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  1. I saw the thread title and almost thought this was a Cirno thread! On topic though: I have no idea where my Dreamcast is, though I have many fond memories of playing many of my favorite games, like Sonic Adventure 1/2, Crazy Taxi, Virtua Tennis, and of course, Phantasy Star Online, along with many more that currently escape my memory. Although I couldn't play it online, seeing that private servers were still up for this ancient game gave me the opportunity to experience this game how it was truly meant to, and it's probably the one game I always find myself coming back to, even after massive breaks. Hope the server stays strong for many more years to come!
  2. RAmarl for me. Probably the most versatile class in the game in my opinion. Only knock on it is it isn't a powerhouse like its other RA brothers and sister, but I find it one of the easiest to use and to solo with when geared, and it's definitely strong enough to get the job done in any quest. HUcast is a very close second for me for how OP it is damage-wise, followed by RAcast for similar reasons!
  3. Colt

    Close Plz

    As title says, buying a Cent/Arms! Buying with PDs! I'm a dumdum... I just found an extra one buried in my bank on an off-account... >.<
  4. Colt

    Plz Close!

    Buyin' 3 of these! Lemme know if you got some! Never mind, wound up farmin them myself! Please close!
  5. Damn... call them the Pioneer 3 cause apparently, we're all boarding that ship.
  6. Colt


    Bought, close please!
  7. Trading a Photon Sphere for this!
  8. As title says, preferably close to max (If maxed or 80h, with A. Beast/Machine attributes). Am offering straight DTs for this! Also in the market for a Type ME with Charge special as well!
  9. Alright, I'm ready to get on, just need to find the thing now, lol
  10. Cool! Can get on right after dinner, might be a bit over a half hour from now if that's cool?
  11. True, it's very handy. That said, the only RR I know I have available is a mid-statter, which probably isn't ideal if you're making a costume out of it, though might be good for general use if you're interested.
  12. You could pump some more Halo Rappy souls into it so it'll cycle back to becoming a RR. Might cost you around that many PDs, but it's a cheaper option for sure... either that or getting a different costume you might like. Ylvis Costume, Guardian Angel Costume, and Bewbs Costumes are especially useful!
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