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  1. Zeph

    Well Dang Zabby, you're still here?!

    1. Zabby


      ZEPH. My boi. 

      Kind of, I'm only around on forums really.

      What brings you back? 

    2. Zeph


      My new computer, and old nostalgia! I've got SOME time for it now that I graduated, got married, picked up a job, went through survival training, Ranger training, etc, etc. Basically I'm able to find time since I have a routine. Guess I'm old haha

    3. Zabby


      @ZephAre you on discord by any chance? It's been tooo long.

      Married, graduated, you're growing up lol. Happy for you dude.

  2. Been a while Ultima. What's up?

  3. Zabby

    Ya need to get back on here, man!

    1. Zeph


      I'm back now, like 5 years later lol

  4. Hey folk's Just thought i'd drop in see how yall vet's are all doin.

    1. Judgment


      Doing great hbu



      Zeph! We need to run some levels man

    3. Zeph


      Lol, if I find time to get on

  5. I've been good man. Just been busy as hell. Might be getting married soon! Graduation coming up on top of that too.

  6. Life's good man, Just turned old on the 6th, might be getting married in a year or so, bout to graduate as well. Been busy as heck. How yah been?

    1. chariots7


      Been great. Studying Japanese. Congrats on everything!


  7. Hey Loser, how are ya?

  8. Dude!! How have you been?!?! It's been Ages!! How is life?!

  9. Happy Birthday man!

    1. Zeph


      LOL, Ive been gone FAR too long! Thanks for the wishes Godric!

  10. yeho

    hi hi :) don't know if you remember me, but i finally decided to join ultima (again). maybe we can play sometime

    1. Zeph


      Hey man! Srry I dissapeared! I don't recall you actually. But if I ever see you on again ill be sure to play with you!

  11. Laptop died a few weeks ago, got a new one for christmas early. Good to be in working order again.

    1. RudyArana


      Just in time for PGF.

    2. Zeph


      I know, I'll be in the hunts at some point.

  12. Mute city already won. It should be implemented soon if not already. I have not had ANY time to get this done. Final week of classes and exams coming up....
  13. Dizz, I want everything. There 300 replies.
  14. Alright folks, the winner is Mute City. I'll post edit the lobby bgm either later tonight or tomorrow night. Srry if the lobby poll was a little screwy this time round.
  15. Actually running is one of the worst things you could do. Walking away is a better idea. Running will get their attention and then you're screwed. When around a bear you need to make sure they know you're their but not a threat, otherwise you can surprise them and they'll chase you down.
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