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  1. Type DS/D.saber was always one of my favorites. I also really like the laconium axe, kalabolg and jizai
  2. Duja

    New Year Cards 2022

    If I had, let’s say 1% on a type weapon attribute could I pay the 15 nyc for the last 99% ? or does it have to be at 0%
  3. I’ll buy that ultima engine 🙌
  4. Oh wow that is a lot of STA’s!! thank you @R-78
  5. This can be closed thank you
  6. Lookin for a water gun with hit/blizzard lmk Whatchu got
  7. Whew! Now that’s a quest! Got c ending and @assface we finished it, so brutal!!!! Seen some cool things, got killed a few times, I enjoyed the 3+ hours it took to beat it. Awesome job thank you for an amazing experience @R-78
  8. This gonna be awesome!
  9. Duja

    R-78 shop

    I can log on now if your available
  10. Duja

    R-78 shop

    Can I buy that -20 flamberge plz 🙂
  11. Turtle! oop now I get nothing 🐢 I’m blaming @Tiel for the confusion 🤣
  12. Duja

    Summer Event 2021

    I wonder if we’re gonna get a hint about this mini event 😊
  13. One blood sword plz the one with the stats 👌 I’ll also take that panzer and that 40 hit bullet
  14. I will Buy those tp mats
  15. Duja

    Grantz New Shop

    Take 25 pd for that naka?
  16. Duja

    R-78 shop

    Later for me as well
  17. Duja

    R-78 shop

    gun Samba Maracas [0/70/0/0|0] 15pd I’ll buy this plz
  18. ZANBA [Berserk] [0/0/40/30|0] I’ll buy this for a pd 👍
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