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  1. ohh derp thanks
  2. There should be a section for the new items. Has no one found a sil dragon slayer, crush cannon, or blood tornado yet?
  3. T> everything for club penguin subscriptions and/or items..also accept neopets currency

    Edited by rayblasterx
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    2. Starlord


      I have my little pony ultimate limited edition playing cards. They might be worth something to you :"L

    3. MadOrNah


      I can give Roblox and Minecraft skins for all of your gear :"L

    4. rayblasterx


      @MadOrNahadd my little pony and its a deal :"L

  4. Meet me by the staircase bro
  5. Keep talkin' shit bout Fomar and see what happens
  6. T> max DM and STA for a new ps4 (not pro) yes serious dw 

    Edited by rayblasterx
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    2. Starlord


      I have a beat up YUGO I can pay you to get off my hands.

    3. McLaughlin86


      I'll give you a beer.

    4. MadOrNah


      I'll offer Nintendo 64 and 3 broken controllers

  7. I believe you mean dw. DW is a dark wep silly. Everyone knows this. I regret not trying hard enough to get Howi to send me his wienerschnitzel :"L
  8. My idea Amplifier of dw: grants 1-100 or 1-50 extra atp for one room. "The power of dw wells up inside you! You cannot be stopped! dw wills it!" Make it happen. @Auroboro
  9. still buying dragon scale

  10. dw
  11. B> dragon scale

  12. PRESIDENT dw

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    2. MadOrNah


      @rayblasterxCan I be vice president dw?

      Edited by MadOrNah
    3. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez

      nu dt is dt  dw is dw. dw

    4. rayblasterx


      you have my vote my child

  13. S> cent/ability 4pds and psycho wand 25 pds

    Edited by rayblasterx
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    2. Marzio Manco

      Marzio Manco

      ok room' name  BLAUCHER

    3. JanenbaDMS


      I guess I'll take the bringers arm.  Will be on in a few hours.  dw

    4. rayblasterx


      np. i shall reserve it for you my child.