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  1. Ultimate-Skyly-Ep4-Astark-Centurion/Body
  2. Redria Ep2 Sinow Zoa; Sonic Knuckle
  3. i just noticed a previous reply was a confirmation lol but since it just dropped.... Skyly; SonicTeam Armor; Shambertin; ultimate
  4. I must have done something wrong here because now im in worse shape than before...I get close to an NPC or go through a doorway in game and my game crashes. I re-installed the readers and for whatever reason the item reader wont work.
  5. Hello! Ive been having issues with the launcher lately since the recent update....any help on this is greatly appreciated but here is my issue (NOTE: IM USING WINDOWS 10) Frequently my antivirus keeps flagging PSO even though I white list it. When this occurs it seems like the antivirus is registering it as something different each time it gets flagged (different trojan name). Additionally my launcher Icon keeps, getting "changed or moved" even though I do nothing with the game besides play it... this causes me to have to re install the launcher each time unless there is an easier fix...lol Im not sure if this has any influence but the only add-on that I have for the game is the reader application Ive gone to such lengths as completely wiping the game and reinstalling it, and re-white list the game yet it STILL gets popped by my antivirus and the launcher icon derps...this also happens once or twice a week easily. Any help or fix on this would be awesome as this is a rather frustrating experience. Thank you in advance for the assistance Happy Hunting!
  6. Hey there! As far as weapons go, a good route to take would be to farm for a frozen shooter (hildetorr, ep 1) and spread needle (merlan, ep1). Although, with the event going on the merlan's drop is different. If you stock up on some pds, you can always trade for a needle as well as they aren't too expensive unless youre going for one with hit%. For armor/shield I do have some extra stuff that can assist you. Otherwise going for red ring, hunt or trade, is a good go to as well. Red ring drops best on whitill but finding a room going for red ring is pretty common. Another thing to keep in mind is your mag stats as well as what techniques you have, particularly support ones. Its best to keep an eye out for lv 20 techs (highest a ramarl can use) but people have techs for sale a lot too so that may be a faster option if you have some spare pds. Hope this helps and best of luck to you!
  7. Welcome! I started pso in a very similar way. For me personally this server is wonderful. Between the community, events and bonuses youll come across that the gamecube didnt have, I think youll find this server to be quite enjoyable! Happy hunting!
  8. Not sure if it's been stated already BUT.... Constantly heal the player trying to use dark flow's special
  9. I actually had NO idea that the IQ had an influence on the Twin's boost. Ill be sure to bump that stat up! The only thing that was confusing me was with the combo, no one had an overlapping pb but if im the one using twins, I can see why it wasnt working seeing my gael giels IQ is 0 LOL Thanks Usagi and R-78 Safe to say this topic can be closed then, greatly appreciate the assistance!
  10. Hello! Anyone ever have issues with Gael Giel's photon blast? Specifically Mylla and Youlla (Twins) My other two PB's (Estlla and Pilla) seem to work fine. Whenever I use Twins it only casts lv 1 shifta and deband. When used in a PB combo it cancels it out even when someone else uses Twins. Any fixes or assistance is greatly appreciated!
  11. Thanks! RoW im familiar with but not the other...ill definitely look into that!
  12. So, I was curious about the possibility of a raid-type quest or even difficulty. Maybe something similar to WOI but have a LONG drawn out version to really test the best! Idk how everyone feels about having woi's aspect of getting sent to the lobby upon death but I figured if anything just having continuous waves and a really buffed (possibly randomized) boss at the end with maybe an increased drop rate from said boss if defeated. I understand that this may be a strech or down right impossible but i figured id throw it out there in addition to this and a reminder of this idea I had a while back...I was thinking about an custom mag for the triforce event. A mag that looks like navi or tatl and tael from majoras mask with maybe a "hey listen" when charged lol
  13. Is there a way to change your forum display name?? looking to Change it to Jason or Jay if its possible
  14. Does Bunny Costume also boost zalure from an s-rank weapon??
  15. Ive seen people use a cannon/bomb chu or faust. My hucast for example I just use a bomb chu Dm's special attack does the job as well
  16. Finally got this beauty! was too excited to snap a pic at the time lol but now its grind to 200 time!
  17. I can certainly see people saying that, I figured if there was ever a rotation or new batch of items to come out it would be a start lol if I had a pick of those three id say the navi mag over anything
  18. Triforce event idea... A saber (with ancient saber skin) called Kokiri sword Mag cell/Mag named Navi Sword-type called Biggoron sword (high atp but combo locked?) what are the community's thoughts on that?
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