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    Walker Texas Ranger, welcome.
  2. happy b day

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  3. In the post just above the admin listed several things but check this link for a full run down. https://ephinea.pioneer2.net/about-ephinea/ Think of it as a custom vanilla experience with modern quality of life features.
  4. wade1212

    Summer Event 2021

    ended already?
  5. Yas 9 Demons Yas 9 Charge Serene Swan Psycho Raven
  6. You can get a serene swan now through this event. You can beat this whole game with that. Actually I can give u one free. Don’t worry about being new, everyone was new at one point. Jump in anytime u see an open ultimate game cause that’s where all the good stuff drops. message me when online and I will give u some shit.
  7. Almost all of their custom mags are re-skins i think. You can tell by looking in the mag menu area. For example "Nights into Dreams Mag" shows Gael Giel in the menu. All their custom mags are also super easy to feed. You feed the cell at lvl 50 on all except Twin Sato. (twin sato feeds like normal sato). Infinite mag feed also.
  8. Johnny Depp, you  made an appearance.

  9. from the server or position of authority?
  10. I joke about this but its actually true. I would never log out of an Ultima HH unless I absolutely had to. On Destiny people do that all the time or bypass it cause its a regular rotating schedule which they can catch nearly everyday. Also 2x normal drops contributes to this. Its just another perspective that I'm trying to give in the things in writing. Most here only play Ultima so they lack that perspective. Its not a personal knock, im only trying to recommend some things that can be done better.
  11. For the record, I would never ban or remove the shoutbox. As a matter of fact I've almost been banned for defending someone's right to speak on the chat box / discord on another server. I just personally think the @ fart onion whatever thing is stupid. Many other people feel the same way, not just Wilson. Its not a personal attack, only my opinion. As far as vanilla. If any of you know me then you know I'm the opposite. I like the exact opposite of vanilla and wish everyone would play Destiny. I'm only telling you what the majority of PSO players think, that I have met and played with. Ultima probably should be the #1 PSO but sadly its at the bottom for now (even behind Destiny). Toxicity and unwillingness to change are the cause of this. I consider Ultima my home server also, which is why I'm here writing this trash. I know most of if not all that I wrote will never be implemented but if we could just start with one thing. Incentives to play, that would be a step in the right direction.
  12. You have to compare. There are only about 300 people in the world playing PSOBB. The majority are at one place for many reasons I listed plus more. It’s time to revamp and restructure. At a minimum you should be looking at things done better by the newer servers.
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