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  1. logged in to play your new quest.
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    Walker Texas Ranger, welcome.
  3. In the post just above the admin listed several things but check this link for a full run down. https://ephinea.pioneer2.net/about-ephinea/ Think of it as a custom vanilla experience with modern quality of life features.
  4. You're a fucking narcotics officer.
  5. Yas 9 Demons Yas 9 Charge Serene Swan Psycho Raven
  6. You can get a serene swan now through this event. You can beat this whole game with that. Actually I can give u one free. Don’t worry about being new, everyone was new at one point. Jump in anytime u see an open ultimate game cause that’s where all the good stuff drops. message me when online and I will give u some shit.
  7. Almost all of their custom mags are re-skins i think. You can tell by looking in the mag menu area. For example "Nights into Dreams Mag" shows Gael Giel in the menu. All their custom mags are also super easy to feed. You feed the cell at lvl 50 on all except Twin Sato. (twin sato feeds like normal sato). Infinite mag feed also.
  8. Johnny Depp, you  made an appearance.

  9. I joke about this but its actually true. I would never log out of an Ultima HH unless I absolutely had to. On Destiny people do that all the time or bypass it cause its a regular rotating schedule which they can catch nearly everyday. Also 2x normal drops contributes to this. Its just another perspective that I'm trying to give in the things in writing. Most here only play Ultima so they lack that perspective. Its not a personal knock, im only trying to recommend some things that can be done better.
  10. For the record, I would never ban or remove the shoutbox. As a matter of fact I've almost been banned for defending someone's right to speak on the chat box / discord on another server. I just personally think the @ fart onion whatever thing is stupid. Many other people feel the same way, not just Wilson. Its not a personal attack, only my opinion. As far as vanilla. If any of you know me then you know I'm the opposite. I like the exact opposite of vanilla and wish everyone would play Destiny. I'm only telling you what the majority of PSO players think, that I have met and played with. Ultima probably should be the #1 PSO but sadly its at the bottom for now (even behind Destiny). Toxicity and unwillingness to change are the cause of this. I consider Ultima my home server also, which is why I'm here writing this trash. I know most of if not all that I wrote will never be implemented but if we could just start with one thing. Incentives to play, that would be a step in the right direction.
  11. You have to compare. There are only about 300 people in the world playing PSOBB. The majority are at one place for many reasons I listed plus more. It’s time to revamp and restructure. At a minimum you should be looking at things done better by the newer servers.
  12. I don’t want vanilla either. I prefer the exact opposite but I am I’m the minority. I’m just staring what the majority of veteran and new players want. Most people want vanilla with some cool features, a good player base and an admin that is involved. Ultima has none of that. The vote that shiida was cool but not the same thing as what im talking about with EE. We learned this with the Serene Swan debacle. The topic is what do we do. What do we do to make this server more populated and alive. It’s pretty easy. - vanilla pso - year round drops - no more dts ( or at minimum put everything on the donation list.) - get rid of all the trash event items - lock all dark weapons and a few others - don’t copy other servers but totally revamp the whole system as far as incentives. - no more 5x exp or green names. - woi no longer drops pds * Most importantly I think people want an involved admin / staff. These are the things that are proven by numbers to be what the majority of people want. I play every pso related server that I know of. I only reference ephinea here because the majority of my team there are ex ultima players and I listen to the things they say or wanted for UU and the reasons they left.
  13. You are right, so many things to reply to so I will just try to make one point. Ephinea isn't popular because new content, its popular for its vanilla experience and incentives. Each of the 4 PSO servers that started within the last 3 or 4 years all have incentives to play. Ultima literally has none. Did you know that on Ephinea something can be proposed, then voted on by the community. If the vote passes its then implemented. Here is an example of one that passed https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/full-dressing-room-name-changes.6395/page-2 and one that failed https://www.pioneer2.net/community/threads/exp-curve-adjustment.8080/page-4. Community involvement goes a long way to keeping people around. Ephinea also uses the HBR (hunter boost road) and event milestones. I wont go into all the specifics of both but they are basically incentives where the more you play, the more things you get. (i.e. exp boost, drop boosts, meseta and other items.) Also Hardcore mode, sandbox mode, anguish levels (you can boost the enemy level by up to like 5000%), lucky day system. Its a vanilla PSO experience with modern day incentives and features. The numbers have proven that the majority of new and old players want this over any other version of PSO. So you ask, what do we need. I'd say a complete overhaul of everything if you don't want to be left behind. A relaunch with some advertising to attract new players. Re branding if you will. Side Note: Saber 7 Wilson is right about the whole @ chatbox thing. Same goes for the onion fart thing or whatever it is. I dont agree with censoring anyone ever for anything, its just weird and makes me never wanna log in to the forum. Maybe thats more than one point.
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