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  1. Been ages since I've been on, especially This ultima i wonder how everyone doing; Expecting none to little remember me, Soo yeah login a few months ago notice i was ban donno the reason probably want that fix by a GM and no i don't remember any of the info for the ID or GC number. but yeah soo have a nice day everyone

    1. killswitch


      wake up noob....

  2. I have been missing in action, what hell has happened while i was away? xD

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    2. Redstar Hunter

      Redstar Hunter

      Awesome, back to bed! Make sure there stuff for me to sell tho. xD

    3. mezzy
    4. Redstar Hunter

      Redstar Hunter

      Then back to my job then, xD I don't need to be here.

  3. I don't want to cook any type of meat again, i did today and smells like a roitten asshole in a asshole i would rather get spray by a skunk then smell that. the food is soo bad i'm crying in pain choking on the smell and vomiting. e.e

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    2. Redstar Hunter

      Redstar Hunter

      Nope it was fresh. maybe cross contamination with something in the fridge probably



      Have you ever tried to cook spam....? It is the most horrid smell in the entire world.

    4. jonesy88


      hahahaha. spam? i can see that smelling awful

  4. I work for myself now.

  5. I'm the one who's going insane, insane in the brain. :P

  6. Maybe it didn't install correctly, that could be a possibility.
  7. Im redstar.,, i don't give up on things, especially hope for myself and everyone around me. I know people say " you have to stubborn or just an idiot" I would reply "that must make you a sad person living in his own prison to give up on something that can be reach with hard work and dedication.

  8. Going to play alittle monstert hunter 3 ultimate, got it yesterday! im soo damn excited! :D

  9. Im single again let's party!

    1. Cyane


      *high 5* :D freedomm!!! çwç I don't know what's that

  10. Stage Cancel. Body reverting to original health. .

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    2. Zero


      So you did got well and didn't after what you told me in the lobby huh

    3. Redstar Hunter
    4. Zero


      good to hear that ^^ (or maybe read that?)

  11. Stage 4: the body starts to decay and weaken forcing the person to starve them-self,. causing internal bleeding; Coughing blood from the mouth,raer and nose.



      Are you gonna be okay man?

  12. Stage 3 of the sickness: my blood started to burn up, my heart is pumping harder and faster then normally, my asthma started at stage 3 started to hear voices, and thoughts that aren't of my own,. and last body started to have muscle convulsions and weakness in body and longs.

    1. Sylph777


      :( maybe God heal you and care about you bro.... have a good day and be blessed


      =O damn sorry to hear that red =[

  13. I have a secret that cannot be said, if i don't tell anyone, it'll will actually kill me. :D

    1. killswitch


      red wat is u talking about

    2. Cyane


      Write on the paper, or anonymously! There, you can now live forever

    3. Cyane


      D: if you did I'm going to murder you if I ever find you..

  14. I got rust for me and my Gf. gonna have some Fun there! >:D

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