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  1. ? inventory ¬¬

    I swear this is like the 20th case of ???????? item crashing, they really need to fix this or get a better coder to fix it XD They have had many years of time to fix it but idk :/
  2. all items turned to X ?

    Chances are if you are one of the new unlucky ones, you have a old version of Excalibur which is bugged up the ying yang. The new Excaliburs are fine but the old ones.....yeah they are not good. But I wish you luck on this and I would like the GM's/Larva to take note that you should try as hard as you can to remove any and all old versions of Excalibur from the player/trade rotation such as swap them for people or other ways XD
    1. Soulstheim


      OMG YES! This is honestly how I feel like when I play PSO XD

  3. Anyone got a SJS for sale (Only reason I want a SJS is for the fun of unsealing it)

    1. Soulstheim



  4. goodbye

    Even tho you are a new-ish player, its sad to see anyone go. Hope you come back and see us all soon and I wish you the best with work and your new child!
  5. The day has come...I FINALLY GOT A DARK FLOW!!!!!!!!

    1. ANDRES


      the enjoyment

    2. Soulstheim
    3. Soulstheim


      XD Kajex, you still have to get me a PGF :DDD

  6. Yes! Level 150 on TreeFitty, I can use my FTD a BOVN :DDDD

  7. How much is a BOVN (Blue Odoshi Violet Nimaidou) worth in PDs?
  8. Well yesterday I was supposted to BETA test for Elder Scrolls Online...but PSO made me forget XD FUUUUU

  9. Lookin for an FTD (From The Depths) Message me!

    1. Soulstheim


      What would you want for one?

    2. Soulstheim


      XD Get on then and find KIREEK in le lobby

  10. Hello everyone!

    Thanks man!
  11. Hello everyone!

    Haha, i'l pm you and stuff we can catch up on the olden times XD
  12. Hello everyone!

    Hello again chuk You actually knew me very well back in the day haha.