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  1. Duja

    New Year Cards 2021

    Thank you very much
  2. NYC mag event please, color changes, stat moves, pb’s 
    I’d be really grateful 💚

  3. https://imgur.com/gallery/YqSZtWV my turn On a Nintendo system Some kinda roll, maybe a barrel
  4. Thank you @Loïc Rl it took us a bit to get together because of time difference but we finally did it! he initiated a trade and had said he got me 3 different things. 1 Star Atomizer 2 Scape Doll ( I think) And for the final a Sol atomizer Then the real presents came out haha a POST! Anti Dark Ring! (which I’ve been hunting for ages!) and an Ali’s resolve! thank you very much and happy holidays! also thank you to @jdhenry124 for hosting an awesome event. merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!
  5. Asteron striker, ep4, ultimate, goran detonator, whitill
  6. This is a great idea! Count me in 🎁 1. Pbc 2. Any S rank (special not needed) 3. proof of sonic team 4. bringers rifle with hits 5. red ring 6. anti dark ring 7. hylian shield 8. A special, put on a weapon for me 9. d photon core 10. Mr nakas cards 11. serene swan (stats don’t matter) 12. yas 9k (stats don’t matter) 13. Handgun guld 😭 14. two kamui
  7. Happy hangover recovery day! the number was 25! congratulations @Gui @C01D1 and @meepmeepiasheep you are the big winners!, hmu in game or shoot me a message. thank you all for playing!
  8. The queen of the damned has picked her number! i might be a bit drunk so I will announce the winners and number tomorrow! happy Halloween everyone! hope everyone enjoyed their Halloween and didn’t drink as much as I did lol
  9. Happy Halloween-ween☠️ guess the spookiest number, 0-100 💀 event will end on Halloween 🎃 october 31st at 7pm (PST) 😈 (one vote per player, able to change number up until event end) (You are able to choose a number that’s already been taken) (spooky number is chosen by the queen of the damned herself) Top 3 closest or dead on the spookiest number will inherit the curse of six Christmas presents! 👻 6🎁6🎁6 👻 good luck ghosts & ghouls
  10. I would definitely try my luck in one of these good idea 👍
  11. Results are in (and I am back from vacation) Any teams that I played on I won’t be withholding pds, those are all yours 👍 congratulations to all! @Zilong, @GHmatt14 and myself for coming in third place with a time of 18.28 splitting 8 pds!!! @jdhenry124, @RocketTots and myself in second with a time of 14.19 Splitting 12 pds!!! lastly first place with a speedy time of 13.07 is @Zilong, @ink and <<Goth>> splitting a whopping 16 pds!!! msg me or see me in game for your prizes and thank you everyone that played! Enjoyed meeting some
  12. Results tomorrow when I get home (on vacation) thank you all who played and congratulations to the winners
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