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  1. Results are in (and I am back from vacation) Any teams that I played on I won’t be withholding pds, those are all yours 👍 congratulations to all! @Zilong, @GHmatt14 and myself for coming in third place with a time of 18.28 splitting 8 pds!!! @jdhenry124, @RocketTots and myself in second with a time of 14.19 Splitting 12 pds!!! lastly first place with a speedy time of 13.07 is @Zilong, @ink and <<Goth>> splitting a whopping 16 pds!!! msg me or see me in game for your prizes and thank you everyone that played! Enjoyed meeting some new people and playing challenge mode with new people 😁
  2. Results tomorrow when I get home (on vacation) thank you all who played and congratulations to the winners
  3. Monday afternoon I’ll be free, got some skating to do but after that I can get in a few games. Gotta get my 1c1 time down lol
  4. Bio and my time 21’34 😭
  5. First run @Zilong and @GHmatt14 our time was 18.28
  6. I was hoping this would at least introduce a few people to it, and definitely! I’m still yet to finish an entire episode 🤣
  7. Hello everyone, I’m gonna host a lil challenge it will be challenge mode first stage (1c1)(TA) Kill that dragon fast as you can teams of 4,3,2 are all cool (no dual/multi logging) (work together) tag your team players can be on more than one team im playing too First place splits 16 pds second place splits 12 pds Third place splits 8 pds I know prizes aren’t much but I’m not rich lol ( please screenshot or record your times if you can) id like to see it as well as everyone else. if you are not able to record or screenshot You can still play, just please be honest! (no one likes a liar and a cheat) im going to start this challenge today on 08/28 and the quest will end on 9/14 post your times and have fun good luck everyone! 1c1 TA style
  8. Lol I’d be happy to show you, I need to farm 2 of them myself
  9. Don’t forget about your type/shot might wanna do the run/runs to get one to add freeze, hell or demons onto later. Definitely a must have
  10. Honestly it really doesn’t matter, whatever you like to play will be the best class to you. I personally like HU, but RA is fun to play too, and it’s always good to play as a FO (even tho I suck in this class) id say try em all and gather items, learn enemy movements, and watch spawns. cuz honestly that’ll make you a better player, but most importantly enjoy the game for what it is. but back to solo question if that’s the way you wanna play the game then do you man, i personally think the more the merrier.
  11. Looking to aquire a 5  years blade, HMU old farts

  12. Pso2 what ship are you guys going to play for the beta?

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    2. Trigunman


      Oh hell!  Goodbye free time LOL!

      Didn't know they were going to do a closed beta!

      Ahhhh man... Might check that out tomorrow.

      Thanks for the heads up Duja!


      ARRRRGGGGGH Xbox ONE...  Curse you M$!!!!!



    3. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Closed beta which was supposed to have ended last night will be extended to tomorrow, starting at 5 PM PST just to let you guys know. (I am not on it but saw this info via Maximilian Dood's twitch stream of him playing)

    4. Duja


      Ah nice, I might hop on for a bit anyone else playing the beta besides sinowneo and I?

  13. Id really like to change my forum name, id like the possibility of changing your name on forums for DTs. i know it would probably cause alot of confusion and work but to be just Duja would be awesome. or maybe could use NYC ? (winkwink)
  14. Event is over!! congratulations to the 5 lucky winners @SanicTeam @Legion @RocketTots @Revelator @potkr@oka The number was 74 Shoot me a pm or whenever you see me 😁 Merry Christmas everyone
  15. Merry Christmas everyone I will host a numbers guessing game Top 5 people closest to my number will get a Christmas present to go with their nakas cards names. (Number is unknown to me until day of drawing thanks to my better half) (One number per player, you can edit your number choice up until time of drawing) 0-100 is a number I'm looking for. I will check numbers on the 23rd of December at 4 pm (PST) Good luck and merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone ♥️
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