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  1. ouiouioui♥

  2. Im very sorry about this but the forums wont allow me to send pms so ill just post the list here Honey Comb Reflector Kusanagi 50 hit Blue Odoshi Violet Niamadu Jizai 25 hit Heaven Punisher vjaya 40 hit Ruby Bullet Solferino Tsumikiri j sword Siren Glass Hammer 2x branch of paku paku Astron belt Charge Gatling25 hit Crazy Tune Dual Bird Evil Curst Marinas Bag Baranz Launcher Heart of Poumn Brightness circle Sense Plate Morning prayer Limiter 5000 kills+ Excalibur Red Ring centurion ability Heavenly Ability Heavenly Mind Barta 20 Resta 20 Gibarta 20 Gifoie 20 Other Disks etc. Diwari Power/ata mag 200 5/145/50/0 Geung si 138 25/60/27/26 60 pds 4 pcs Heart of Chao Cell of mag 502 spread needle
  3. Im looking to see if u would trade a L&K38 combat, df shield, or ur hp. im pretty sure u most likely wouldnt trade ur glide devine or your dark meteor for anything so im not gonna exactly persue it but hey i have to ask cause u never know Pm me or something dude thx
  4. ok if u throw in 5 pds u got yourself a deal
  5. yea i got a trade list called Ghost tradelist
  6. Well it is my personal opinion that i think everyone here would agree with. That this server should have more events for the pgf or dphoton cores. even L&K38s. Its just my opinion that we should have atleast 2 events for pgfs or atleast d photon cores and L&K38s a year. its too long to wait for an entire year just for one item. And what ever happened to events were people had the chance to get a cool rare from a battle event. like the L&K38 40 hit event. Or the event were they let a certain amount of cool items drop from a certain boss and when that amount runs out then there gone and the event is over? well im just posting this because a lot of people feel short ended having to wait an entire year of there life just to get 1 top rare. And for the people who feel the same as me dont say i never stuck my neck out for you.... Thanks Ghost
  7. I want that mag or just the core ill trade or buy it just name the price we can work something out
  8. well you cant blame me for asking if someones willing to trade for one id be willing to trade alot of stuff. also i would like a d photon core
  9. I want that limiter how much do you want for that?
  10. Just a crazy question for anybody who has one and has no plans to use it. What would u want for a pgf or a pgf weapon any one of em doesnt matter which one. just a curious question cause im not sure who has one for trade or what they would want for it Ghost
  11. List updated again more new stuff
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