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  1. Depending on your anti-virus program, there should be a setting that you can set certain folders/file paths to be excluded from being scanned by it.
  2. Um... wat? :onion-head26:


    1. R-78


      It's a common bug in RT, not sure when it happens though

  3. Blue Ring: Goran (Ultimate Ep4) Whitill Galatine: Merissa AA (Ultimate Ep4) Whitill
  4. Daisy Chain: Whitill Ultimate from Astarks Soul Eater: Viridia Ultimate from Del Rappy
  5. Just noticed a funny typo on the OP: Earth Want Brownie
  6. It's kinda surreal to think what the chances are of finding those items just about back-to-back. Technically I managed that in 3 runs since my 2nd run in HH was the first find, and the second PGF came the run after I was testing out the DM I made from getting the first one. I do hope the people who haven't even found it yet have a sudden burst of good luck from the lack of said luck over all that time. Personally I've reached my goal of DWs I've always wanted (unless I decide to make hunters, then I'll make Dark Flows) so I'd like to see others get more luck, and I'll help with other ppls runs! Basically being a good luck charm if this still holds out, haha.
  7. Hokay so... still kinda hyperventilating, but this luck is pretty much unprecedented for me... Only caught the last hour of an HH, but I managed to get a PGF literally the last minute before it expired. Was too excited then to take a screenshot, but used that to make my first homemade DM! Fast forward to dead middle of the night/morning after taking a small break to watch a friend stream a game. I helped a fellow RAmarl through a run to help give tips for how I usually solo RT, and yet ANOTHER PGF dropped when I wasn't expecting it at all that same run. So for one day, in the span of 4 total runs done that day, 2 PGFs... My luck is officially just gone for my life.
  8. Merry Christmas Ultima! May we all no-life killing Olga Flow in the name of Jesus!

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