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  1. Salem, this is painful to read ... you should really look into learning English grammar someday. Besides, HUmar never had SD on Gamecube. Only on Dreamcast.
  2. Videos From Ultima Server

    Dead HUcast at the CCA boss warp
  3. Fixed your spelling, grammar etc. (last sentence still seems a little sketchy, let the native speakers comment on it)
  4. New Custom Mag MiniEvent

    Ready 4 TripleMagThreat.
  5. A Quest for Ultima!

    What year is your threshold for "old"?
  6. Ryu's PGF Mini Event (finally)

    Nope, count me out. I'm not the competitive type and for once I'm actually kinda happy there is some downtime before the summer event so I can pursue some other hobbies besides PSO.
  7. Hiya,

    Where is the Official drops of the Easter event? I can't find it anywhere, thanks! :)

    1. El Socko

      El Socko

      It's at the top right, below the search field and above facebook/twitter/Google+ icon


    2. Junsui


      Strange I don't have anything you say:


  8. Player-Made Easter Drop Chart =3

    As of today the official drop list on the website lists the event drops, so no posts here required anymore
  9. Player-Made Easter Drop Chart =3

    The one in Ep2 drops the Yasminkov. Not the one in Ep1.
  10. Does the DAR dynamically adapt whenever players join or leave a game? I was doing 2P ROCTs with Night but had a 3rd character join briefly, then /lobby after the quest was started in order to be able to receive our reward at the end.