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  1. What a shocking twist! Little Miss Texas and his merry band of TA incels have made a mockery of themselves. Can't wait to see what happens next.
  2. EDEN

    Christmas Event 2019

    @Larva you just got dunked on
  3. B> 2PGF with DT and STA or straight DT

  4. I can't see a redo lasting more than one or two PD drop-teases before shoutbox is littered with expletives and insults.
  5. Are you back??!!? come back! I am. x

    Everyone is an arsehole now, lets deploy EDEN force


    1. nnorton44
    2. Grantz


      You’re excluded obviously. More the locked games annoying me.

  6. B> PGF dt or DT plus sta

  7. B> PGF/DM

    S> STA

  8. B> Frozen Booster

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