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Rare Findings and/or Accomplishment Thread

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Not sure it counts, but this the the recording me and @TripleR duoing PPP back when it first came out.  Don't think anyone else has ever done it.

Best drop I've ever gotten from Olga


My first banner


All my images ran off :S

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On 05/02/2019 at 6:11 AM, Noob Saibot said:

I remember screenshotting some of your old banners (for whatever reason) lol

Did you by any chance take a screenshot of my 5th PGF as well? I didn't get that one since I was mostly concerned about the bet I just lost. I know you were here since we played a game right after I got that one (and it was our only game together in the year lol).


Also, adding that 40 hit R5 I just found in the single POD run I did in a while, out of HH.



Edit: also adding my 2nd Prophets of Motav I just found in the single Oran ruins run I did this year (from one of the couple Bringers in Spaceship part of Max S), out of HH again.


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I know most of you think I am just bragging or whatever but this is really cool to me. Almost like sand-box. There's still a lot of little things for me to completely fill out, but this is the bulk of melee gear for TA and stuff so that's nice.

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It's okay @Saber +7, this topic is meant to brag xD

So talking about bragging, this is what I found in my first event run (Max S):



This is gonna become... a Summit Moon picking up dust in my bank.

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