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  1. B> Ten Years Sword (Charge preferably) or Sword of Ultima with good stats! (Pref Nature and Dark!)

  2. 154 (Only just found out about it from shoutbox... @_@)
  3. Just wondering, I like playing battle FO a lot, was wondering for FOmars and FOmarls/newearls if it is better to use a Godric's Cloak/Kroe's Sweater for their respective offensive boosts or an STA for general purpose armor?
  4. Ask and ye shall receive I guess... I got my own the very next HH on my 3rd run! Now I can say I am getting close to being one of the OP gang! https://imgur.com/wQu2rVu https://imgur.com/y3lQm6Z (File sizes too big to post here for some reason)
  5. @Noob Saibot I saw the banner for that this last HH! Congrats! (Now if only I could land one muhself)
  6. I feel like Quasar Star should also be noted for having the 2nd best Rafoie boost in the game (to Psycho Bridge) along with its Gizonde/Barta boosts. Probably not "absolute end gear" material for FO nuking, but definitely a great cheaper alternative for doing so with a somewhat minor 20% difference!
  7. (At least this is what Usagi told me from when I saw their banner come up from it) D-Photon Core - Skyly - Olga Flow Ultimate
  8. Only thing I would be truly happy with, without hopefully destroying game balance, is for a shot/bazooka to come out (of course for a holiday drop) that is an equivalent to Iron Fausts for fleshies. I rather like IFs since there's a pretty nice middle ground between not being as OP as Dark Meteors, but still better than most (if not all) other available weapons of that type. Kinda a shame a RAmarl/RAmar cannot use them. AN, Baranz, and Cannon Rouges are pretty damn nice as well in their own ways, but for me they somewhat lack a little something to me that IFs can bring to the table for a RA.
  9. how does you make your hud look cool?




    1. Colt


      Uhh, I'm not entirely sure of the steps of how to do it, but I am using Kireek's skin mods with a different menu skin, though I forget which one. I did it a long while ago so I'm sorry that I forgot the steps, but there IS a guide floating about on the forum!

    2. kratos7583
  10. Doing a birthday special for today only! S> Cent Battle for 24 DTs (My lucky number), PBCs for 8 DTs, and PoSTs for 5 DTs each!

    Also you can shower me with gifts... :>

    Edited by Colt
  11. I personally like to use wired controllers for my PC needs. Tends to work very seamlessly in those cases. I've had bad luck trying to get wireless controllers to work, not to mention batteries running out at the worst times... I don't mind a little wire-clutter consequently. I'd go for an afterglow XBox 360 controller. Those things are much cheaper than the official brand, and pretty damn sturdy. I can't tell you how many times I dropped mine on the floor and its going strong! And welcome to Ultima!
  12. Quite frankly, I feel like just about everyone and their mothers here have at least 1 PGF weapon for themselves (exaggerating yeah, but there are quite a few people I see with one), but there just isn't much of a surplus to market them for those less fortunate. (This and the 300+ DT price that normally costs an arm and a leg to get) I know I usually get in a busy period around xmas time that really crimps my available hunting time for a PGF =/
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