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  1. Heeeeppy Birthday Colt 🦕

    1. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      Where the bday cake :"L

    2. Colt


      Didnt get one, but thank you guys!

  2. B> PGF or DF with Dark S> [100/0/100/0/60] & [0/100/0/100/60] Mille Faucilles set! S> Hundred Souls [0/45/0/45/50] S> Psycho Ravens [100/0/100/100/0] B> Twin Blaze

  3. Skyly consistently has good drops during events, some decent normal drops too. Or can go Whitill for Red Ring farming on Ultimate.
  4. I do agree that RAmarl is probably the easiest class to start off with. Rangers in general have a lot of options when it comes to using cheap gear, since they naturally have the highest ATA in the game. This means once you hit the Ultimate road block, it shouldn't hit you as hard since in Ultima's version of Ultimate, everything has drastically heightened EVP and resistances. You can get by with not having hit% on certain weapons, and can take out bosses the most efficiently early on since they have cheap AoE range options, like Cannon Rouge. A good amount of their options are indeed shared with Hunters, but Rangers just have an easier time being able to more consistently range monsters better. RAmarl has the bonus of having up to level 20 S/D J/Z as well to buff/debuff as needed, as well as being able to resta a lot, so they're less item dependent. (Good for if you tend to go through mesetas to by di/trimates a lot) If/when you ever get your hands on a Dark Meteor once you get fully geared, things become stupidly easy. Yes, as you get good gears, HUcasts are friggen beasts, and are arguably the best class to solo with with a skilled player, but it takes a LOT to really get them going. If you don't have good gears with hit% going into Ultimate, you may find yourself missing a lot, and without a Bombchu or Crush Cannon, certain bosses will be a pain. Consider funding for one through your ranger class if you decide to make one!
  5. Now it's your turn to turn the tables... J/K. Tiel is good people.
  6. A few new high-end items in my shop, including a Psycho Bridge! Happy shopping!

  7. Coming into a Tower quest on an underleveled & undergeared character, and staying despite other people's warnings that they're gonna have a bad time! Edit: Especially when combined with #7 and/or #6
  8. Depending on your anti-virus program, there should be a setting that you can set certain folders/file paths to be excluded from being scanned by it.
  9. Um... wat? :onion-head26:


    1. R-78


      It's a common bug in RT, not sure when it happens though

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