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    I like to read books, play musical instruments, play mmo's and hang out with friends. If anyone ever needs help online feel free to message me, If i'm not busy then I'll gladly help out.

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  1. -Vincent- United States of America, Washington. Pleased to meet you all .
  2. Hey Whoop!!! thanks for all your help ^^. Remembers last chess match with Chuk and shivers hmmm I might need to practice more from now on xD Ty for the kind words Chuk^^.
  3. Take care bro and Good luck
  4. Thank you all very much!!! You're far too kind
  5. Good job!! We'll have to party sometime xD
  6. Good Luck with your new team!!
  7. Hello everyone I'm Vincent ( deeply bows to his audience) I used to play PSO episode 1 and 2 when it was on gamecube, that however was many years ago. Recently I felt a sudden tinge of nostalgia and I promptly decided that it was time for me to start playing PSO again. I had the very good fortune to stumble across this website and to meet this kind and wonderful community^^. I usually log on once a day and play for a few hours. If there is ever anyway I can be of assistance to anyone, feel free to pm one of my in game characters ( KnightKil or Knight ) I look forward to meeting everyone and I hope that you all have a great day. Your humble servant - Vincent-
  8. MusicalGamer


    Good Luck Shoutgu I believe in you bro.
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