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  1. hello, ill pay in dts, send me a pm.
  2. Excal: [0/30/0/0/35] wants: Wedding Dress Red Ring Yas 7v with hell Yas 9k with charge Yas 9k with demon Centurian/battle or other good RA stuff PM or post trade offers
  3. ok well i like ur offer the most right now as i really want a kroes haha. find me in game ill be on psycho
  4. ok, and is the kroes and ds a fair trade? or is it to little for kroes? its a good start, what else do u have in mind?
  5. yes im offering a PoST but im unsure of pricing as i have not been around for a long time. so if u feel this is a fair deal im good with it
  6. hey so i might be playing for a little while if u wanna add me back into the best team there ever was
  7. accidently posted in spanish section, can i get this moved to the english section?
  8. wants : adept rainbow baton/diska 50+hit kroes sweater pow sato red sword (nice stats) red ring (really only want hunter stuff) pds
  9. zalure 20 for 3 pds?
  10. 1. poptart 2. toaster 3. treat 4. breakfast 5. strudel 6. cinnamon roll
  11. mmmm i have a white one 5/145/50/0 if thats close enough
  12. i cant do it this upcoming weekend ill be out of the country but the rest of summer i should be good for it
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