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  1. EDEN

    Christmas Event 2019

    @Larva you just got dunked on
  2. B> 2PGF with DT and STA or straight DT

  3. I can't see a redo lasting more than one or two PD drop-teases before shoutbox is littered with expletives and insults.
  4. B> PGF dt or DT plus sta

  5. B> PGF/DM

    S> STA

  6. B> Frozen Booster

  7. 💪💪 (Guess this counts as an accomplishment as well)
  8. B> STA 150 DTS

    1. uncutdank420


      this for real?


    2. EDEN


      I'm the realest Eden around

  9. B> DPC, arrest booster, frozen booster, PGFs

    1. JupiterDeMars


      Hey, how much do you offer for frozen booster and dpc ?

  10. I regret to inform you all, that after learning that this game is hard and that PRs suck, that I cannot go on playing. I keep having dreams of playing CCA, and doing really well with my PRs. But then a giant robot wearing Harry Potter's invisibility cloak jumps seemingly across time and space and smacks the soul out of my body. These nightmares haunt me. I'm afraid to fall asleep.. I spent a lot of Dutch Tickets (even my cool ranch ones) maxing my PRs out and I've used them for so long that I just cant handle the fact that their range sucks and are the sole reason those robots yeet me into the afterlife. I.. I don't feel like I can go fast anymore 🥺
  11. B>STA>100DTS

  12. B> D-Photon Cores, Arrest Boosters, Frozen Boosters

  13. Mr Naka's Business Card - Barba Ray - Ult Whitill
  14. Greenil Barba Ray Ultimate - Normal Drop (stag cut)
  15. Change all the colors. This entire thread is a hideous monstrosity.
  16. B> D-Photon Cores paying in DT. pm me

  17. Where's Ultima's absent father @Larva ? We're coming after you for child support.
  18. The V801 casting unit does increase speed, but doesn't stack using multiple
  19. Burn your computer, else 40 Greeks will inevitably ravage Troy.
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