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  1. S> 9 DTs

    T> 100/100/0/100 Psycho Ravens

  2. OK, strange. I left the game and came back and now I have the PDs, and the Mag. Close this, I guess. Strange 😅
  3. Strange. I was doing a trade with @hidden and before the trade, I put 33 PDs in my storage to make room for the grinders I was buying from him. Afterwards, I go to put up the grinders and get my PDs back and I notice the PDs aren't there and instead is a clone of my mag Tellusis. Any way to fix this?
  4. T> 100/100/0/100 Psycho Ravens for nice Excalibur or Hundred Souls 

  5. Could swear you had posted somewhere you were looking for a hitter MKB (MonKinBar), so just leaving this shop here :D




  6. .

    1. Heather Prime

      Heather Prime

      has farm grinders


  7. Bump! Also trading DTs for PDs. Send me your rates 😀
  8. I can assure you, she definitely isn't a man. Lol
  9. Girasole - 40m 50d 45h I'm interested in this. I tried messaging but can't. Inbox me
  10. Bump. Haven't played in a while and need some PDs/DTs
  11. I will also take a Dark Flow for 50 DTs lol I think anyone here would.
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