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  1. what the df has no 50 hit?
  2. STAis going to run you high as hell thats if you find a seller 125+ in dts
  3. how is add slots 4-1 lol more like 10 for 1 addslots are ez to farm
  4. Let remind you guys its just a old A** game lol
  5. get a WD max and wiz resist you be good
  6. no i dont have one but im telling you the price range
  7. can i ask how u get all these items?
  8. its good hit but 55 more like 40 to 45 because there is no other stats on it
  9. Just a heads up its worth zep 50 hitters worth 1 to 5 pds
  10. S>C/Battle pm me

    1. Wayne Jones

      Wayne Jones

      did you just quit :"L

  11. Thank you all that means alot Stark
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