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  1. Turtle! oop now I get nothing 🐢 I’m blaming @Tiel for the confusion 🤣
  2. Duja

    Summer Event 2021

    I wonder if we’re gonna get a hint about this mini event 😊
  3. Where’s that Momoka? 

    1. Kotta




      Yo quisiera, que supieras, 

      cuanto extraño, tu presencia aquí. 


      Y no puedo, no me atrevo, 

      es que sí!.. te veo no se qué decir. 


      Por qué? (por qué?) :onion97:

      Por qué! (por qué!) :onion-head29:


      Quiero volar contigo por el cielo

      Te daré, mi amor, solo a tí,

      quiero volar! :onion128:


    2. Kotta


      (dang It! 

      The gif didn't take form :onion87::onion-head07:

    3. RocketTots
  4. I hope I can make it! I definitely need a few things, resta and zonde lv 20 for my huney among my newer fo’s thank you for this 👍
  5. Congratulations to everyone who played! The correct answer was 34! happy birthday again! Everyone that played gets a copy, hmu when you want it!
  6. It’s a birthday party!!!! for Cannabeast, and RocketTots! (and anyone else in this timeframe!) how old? No one will ever know! Guess the median of these two (that’s like if one dudes 1, and the other is 10, it equals out to about 5) or some math like that? everyone who guesses correctly will win a copy of the world famous! !!!!!!!!Burning Rangers!!!!!!!!! please post a number for your guess! (or guess the age) 1. ..old enough to know better 2. ..silver fox 3. ..21 4. ..I’m gonna need
  7. Duja

    New Year Cards 2021

    Thank you very much
  8. NYC mag event please, color changes, stat moves, pb’s 
    I’d be really grateful 💚

  9. https://imgur.com/gallery/YqSZtWV my turn On a Nintendo system Some kinda roll, maybe a barrel
  10. Thank you @Loïc Rl it took us a bit to get together because of time difference but we finally did it! he initiated a trade and had said he got me 3 different things. 1 Star Atomizer 2 Scape Doll ( I think) And for the final a Sol atomizer Then the real presents came out haha a POST! Anti Dark Ring! (which I’ve been hunting for ages!) and an Ali’s resolve! thank you very much and happy holidays! also thank you to @jdhenry124 for hosting an awesome event. merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!
  11. Asteron striker, ep4, ultimate, goran detonator, whitill
  12. This is a great idea! Count me in 🎁 1. Pbc 2. Any S rank (special not needed) 3. proof of sonic team 4. bringers rifle with hits 5. red ring 6. anti dark ring 7. hylian shield 8. A special, put on a weapon for me 9. d photon core 10. Mr nakas cards 11. serene swan (stats don’t matter) 12. yas 9k (stats don’t matter) 13. Handgun guld 😭 14. two kamui
  13. Happy hangover recovery day! the number was 25! congratulations @Gui @C01D1 and @meepmeepiasheep you are the big winners!, hmu in game or shoot me a message. thank you all for playing!
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