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Rare Findings and/or Accomplishment Thread

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1 hour ago, R-78 said:

blank lol

ofc lol 

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Hokay so... still kinda hyperventilating, but this luck is pretty much unprecedented for me... Only caught the last hour of an HH, but I managed to get a PGF literally the last minute before it e

Another level 30 Tech, this time coming from Da Ral Lie 🤔

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8 hours ago, R-78 said:

My 2nd Skyly CCA run of the year:


Sinow Spigell, 1/22405

what skin mod are u using?

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🌩️🐍⛈️☠️Here's my latest accomplishment, this one is really hard to achieve and the most meaningful for me ☠️⛈️🐍🌩️


[Ultima]: Noob Saibot Has Found a Warning Point!

I consider this like a seal of quality of my forum contents 🥰😍😘


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5 hours ago, Sergio2kx said:

you have alot dts


(Guess this counts as an accomplishment as well)


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1 hour ago, jsiordia93 said:


Finally got this beauty! was too excited to snap a pic at the time lol but now its grind to 200 time!

I saw the banner for that, congrats man! (Meanwhile I'm trying to last minute solo hunt for one myself... The boredom is real!)

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