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  1. ouiouioui♥

  2. Well it is my personal opinion that i think everyone here would agree with. That this server should have more events for the pgf or dphoton cores. even L&K38s. Its just my opinion that we should have atleast 2 events for pgfs or atleast d photon cores and L&K38s a year. its too long to wait for an entire year just for one item. And what ever happened to events were people had the chance to get a cool rare from a battle event. like the L&K38 40 hit event. Or the event were they let a certain amount of cool items drop from a certain boss and when that amount runs out then there gone and the event is over? well im just posting this because a lot of people feel short ended having to wait an entire year of there life just to get 1 top rare. And for the people who feel the same as me dont say i never stuck my neck out for you.... Thanks Ghost
  3. wooo i got a TJS yeaaaaa

    1. Zeph


      Holy moly buddy, how'd you manage that?

    2. BlueFlare
    3. *Ghost*


      ty chuk i actually traded a butt load of items for including my excal :( which is why im now trying to unseal a new lame i bought

  4. You need a comment good sir Ghost so here it is :)

  5. taking a few hr break be back about 9 or 10

  6. i am not a crook but i do joke around sorry

    1. BlueFlare


      Delete this my friend.

  7. I dont like when people are stupid

    1. Zeph


      People die when they are killed :/

    2. sunfire285


      people who are stupid dont like you xD

    3. sunfire285


      LOL @ zombie