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  1. got$1000 from selling drugs in the past what should i do with it xD

  2. shooting targets 400-yards away from me and hiking mountains till i faint.... i think im ready for combat !!!

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    2. Element


      and we practice every week on shooting

    3. ziznak



    4. Trigunman


      I wanna see some pics of your hardware man, M4A1, Mk48 mod.0 MG and whatever sidearm you guys are issued! XD

  3. more females start to play when i leave?? wtf lol
  4. fresh outta boot camp whats good ultima

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    2. Element


      I might play this again though and stick to RA class and just donate for everything

    3. Element
    4. Sylph777


      i missed you <3

  5. Haha Shawtys Hustler thats wassup!!! TEAM OVENMITTS!!!!
  6. Pounding a 40

    1. gmstone
    2. RudyArana


      Drink Bud Ice... And if you're a real man: drink STEEL RESERVE. XD

    3. Xylene
  7. Fomar is only good if you have OP (over powered) weapons then you can create it but if you don't, make any other class besides it because it's a melee force with very low ATA so you will miss a lot. hit, miss, miss <-- excalibur 30hit I know this because I was a level 200 Fomar myself.
  8. Welcome back great server here bro.
  9. Court tomorrow morning 7:30 AM wish me luck. (MIP Alcohol Misdemeanor)

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    2. Element


      After I do the 6 hour 1 day program I'm good to go that's in 8 days

    3. Element


      Either way I want to make sure all the drugs are out of my system

    4. fireseed64
  10. Got jumped by two black niggas... Got my fcking ass whooped fck you stupid ass jumping mother fckers left me bleeding and three bumps on my face/head...

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    2. hackleman8


      Court soon Bro make sure u stay outa more shit man gotta go to work talk to u later homie

    3. Element


      I didnt get a ticket or anything I just went home and i wont get into no more trouble 15th i go to court

      and alright for sure bro peace thanks

    4. Redstar Hunter

      Redstar Hunter

      Alot as happened. o.o

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