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  1. Forget everything else - what the fresh baked hell is this Kotta
  2. You're right. @R-78 please ban me. Anyways.. some actual clarification as to why he was unbanned would be great. P.S check your donations QT 😘
  3. I'm shaking in my ballet flats. Out of curiosity, under what allegations would big powerful Jupiter ban me for? Being a meany pants? ☹️
  4. Punish me senpai, I'm not asking for any special treatment
  5. It took like 2 years of him doing that before they (Larva and his dream team) grew the balls to do anything about it.
  6. Hi ,every price is open to negociation and trades of course. Most of items are price for quick sell before suspision. Do not hesitate to PM me here on forum . Special thanks for donation list items ( technik disc level 30 ) larva and gm’s no suspision pls not look at character reader. Accepting : DTs no PD Pds:Dts Conversion 8:1 1Photon sphere=99PDS=12DTS .No PD only DT CONNECTED HOURS EUROPE MONDAYS TO SATURDAY MORNING NO CONNECT FOR SHOP SUNDAY THATS GODS TIME. SELL : Pls promises all weapons or items are not mine , no suspision , send offert DT no PD
  7. Hey can i snag those 93 PBCs before you get banned?
  8. added stuff and things
  9. @RocketTots lives on 970 Park Pl in San Mateo California


    Pls ban I'm itching for my fix man

    1. RocketTots


      do you even doxxx bro?

  10. Smoochum and Wave have had enough goddamn
  11. B> hitless TJS

    1. Grantz


      Sealed J-Sword [0/0/40/40|0] [Kills:9250]
      I may keep it but potentially open to an offer 

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