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  1. Die

    Pics de BP

    chh torcido el viejon xD
  2. Die


    i didn't stole that pgf, i offered and won what's the big deal? maybe i'll offer for this, maybe not who cares really.
  3. Die


    idc how many i have rlly
  4. thats it im looking for a calibur like that or better. tell me what you want for it
  5. Die


    since i'm just too lazy to hunt a pgf for my own i'm buying this one xD my offer: Wedding Dress Glide Divine Demonik Fork guld milla ultima reaper 45 hit kroes sweater x2 adept x2 Red Ring FTD & DF Shield MG+ Girasole mille marteaux 45 hit (or excal 40 hit) 90 pds
  6. Die

    S/T> pwand

    45 hit ultima reaper for it
  7. trato de entrar al server y nada mas me bota error 903, ya intenté reiniciando mi router, desconfigurando mi firewall y aún así no me deja QwQ hay alguna solución para esto? otros me dicen que si pueden entrar y no se q px con esto e.e
  8. oran saint million vh rambling xD
  9. Die

    s>hs 25hit

    ill buy this for 50 pds
  10. kroes cae con skyly icaro
  11. ah bueno dice el anuncio de cada drop pero ese de ULTIMA: blablablablablablabla has found Girasole blablabla no xD
  12. perdón x meterme pero la gira no da anuncio xD aunque despues de todo buen event haha
  13. i'm willing to give 60 hit exca instead of 50 hit exca and the 2 adepts and add mm 45 hit, glide divine, ashura mag cell, s rank gun or s rank twin
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