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    ANDROID 0 (RAcast) , Hunter X1 (HUmar) , Pouf X3 (FOmar) , MIRAGE X4 (HUcast) , Android 6 , Dreamcast , Nefer P2 , Meruem_OO. and still more chars :/
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  1. Hello everybody

    assalamu alaikum. its about 2 years no see you guys since when I got banned from the game. so how are my friend MadOrNah (Christian) ,and how are you everybody. I wish if GMs give me one more chance to play this game again because I am sorry for what I did before. I still love this game... its good to see you guys again.
  2. Come back please.

    and hbd

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    1. ahmedshabshab595@gmail.com


      Hello bro, how are you 

      I got banned from Soly because I did some hack...and I did that because my internet so bad :(

      I wish I can back again if I get one more chance from GMs

      I am really miss you and everybody in game :( .


  3. Seeya

    take care
  4. Playing again!

    welcome back
  5. So Long!

    take care, good bye Angel we will miss you XD
  6. Game Randomly Crashes

    clean ur C:Disk then try play again
  7. character reset to lv 1, inventory gone as well.

    noooo! >.<
  8. RR Drop Broken?

    me too trying on rr in 50 runs without got anything , and a hylian with me took about 100 runs to get 2 hylian .... and 3pds .wtf
  9. Event: Ultima Christmas wishes! -prize dts

    hmm....... let see :3 -WD (max) -RR (max) -Adept -proof of sonic team -tjs -Excal -100soul -Arrest needle -Laconium axe -Rianov 303SNR-5 I wish if all with hit :3
  10. lost my item

    I am lost my item from my bag when I play I dont know how this happend but I think from my lag net and this 3rd time that happen. the item lost from my HUmar its [RED HANDGUN +30(15/0/15/0), RED SWORD +4(30/0/0/0), ASUKA +20(30/25/0/35) and my armor (AURA FIELD 4solt) ]. sorry but I dont remember the date but I think that happend from 10 days ago . thanks