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  1. @RocketTots lives on 970 Park Pl in San Mateo California


    Pls ban I'm itching for my fix man

    1. RocketTots


      do you even doxxx bro?

  2. Smoochum and Wave have had enough goddamn
  3. B> hitless TJS

    1. Grantz


      Sealed J-Sword [0/0/40/40|0] [Kills:9250]
      I may keep it but potentially open to an offer 

  4. S> 24 leather and 27 metal badges 2pd each or trade for bone badges

    1. Kotta


      I want 16 leather :D

      [Edit] Getto Daze! :cr-dance-with-me:

      TyVm! :onion107: 

  5. EDEN

    Shiida's Hit Event

    this is ep1?
  6. EDEN

    Shiida's Hit Event

    Hildelt ep2 confirmed
  7. The main website shows this, but the "List of all changes..." link seems to not work? Anywho, here's a bunch of stuff. This link describes the custom stats on this server: Here are all of the custom items on the server to date: Server events can be found here: There are special boosts sometimes like "Happy Hours" or "HH" which improve drop rates of items, "Green Names" which greatly increases rare monster spawns, and an extra experience boost sometimes (on top of the base one described in the top image), and a bunch of other things I'm likely forgetting. I'll edit this to be a little more detailed when I'm not half awake, unless @TheIronSheik posts a academic textbook worth of info about Ultima by then 😚 Edit: Oh and welcome to Ultima!
  8. ...aaaaaand changed the color and size of DM projectiles to match the weapons special.
  9. The guy hasn't been on the forums in 2 years lol
  10. B> a few C/battles 15dt each

    1. EDEN


      One down, 3-5 to go

  11. Let's tone down the onion usage like 90% bud holy fuck
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