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  1. And I just got an ID change, like, two weeks ago. Hindsight is a hell of a drug.
  2. Meh. Not nearly as visually concise.
  3. Yes. Check the front page of the forums. Just scroll down. You'll see it.
  4. Okay, then you're in charge of the drop list for the summer 2018 event. Thanks for volunteering!
  5. While they can only be played in normal mode (not "one person" mode, unlike Ep.1), there are story-focused quests in both Ep.2 & 4 that can be successfully played all the way through on your own. In both episodes, these quests are not accessed from the Hunter's Guild. For Ep.2, go to the Lab (the area with teleports to both VR Spaceship and VR Temple/Central Control Area and Seabed) and go up the ramp. Talk to the newman behind the counter on the left. She'll offer you a series of "Lab" quests. In Ep.4, go to the Principal's office (the teleport outside the Hunter's Guild on your way to the bank). Talk to the girl to the left of the Principal and you'll be offered a list of "Government" quests. In both cases, quests must be completed in order to unlock further quests in the list.
  6. Go hunting to find out and let us know.
  7. Generally, what is considered a smart allocation of mats for a HUCast? I've got a bunch burning a hole in my bank and I made a ton of obvious mistakes when I first added mats to my character, so I'm thinking of re-specing.
  8. So, my ID sucks. I was thinking of donating for DT's to change it, but what actually happens when that occurs? Does it have any affect on the character's stats/lvls/mat counts? Does it require the character be renamed (as it is the name that decides what ID they get)? Or is it just a simple override for the current ID? Also, uh... who do I ask about, you know, actually doing it? Thanks in advance!
  9. Since this wasn't answered, you can't grind weapons that require unsealing. Only once they've been fully unsealed will grinders work on them. This is in contrast to weapons that can be metamorphosized from one kind of weapon to another, such as the Guld Milla mechguns or Dark Flow for instance; Guld Milla requires both Handgun: Guld and Handgun: Milla to be ground to +9 (their respective max grind) before they can be fused into Guld Milla, while Dark Flow requires any kind of basic Sword (Sword, Gigush, Breaker, Claymore, Calibur) to be ground to their respective max before applying the PGF to turn it into Dark Flow. The resulting weapon can (usually) be ground further to that new weapon's max. TL;DR You probably knew this already.
  10. Yeah, the broken-ness was just shifted over to other items, like Centurion/Battle instead.
  11. If your native language isn't English, this forum also has a Spanish section if that's a language you can use more easily. Otherwise, I can only echo the suggestion given by El Socko: brush up on your English because it's very hard to understand. A good place to start would be your punctuation; it's already hard enough to figure out what you're saying without all your sentences running together.
  12. His profile picture is a troll-face. It is the deadest of dead giveaways. Granted, they may have an abhorrent grasp of English, but they may also be trying to fuck with us. Either way, don't take them seriously and dismiss everything they say on principal. It's the only way to deal with trolls/the literately-challenged.
  13. Zanbacon - Gigobooma - Normal - Bluefull - Ep.1 As if it's all that important.
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