for someone to change 2 real Agitos into Orotiagito for me. Willing to pay a few PDs. Thanks in advance ☺️
  2. LF> Someone to turn Agito 1975 into Orotiagito 

  3. Skyly - Del Rappy - Heavenly/Mind
  4. Skyly - Merissa AA - Flamberge Skyly - Goran - Crimson Coat (No event drops yet for me)
  5. Added random stuff Wanting to trade DTs for PDs
  6. From my limited experience with him, I say no. He's too thoughtless when it comes to others. He's incredibly selfish and self interested. He's a net drain on the community due to his inability or unwillingness to abide by the rules.
  7. DMed Really want that Vise Kamui Stag Cutlery Bamboo Spear
  8. Updated wants Help me out 😀
  9. I can be on at any time, just shoot me a PM
  10. Red Partisan (25/0/0/0|35) ~ 2PD I'll take this, bud
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