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  1. I hope everyone is having a good day

    1. Josh Jordan

      Josh Jordan

      Check forums I need your advice from my point of view

    2. Trigunman


      When you're alive and on this side of the dirt, every day tends to be a good one. ^_^

  2. I hope everyone is having a wonderful day <3

    1. Redstar Hunter

      Redstar Hunter

      And i hope you have a wonderful day to <3 xoxoxox

    2. shadowarcana@gmail.com
  3. Rocking out to 91.8 the Fan online radio right now :)

  4. Feeling great today and not I am going to say well...bye :3

  5. Just wanted to say hello and all since will I have not been on the server forums in like forever and I wanted to get to know people not only in-game but here on the forums as well. So yea. Anyway my in-game name is RaVeNmIkA If you all want to know more info on me I will post it here as I see fit. Other then that I am just saying hello ^-^
  6. Feeling cool awesome and jamming baby :D

  7. Life is funny sometimes...in a good and bad way...you just need to open your eyes and see for yourself sometimes...

    1. oran


      But I'm too chinky to open my eyes and when I do, it hurts so bad xD

    2. shadowarcana@gmail.com


      lol oh my...al;right you can keep them closed then dear hahaha

  8. .hack huh? Your talking to someone that wishes for game such as that for real wise....It would be awesome for all of us gamers. I love this anime and games...I have to say...I love them all....I love the music...the story...the characters...everything of /hack//sign....I love it to death. Hence my profile picture of Blackrose...Which soon I may makes a character on PSOBB in honor of the character.And to all thanks for the warm welcome. I am sure I will fit right in on the forums as I do on the game itself.
  9. Thanks for the info chuk....I guess I deal with it as I go then right? Anyway thanks for the input
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