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  1. Hue

    1. Zeph


      *insert Kefka laugh*

  2. Get DUNKED!

    1. Nikosaur


      You are faaaar to obsessed with that video, bahaha

    2. Necrolust


      Nothing wrong with liking Yi <3

    3. OMEGA9988


      ก็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็็ กิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิิ ก้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้้ ก็็็็็็...


  4. You shouldn't have to disable anything just to find things easier :/
  5. Why not just add an advanced Search function to it? Choose what Type of item you are looking for (Weapon, Shield, Armor, Slot), what Episode it drops from, and then Difficulty if you already know which one it is on.
  6. Well, peace out everyone xD
  7. Don't worry, I have a new place to go. A....much....nicer...place....
  8. Another interesting person joins the mix. You wont see me ingame anymore (Quitting today >.<) But I will be stalking the forums like usual. I am the Sexy Rebel Outlaw of Ultima, and I'm very well known. Welcome to the strange community xD FIRST POST NOOBLORDS! P.S: All the Mods (Cept Choko, Larva, and Freedert) are butthurt and will edit your posts if you say anything that offends them. Also, Most people here are suck-ups, dont trust any of them. P.P.S: Yuki is awesome, dont listen to the complaining people who have nothing to say about him. P.P.P.S: Madmods?
  9. I'll add my Steam Username to my profile, so we can chat anytime. Along with Skype. If you also want, I can PM my Phone # out. 3 people already have it lol. And, if you ask around, i've been thinking of quitting for quite a long time already xD Godric will miss out on trying to ban me like everyone else was doing
  10. This Sunday is going to be my last day here. After that, I am going to request that all my topics be locked, and my reputation be reset to zero (seeing as it is causing problems for people). I will still visit the forums so I can receive PM's from people who do message me. I will be quitting PSO for an unknown amount of time. Unlike some people, (Wont say who -.-) I actually plan on not coming back until I see a good reason too. I can sit here and explain many reason why I want to leave, and why others want me to leave, But I figured that I would only start more trouble. As much as I love trouble, there would be no point in a post like this. My items will be staying with me. As much as I want to hand them off, I will need them if I come back. That is if I do eventually come back. As I said above, I will visit the forums still, But you will never see me in game. If you have any reason to get in contact with me, You can add me on Skype, Steam, or PM me. I started playing on Ultima around January 2011. So I have only been here for a year, I have met many people, and experienced many things. I would like to say I have made friends, but even I don't know what these "Friends" truly think of me. To the people I hate: You have been spared more annoyance then you can possibly imagine. I was planning on having a fun little "event" but I changed my mind at the last minute. I don't want to get banned for good yet, do I? To the people I don't know/never met: You missed out on the good times. To the GM's: I think our never ending game of cat and mouse really was enjoyable. Maybe if you try hard enough, you can hope to achieve the level of Oswald To the people I consider friends and acquaintances: I will remember some of you, and I will still be speaking with a certain few of you. We had some good times together, and maybe we will have some more. You made the days bright and fun, and I can say that without you, Ultima would be a very very boring place. I doubt many of you have met a person like Oswald XD RAPE-BOT will be gone, but not forgotten. So keep those asses nice and clean for me ^.^ I can say, without regret, that I helped shape part of the Ultima we know of today. I may not have the best reputation, but I WAS very well known! ~Galo Sengen~
  11. May 5th, a Saturday, will be the day that we shall do Challenge Mode. I can do multiple runs that day, so we can do it with more then one team If you cant make it or think the date should be changed, let me know.
  12. I love my current RAmar. I totally recommend using one. Shit that I couldn't solo on my RAcast I can totally do now.
  13. Either Yuki or Larg will join us. We got it for sure.
  14. I think I already got a Fourth xD Sorry. The date will be set for after Easter event. If anyone cant make it let me know.
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