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  1. yo Virec, help your boy out with that Merc rod please nvm :"LLLL
  2. B> merc rod

    1. Virec


      Hey buddy I have a Merc Rod  just let me know when you are online good sir :)

  3. I have but one love and one love only on this server. And that is dw. dw has given me the strength to overcome all obstacles in this journey we call life. I will forever be grateful to Ultima for leading me unto a golden path whereby I was able to meet dw. And not only was I so blessed as to be touched by dw, I was given the sacred honor of spreading the passionate love and joy of dw to newer members of the server who had not yet been enlightened. Although I have not played for years, I always see a stranger say dw. Except they are no longer a stranger. They are with me. And with you reading this. And we are all one within the loving bosom of dw. ... Except @Patrick Bell for he is BANNED and it is permmanet and/or final.
  4. It will be closed when dw says its closed
  5. tfw when you're stuck at 399 rep forever cause all you ever get are dw reacts :"LLLLLLL

  6. Remember, dw is always with you.


    1. radezz


      dw is always with you

      dw is with you

      dw is


      show me dw

      show me da wae

  7. B> calibur 50 on beast/machine/hit

  8. i just sent you some dw power. go forth and succeed my child
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