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  1. It doesnt matter if he lost everything, none of his weapons worked properly anyway. Psycho Raven sucked, Arrest Needle was garbage, Bomb Chu missed every time. They all were worthless trash.
  2. Make the Psycho Raven great again. Add charge hell special combo.
  3. Tyrfing, Whitill, Very Hard, Sinow gold or the other Max S Ep 1
  4. Sword of Ultima , Oran , Ultimate confirmed. Ul Gibbon
  5. I had similar disconnecting problems for the 1st few months i played. I tried different settings, uninstalled all anti virus, changed to windows 7, changed resolution. Nothing was working. In the end i found out it was a wifi problem. I have pretty decent internet and i can play online other games no problem but this one game doesnt work well with wifi. For a while it was literally impossible for me to connect to a room with 2 or more people. Hard wire in or change your wifi. Or you can try you cell phone internet and see if that helps. Sometimes they are more stable.
  6. Red, Ultimate, Vol Opt, regular drop, God HP Confirmed.
  7. Also if u need anything else let me know. Will hook u up with some gear and other shit.
  8. 1/15700. I corrected the chart for u.
  9. Can we ever get a happy hour for the other side of the world. 300 minutes yesterday, online 12 hours all day today and nothing. Now happy hour again.
  10. Fire Rod and Bomb Chu confirmed on Red ID. Epispde 2, Tower.
  11. That maybe means master sword also whitill.
  12. Hylain Shield confirmed from Gal, Ultimate. Greenill ID.
  13. Ive been following this post making my Sato and im now at level 50, everything is right on track. Can anyone confirm that i dont have to switch to hunter or force to level to 100. Can i keep using the same ranger that got me to 50?
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