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  1. This is no longer my forum account I made a new one with a new name and this one can be deleted =p

  2. Alright so disregard my last update, Hykaro found me a df so I didn't need my forum acct so I'll stick around lawl. Also if you have one for sale or a RR let me know. I will donate as soon as my forum acct is restored cause I need the PMs.

  3. Bluesummers


    Lol I agree my man, I agree. #basedganon
  4. Bluesummers


    Not only this but, STA is the most expensive item in the game as of right now I think. Just out of curiosity what is it that you have that someone with STA would need lol?
  5. My 24hr ban should be resolved, however I still can't use the private messaging system or see my profile?

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    2. Bluesummers


      All good bro, someone will do it sooner or later. I'll try to get Lee to help me. Still love ya lawl

    3. Bluesummers


      Also sorry about the spam, you must have deleted like 20+ random posts lol didn't realize until after the fact probably took a while to go through it all. I was board waiting for PSO to download.

      Make a new character so we can level, and tell Riot to play again. :3

    4. Judgment


      I have the same problem

  6. I am now a member. #basedganon
  7. Nah I think I'm gone for good, but in the odd event I ever decide to play again I will probably wish I did play the easter event lol
  8. I'm taking a break from this game maybe forever idk had fun(for a time) probs gonna play other games instead(Namely ESO among other new MMO's like Wildstar) I'm gonna let my buddy Hykaro/Arashi borrow all my things for now(letting people know so there is no flame war's or threads asking about who, gave whom what later, if he get's the infamous ???? glitch) Had some fun here woot!!!!! So Peace out for now guys might be back.....whenever...idk lol <3 u all Hope you guys have a gnarly easter and enjoy hunting those new rares!
  9. He told me about this via skype before the rollback so I can vouch for him, that he had received this red ring in a drop and lost it via rollback. Hope you get it back bro.
  10. I want a Hylian Shield(PM me)
  11. Hello, Welcome to Ultima!!! This is a very fun community and you will find many people willing to help you out as you play!! Hope you have fun here, and I will will see you in game.
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