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  1. S> sta 350 dts B> 1 new years card B> hucast mag dw

  2. S> STA 350 dts B> 1 new year card

    Edited by rayblasterx
  3. is it legal to sell stuff for amazon gift cards? :"L

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    2. radezz


      I heard gift cards are not allowed. Better ask gms, but good question.

    3. MadOrNah


      GM's should really make a topic about what's allowed and what isn't 

    4. rayblasterx


      NOT legal according to Soly gentle-dw's

  4. B> white hucast mag

    Edited by rayblasterx
    1. MadOrNah


      I have a 0-185-15 white baby mag. 55dts

    2. rayblasterx


      Don't make me make a thread about this price gouging :onion-head28:

  5. WOW look at this slimy little __________ who posted a hurt feelings report and now wants dts.... If I were in charge around these parts I would _______ and then ____ with a ____ all over your ____ in front of a booma. Apologize or else. Do not cross dw. Also thanks @Jeffrey Cardoza.
  6. I honestly agree with everything here. Mudkip once joined my room that had individual drops on and automatically claimed all the drops, even if it was a PGF. Also, and this might seem petty, but who chooses a mudkip over a torchic? Not joking. Blaziken > Swampert EVERY FUCKING TIME. so yeah #fuckmudkip :^). But like I said on the other topic, just stay on the server dude. dw will look out for you. If anything, I'll hold onto your dts if you decide to come back. Cheers mate.
  7. B> crush bullet 30+ stats

  8. B> crush bullet w/ stats and hit

    Edited by rayblasterx

    Edited by rayblasterx
    1. Howitzer


      No Wienerschnitzel for Centurion/AFK user

    2. rayblasterx
  10. B> blue black stone 5 dts or 35 pds

  11. ohh derp thanks
  12. There should be a section for the new items. Has no one found a sil dragon slayer, crush cannon, or blood tornado yet?
  13. T> everything for club penguin subscriptions and/or items..also accept neopets currency

    Edited by rayblasterx
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    2. Starlord


      I have my little pony ultimate limited edition playing cards. They might be worth something to you :"L

    3. MadOrNah


      I can give Roblox and Minecraft skins for all of your gear :"L

    4. rayblasterx


      @MadOrNahadd my little pony and its a deal :"L