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  1. ouiouioui♥

  2. Well it is my personal opinion that i think everyone here would agree with. That this server should have more events for the pgf or dphoton cores. even L&K38s. Its just my opinion that we should have atleast 2 events for pgfs or atleast d photon cores and L&K38s a year. its too long to wait for an entire year just for one item. And what ever happened to events were people had the chance to get a cool rare from a battle event. like the L&K38 40 hit event. Or the event were they let a certain amount of cool items drop from a certain boss and when that amount runs out then there gone
  3. wooo i got a TJS yeaaaaa

    1. Zeph


      Holy moly buddy, how'd you manage that?

    2. BlueFlare
    3. *Ghost*


      ty chuk i actually traded a butt load of items for including my excal :( which is why im now trying to unseal a new lame i bought

  4. What happened was i was trying to unseal my limiter. I killed countless enemies. Then i checked to see if it would unseal, and it did. But then words poped up on the screen saying something then i dced when i tried to equip the adept. Then i rejoined the game. The adept changed back into a limiter. Then i tried to equip it in a slot but it claims all slots are full as if an invisible unit is permanently equipped and cant be removed in my aura field. The bad part is the aura field is a max stat aura field. Its my only one.Also i was unsealing my lame at the same time both had the option "use" s
  5. You need a comment good sir Ghost so here it is :)

  6. taking a few hr break be back about 9 or 10

  7. i am not a crook but i do joke around sorry

    1. BlueFlare


      Delete this my friend.

  8. I dont like when people are stupid

    1. Zeph


      People die when they are killed :/

    2. sunfire285


      people who are stupid dont like you xD

    3. sunfire285


      LOL @ zombie

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