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  1. 1. poptart 2. toaster 3. treat 4. breakfast 5. strudel 6. cinnamon roll
  2. sorry to see u go, even though i just came back and was getting to know u. im happy to have met u and wish u luck in the rl
  3. u have to remember schthack has 200+ people on all day and night ultima has no where near that amount and no the majority of schthack doesnt have dark weps
  4. from what ive heard the rate on schthack is somthing like 1/2000 which is to low in my opion but the 1/300 idea sounds just right for our server with our amount of current players
  5. this is my honest opinion, having pgf on the donation list has made pgf go rampant on the server (not saying this is a bad thing) but in my honest opinion dark weapons should be hard to obtain as they r the strongest and not as easy as putting some money down. I feel that a weapon of that caliber should be worked for. now about making the drop all year round, while this can be a good idea it could also be a bad one. it could be good in the fact that its obtainable without waiting for christmas. But it can also be bad if it turns into what happened on schthack when the drop became pretty much undroppable with a very low drop rate. if this were to be implemented itd need a very carefully calculated drop as to not be to low or to high.
  6. poptart toastertreat strudel
  7. i tried depositing an item into my bank and i dced. i get back on and my whole inv is gone this happened at 6:25 pm 4/2/14 *Edited don't use your own time Guild Card: 42010103 Slot: 4 heres pics of it happening
  8. hello ultima, im back from a super long break . ill be starting over for the most part but hope to see some old faces as well

  10. hes doing it by posting it on the forums haha when a gm decides to help he will
  11. are u using imageshack and then copy paste the link once u uploaded it?
  12. cya man, be sure to get alot of breaks so u can play
  13. yes i traded sylph the items and heres the pics of the stats http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/266/pso1327547764.png/ for tjs and this for double cannon http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/836/pso1342654828.png/ hope a gm can fix this soon
  14. is there a way to make another lvl of difficulty in game past ult? to make everything harder for those that want a challenge
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