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  1. Serene Swan Nerf Opposition/Retaliation Team [snort] is now recruiting active members for general shitposting and crying over what could have been. PM for deets

  2. S> a bunch of useless weapons aka Serene Swans; message or reply for prices and crying emojis

    1. C01D1


      Ill buy them for 20pd for all of them hurry before it gets buffed again

    2. EDEN


      Too much, nerf your offer


  3. I have had it with these monkey fighting changes on this Monday to Friday server. Ultima vs SS part 2 when
  4. Thank you for showing us all how vacuous our leadership is. Edit: the posts I didn't read past this one really solidified this statement.
  5. I mean, we can just let them nerf it instead like they were going to if you're not happy with it @Emewn
  6. Suggestion: Ban people that have incredibly high negative rep on the forum. Rid us of these societal ulcers once and for all.
  7. S> 75 New Years Cards

  8. T> dm for df

  9. On a more serious note. How the hell can you not know how a weapon will do? Maybe test it? Do some basic middle school math? Either way, we have so many broke ass weapons in this game and here we are pissing our pants about a dinky single target pistol. I'd rather you left it alone than make it another waste of everyone's time. People don't even want to hunt it out of fear that you'll nerf it to shit just like you have in the past, as you can see in the posts above. Take heed, dear mods. The people have spoken.
  10. I still defend the idea of nerfing it into the ground. Always love a good 1/1500 drop rate novelty item you can only get once a year to add to our extensive repertoire We don't allow class diversity here. Either play a ranger and laugh your way through the content with their broken weapons or gtfo
  11. Title. What are your thoughts on this new weapon, the fact that it's likely about to be nerfed into the ground, and from what I've seen the drop rate nerfed too. Trolls welcome and encouraged.
  12. "Let's just nerf the weapon till it's just like the last swan, but males can use it" - All of the mods
  13. Selling 75 NYC for stuff and things

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