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  1. B> calibur 50 on beast/machine/hit

    Edited by rayblasterx
  2. How Many PGF we have!!

    i just sent you some dw power. go forth and succeed my child
  3. dw? dw! dw.... oh dw? dw.


  4. Mock GM Election!

    @anthonyplays would get my vote for his praise of dw but his seedy past of praising humar gives me pause. @mudkipzjm also praises dw and would likely gain my support, however, he also has an egregious record of corruption. None need look further than to the #FuckMud campaign which has effectively exposed him for what he truly is. #wewillneverforget. As such, I will be writing in those of only the highest moral standing
  5. Everyone I'm sorry.

    and the bann is permanent!
  6. Everyone I'm sorry.

    #makedwgivepositiverep #dejavuiveseenasimilarthreadlikethismadebysomeguynamedvirecanditwasquiteentertainingdw
  7. How long will this last?

    Nope. Sega doesn't care. And even if they did, we have dw. And dw conquers all. Why? Because dw is dw. So dw.
  8. Ayeee

  9. "BUMP is ready sold for 420dts now close ! " -salem. funniest thing ill see all day. dw

    1. MadOrNah


      Sell me an sta for 100dts

    2. Champione


      its still in his bank lol

    3. SelahIsASpot


      you don't see a whole lot throughout the day do you? :L

  10. Bye Everyone ^^

    dw be with you
  11. Umm

    So touchy^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  12. Sonic Mania is the game I've wanted since sonic and knuckles T____T its beautiful

    1. McLaughlin86


      The giant rings are hard to find :"L

    2. rayblasterx


      very :"L but then again it is the 1st playthrough. im glad they're pushing exploration.:D

    3. McLaughlin86


      True. I'm glad they're not littered throughout the map like in sonic 3.

  13. theres a dw react???? this is the happiest day of my simple life ;_____;

    1. griffeni


      it would be better if you went to the teams thing on forums and joined the dw team already tbh

    2. radezz


      I got the first 2 dws in history.. i hope this humble servan has made you and dw proud <3


  14. People have a lot lower dts than i thought :"L Even the so called scammers of yesteryear :x disappointing> Ultima.

    1. MadOrNah


      t> 0.27dts for dark flow

    2. mudkipzjm


      I hope my DTs are sufficient enough in number to please dw.

    3. yanvbraz