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  1. @Harvest you are arguing with someone who thinks drops are determined by sentient programming dear. This thread transcends logic
  2. B> heaven punisher stats don't matter

    1. RocketTots


      what the hecc

  3. Basically, yes. Biggest downside to baranz (I think) is the projectile speed. I understand it's that way so it's not completely OP though.
  4. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    Dont see this up yet, so Pgf redria
  5. S> hylian shield 10DT, 2 PS 13dt each

  6. No prob. Episode 2 enemies are notorious for missing against, even with max hit weapons it can take many shots. Sometimes it just be like that
  7. As fyrewolf said, a v502 is the most important to have when using hell. Also, a RR will raise your ata 20 over the cap and help with hitting more often.
  8. Christmas Event Drop Table 2018

    barta merge - merikle - ep2 ultimate - greenil i'm pretty sure will confirm ID later EDITED
  9. Show your screenshots

    I forget at this point who made this lobby skin, I need to find it. Love the detail in the sun and moon. Thought I'd share
  10. Seems like its all news about Destiny server... Does Google translate Destiny to Ultima somehow? Anyways, you do you Adude9000, I think its cool.
  11. Question: if I spout racial slurs in chatbox, I know I'll get warning points, muted, or banned. But if I put them in my signature, is it allowed? Asking for a friend..
  12. Let's talk about the new Fausts

    First can I say for myself and the community that not a single person likes, is impressed by, or wants to see the trash you put in your signature. Second, this isnt Destiny server; let's stop comparing crisp apples to rotten oranges.
  13. Suggestion for new weapon/item combination: Baranz Launcher + [insert item] to Baranz Launcher V2.0 or whatever creative name. Same stats and special and all that, just faster projectile speed.
  14. Has a narrow niche for sham/kondy, bout it. Only reason I mentioned water gun was for the extended range
  15. Great list! For hunter, I would say charge suppressed gun or water gun over raygun. I also feel like SoV should be in there. For organization, I would just make the headings for each stand out a bit more (larger font, bold, different color, etc).
  16. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    It is a very interesting addition. With its super high atp, berserk, charge, or spirit special and high ATA it looks like what @Noob Saibot said, strongest single target melee weapon so far. It hasn't been confirmed to be usable by all Force classes (foney can't I'm sure), but a 5 hit combo hell weapon is also pretty nice for them, as the only options right now are UR and type.ds rod or w.e it's called. Definitely interested in testing its damage output, but I'm not sure about what niche role it would fill. Time will tell. Either way, I think it's a well thought out and well designed weapon visually
  17. 10th Anniversary Event Drop Table 2018

    For what classes?
  18. Yes it would be sir. I retire my argument