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  1. Zeph

    Well Dang Zabby, you're still here?!

    1. Zabby


      ZEPH. My boi. 

      Kind of, I'm only around on forums really.

      What brings you back? 

    2. Zeph


      My new computer, and old nostalgia! I've got SOME time for it now that I graduated, got married, picked up a job, went through survival training, Ranger training, etc, etc. Basically I'm able to find time since I have a routine. Guess I'm old haha

    3. Zabby


      @ZephAre you on discord by any chance? It's been tooo long.

      Married, graduated, you're growing up lol. Happy for you dude.

  2. Been a while Ultima. What's up?

  3. Hey folk's Just thought i'd drop in see how yall vet's are all doin.

    1. Judgment


      Doing great hbu



      Zeph! We need to run some levels man

    3. Zeph


      Lol, if I find time to get on

  4. I've been good man. Just been busy as hell. Might be getting married soon! Graduation coming up on top of that too.

  5. Life's good man, Just turned old on the 6th, might be getting married in a year or so, bout to graduate as well. Been busy as heck. How yah been?

    1. chariots7


      Been great. Studying Japanese. Congrats on everything!


  6. Laptop died a few weeks ago, got a new one for christmas early. Good to be in working order again.

    1. RudyArana


      Just in time for PGF.

    2. Zeph


      I know, I'll be in the hunts at some point.

  7. Lobby Bgm poll is up and there is room for 2 more suggestions. Submit or vote folks http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/topic/1628-music-on-lobby-new/

    1. Oswald 2.0

      Oswald 2.0

      I think we know which one we want.

  8. Lobby Bgm poll is up and there is room for 2 more suggestions. Submit or vote folks.

  9. Don't run around too much. The trolls will get you. No but seriously, welcome to Ultima.
  10. Godric 2.0 XD Welcome to the server Aigis, I'm stoked by your name.
  11. Hope to see you in game when I have some time to get on!
  12. Welcome to the gamer's version of Dante's Inferno. "Abandon all hope ye who enter here." You may never leave now.
  13. Lobby bgm poll is up. 4 suggestions to vote for, still room for another 4.

    1. Zeph


      God Damnit you three XD Post in the Lobby Music thread lol.

  14. I didn't really get social in this game until I hit ult and started doing RT. I leveled myself up to about 110ish on Warriors Pride before I started RT. Mostly because it was easy, ok exp, and you get to keep all the items (no ninjas) It's how I built up my trade list originally. Hmm the three amigo's I really first met were Godric, Chuk, and Niyuki. Those three helped me out when I got started, mostly Godric. Chuk let me do a job for him for an Excal once, and what a doosy of a job it was. Niyuki ran me a few times for levels and gave me a D Scale too. Godric traded the hell out of me for grinders and mats when I started for pd's and other items which is what really helped a ton. And it's been a blast ever since. I've met a ton of new people, I'm not even going to try to list them but you know who you are. If I've sat down and talked with you, joked around with you in hunts, or etc you're on the list .
  15. New lobby poll up folks please post suggestions. And I apologize Kajex, is there anyone you might want me to leave it with since I haven't been able to get on recently?

    1. Zeph


      Ok, thats what I figured. I got on last night to ask bun if she could hold it for me but I didn't see her on.

    2. Larva


      thanks. Zeph i will vote XD

  16. Was there when it happened. I can verify.
  17. Well I don't think there's really another choice. If he gets mad for items that he can't access or use being deleted for the sole purpose of being able to use his common bank again, then tough. lol.
  18. It sure does. Welcome to Ultima Seed.
  19. I can't but that's what he said. He said he can't take items out. When he tries it dc's him. So therefore he can't empty his bank lol.
  20. Zeph

    Halloween Event - 2012

    Keep looking, they're there.
  21. So by keeping idiots off the streets you mean..... YOU RUN THEM OVER LIKE I DO!?

  22. Zeph

    Halloween Event - 2012

    Several scythes have already been found Keep it up Ultima!
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