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  1. I like that Sasuke talked like this
  2. can I pick up one of those glides tomorrow if you still have?
  3. Everyone was saying it would never come back ;_;

    1. Kotta


      I thought you were refering to Razdfelt :onion-head63:

  4. MadOrNah


    I feel betrayed.
  5. Ultimate - Episode 1 - Bluefull - Claw - **NON EVENT DROP** Ultimate - Episode 1 - Blueful - Arlan - **NON EVENT DROP** Ultimate - Episode 1 - Blueful - Buclaw - **NON EVENT DROP** Ultimate - Episode 1- Blueful - Dark Bringer - **NON EVENT DROP** Ultimate - Episode 2 - Blueful - Sinow Berill - **NON EVENT DROP**
  6. Ultimate - Episode 2 - Bluefull - GEE- Alive Aqhu Ultimate - Episode 2 - Bluefull - Zol Gibbon- Agito (1983)
  7. Could be wrong, but from the post right above yours it looks like he sold his DF already.
  8. Quite honestly, I think events are the worst times for newer players to join. They join hoping to hunt some cool new item only to be greeted by locked rooms. Even now lol, if I was a new player joining and I saw the topic "IS ULTIMA PERISHING?" I'd have my doubts about this server.(Also it doesn't help that you can see the low player count from this forum) I don't wanna echo comments, but let's all be real here.... most regular players here would rather not play with randoms in their games, especially if their hunting event items, they'd do it solo or with a team. I can't imagine most new players are actually hunting or accomplishing anything in events anyways, since most can't and then they leave.
  9. I only need 7 now, and no it doesn't 😞
  10. If anyone has these things send me a PM or post in topic to discuss prices, or whatever. Red Ring Maxed Wedding Dress Maxed Red Ring Costumes(All) RRx2 Halo Rappy Souls Just looking for hit on theses items Samba Fiesta Sacred Bow Type Me/Mechguns (charge)
  11. S>60/0/0/90/50 MF 45dts

  12. B<Frozen Shooter and Snow Queen 80hit plz

  13. For as long as Wilson has been on this server, he has never not been an asshole. He's been muted, reported, and banned a few times, but is still allowed a pass. I guess being one of the biggest donors and friends with Larva makes it fine, lol.
  14. MadOrNah

    R-78 mall

    Can I get these three instead then? I didn't notice you had high % Master Raven's Master Raven [70/0/95/0|70] 38dt? Psycho Raven +80 [90/0/75/0|70] 46dt Psycho Black Crystal
  15. MadOrNah

    R-78 mall

    is this still available 12 gun Master Raven [70/0/95/0|70] 38dt?
  16. MadOrNah

    R-78 mall

    Can I pick these up tomorrow?
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