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  1. Lol I’d be happy to show you, I need to farm 2 of them myself
  2. Don’t forget about your type/shot might wanna do the run/runs to get one to add freeze, hell or demons onto later. Definitely a must have
  3. Honestly it really doesn’t matter, whatever you like to play will be the best class to you. I personally like HU, but RA is fun to play too, and it’s always good to play as a FO (even tho I suck in this class) id say try em all and gather items, learn enemy movements, and watch spawns. cuz honestly that’ll make you a better player, but most importantly enjoy the game for what it is. but back to solo question if that’s the way you wanna play the game then do you man, i personally think the more the merrier.
  4. Looking to aquire a 5  years blade, HMU old farts

  5. Pso2 what ship are you guys going to play for the beta?

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    2. Trigunman


      Oh hell!  Goodbye free time LOL!

      Didn't know they were going to do a closed beta!

      Ahhhh man... Might check that out tomorrow.

      Thanks for the heads up Duja!


      ARRRRGGGGGH Xbox ONE...  Curse you M$!!!!!



    3. Grimoire Greys

      Grimoire Greys

      Closed beta which was supposed to have ended last night will be extended to tomorrow, starting at 5 PM PST just to let you guys know. (I am not on it but saw this info via Maximilian Dood's twitch stream of him playing)

    4. Duja


      Ah nice, I might hop on for a bit anyone else playing the beta besides sinowneo and I?

  6. Id really like to change my forum name, id like the possibility of changing your name on forums for DTs. i know it would probably cause alot of confusion and work but to be just Duja would be awesome. or maybe could use NYC ? (winkwink)
  7. Event is over!! congratulations to the 5 lucky winners @SanicTeam @Legion @RocketTots @Revelator @potkr@oka The number was 74 Shoot me a pm or whenever you see me 😁 Merry Christmas everyone
  8. Merry Christmas everyone I will host a numbers guessing game Top 5 people closest to my number will get a Christmas present to go with their nakas cards names. (Number is unknown to me until day of drawing thanks to my better half) (One number per player, you can edit your number choice up until time of drawing) 0-100 is a number I'm looking for. I will check numbers on the 23rd of December at 4 pm (PST) Good luck and merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone ♥️
  9. I have finally obtained the weapon of my dreams The TypeDS/D.SABER I put alot of work into this one and alot of time. Thanks to everyone who helped me. @jezbuz @RocketTots @Tiel Among others Pics to come
  10. Duja


    Also count me in, I would like to beat Cmode by the end of this year.
  11. Normal: 1. In the old days if you died you had to venture back to place of death to pick up your weapon. 2. If frozen hitting A,D in quick succession will break the ice. 3. DF users need to be healed soon as you see waves of light. Challenge: 1. I still haven't beaten Cmode completely. 2. When passing a grave make sure to point it out, and who's it is 😂🤗 3. C1 can be beaten very quickly, under 7 minutes with experienced players. Battle: 1. Make the best use of your character, you can't see a shorty behind walls. 2. Killing yourself with a trap will not give your opponent a point. 3. Certain techs can get behind walls and reach very far, good for a surprise.
  12. Don't run! This little spider just wants to be your friend
  13. Lil Frankie is scared of fire 😁
  14. Duja


    I really like this idea and it's going to be an awesome event! If i used all my smarts for the example I woulda said this dude needed a frozen shooter, due to the ice cold. I hope my brain works for this one. 😃😃
  15. I personally would like to see more colors in names, dunno about the new system but a different color for every 2-3 years would be cool.
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