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  1. While that nod to Totoro posted by Shiva is nice, it's not really a screenshot ...
  2. They strike six times: 2, 1, 3
  3. Make a quest called "Lost RRR's Bird" where you fight lots and lots of Zu in Ep4. The quest giver would not be Hopkins but a HUcaseal modeled after the one RRR uses.
  4. Angela Merkel, my evil chancellor? Yeah, she is even worse than Merikles.
  5. Are you serious? I play with a controller, and regardless, that's not the issue here, my keyboard works perfectly thank you. Most players will often change their weapon order for specific quests/areas, sometimes even during a quest. In contrast, the automatic sorting isn't needed that often. I usually only use it once in a while after changing around a lot of items to get the general order (weps at top, then armor etc.) in place, but then it's definitely gonna be sorted manually as the automatic sorting doesn't put the weapons into an order that I like. Just what Saith said here. To clarify this idea, I don't need it implemented, it was just a thought, but in my view it should have been like this from the very first iteration of PSO ...
  6. Idea for the "sort" option in items. The top and default option is "Automatically" which you don't need/want most of the time. Would it be possible to switch the positions of "Automatically"/"Manually" so the latter is the default option?
  7. Bluefull Ill Gill (Ult): Genpei
  8. Objection! If you can afford it, the answer is to have both, especially if you manage to catch a hit event ... In some quests (in areas where the enemies don't have uber high EVP) like IDS or HOD I much prefer having dat 70h Snow Queen ... Of course, you should get a high hit Frozen Shooter first.
  9. Very cool to see this come to a conclusion ... and apparently Caffinz wasn't even following this topic.
  10. Yeah, it wasn't meant to downplay what people who found multiple PGFs did, some of us simply have busier schedules than others. Just like Starlord, after coming back from a full working day (especially during the busy Christmas weeks; I do a physical job so I don't sit on my ass all day), there's only so much hunting you can do before you simply pass out because your body needs to rest. Personally, most of my runs were outside of HH too, after all I didn't even catch too many HHs to begin with which you'll know if you remember a specific topic that quickly got locked ... As Starlord put it, free time = luxury.
  11. No idea how much time you had to play, but I doubt you did seven times the number of runs I did (which was maybe 260 or so, I stopped counting at some point) as I only found 1 PGF ... therefore you have to admit that while you surely did a lot of runs, you were extremely lucky to get that many PGFs. So you can have all the motivation you want, if the RNG doesn't like you there's nothing you can do about it ...
  12. Yeah, Twins is not always the best option. For example, last year when I ran 8-3 I was on a "2x Twins" strategy and built to 100 near the end of Upper Seabed (even walked into Recobombs on purpose), then again for Olga Flow ... took me almost 20 mins just to get to the boss! Now, I only build once for Olga, you can use Hell on many enemies anyway which is much faster, especially if like me you don't have an A.Beast DM. Of course having some improved weapons over last year helped ... but mostly it's all about the tactics and positioning ...
  13. Yes, FOmarl is great fun, she also has very good support capabilities (even though the female Resta range can be a problem when playing with DF HUs). There's a lot of weapons to choose from ... Apart from 100 Souls and Lindcray, personally I also use (mainly) Rambling May, Slicer of Fanatic and Ultima Reaper when in a party. Rambling with hit and stats is awesome on FOmarl. Banana Cannon, a fairly new addition to the FO arsenal, is nice but also has plenty of DMC potential ... There are many other weapons I use, it is very situational: Bringer's Rifle, Inferno Girasole, Gal Wind ... but I'll stop now because someone already replied as I was typing this. Be aware though it is quite expensive to equip a FO this way as you'll need tons of hit on pretty much every weapon.
  14. Well Sylph, I talked about this in the Shoutbox. Today I installed OBS, got me a timer to go with it (called Snaz which has a "Chrono Up" function that counts time up) and pressed start timer + record video as I started in Seabed in Gov. Quest 8-3. But as I also told you the timer mismatched actual time, which worsened as time went on, slightly less than 1 second per minute. As Olga died, there already was a 13 seconds mismatch. I experienced slight response delays when playing, maybe the recording caused a few frame drops which caused all this ... I'll ask ryukin later what timer he used, hopefully I can fix this for later videos. Edit: Video added (in the spoiler) So if we take the moment Olga dies as the end time, this run took me 16:48, PB (Twins) used at the start of boss, on the platform before Olga 1 comes down. A few small mistakes happened though, I guess sub 16:40 is easily possible with more luck. Also, no Katana trick used. By the way, in the video, I stopped the OBS timer after the Olga "congratulations" screen because at first I thought that's the moment where it should be done, but after I checked ryukin's video again I followed his example.