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  1. Larva

    happy late birthday !! hope was a great day.

    1. Colt


      It was great! Thank you for your well wishes, and a great server!

  2. Emewn

    Happy Birthday bro. Sorry I'm late. I hope you had a good 1. ❤️ 

    1. Colt


      Thank you man! It was fun and chill!

  3. Heheppy birthday Colt!

    1. Colt


      Thank youuuuu~

  4. Your inbox is full :0

    1. Colt


      My bad, should be good now!

  5. Selling PoSTs for 5 DTs each. PM if interested!

  6. B> Ten Years Sword (Charge preferably) or Sword of Ultima with good stats! (Pref Nature and Dark!)

  7. 154 (Only just found out about it from shoutbox... @_@)
  8. Just wondering, I like playing battle FO a lot, was wondering for FOmars and FOmarls/newearls if it is better to use a Godric's Cloak/Kroe's Sweater for their respective offensive boosts or an STA for general purpose armor?
  9. Ask and ye shall receive I guess... I got my own the very next HH on my 3rd run! Now I can say I am getting close to being one of the OP gang! https://imgur.com/wQu2rVu https://imgur.com/y3lQm6Z (File sizes too big to post here for some reason)
  10. @Noob Saibot I saw the banner for that this last HH! Congrats! (Now if only I could land one muhself)
  11. I feel like Quasar Star should also be noted for having the 2nd best Rafoie boost in the game (to Psycho Bridge) along with its Gizonde/Barta boosts. Probably not "absolute end gear" material for FO nuking, but definitely a great cheaper alternative for doing so with a somewhat minor 20% difference!
  12. (At least this is what Usagi told me from when I saw their banner come up from it) D-Photon Core - Skyly - Olga Flow Ultimate
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