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  1. Just a suggestion these kinds of improvements could be put onto BPD weapons instead of the ones or perhaps a later event, or maybe accept double the amount in PCs. I know this mini event sounds nice in some ways but in general the RNG here isn't all that favorable even though it has improved massively from when I started and many players who would be wanting to use those weapons would not have enough PDs to take advantage and those of us who have the PDs to do it would be aware of easily obtained weapons that outclass those mentioned even with those specials. Adding 50 hit on BPD weapons would be an amazing event and help the game be more accessible for newer players
  2. dooby

    Ultima Triforce Event

    Where are these units dropping? I'd love me some cent arms.
  3. I'm always happy to help just let me know.
  4. I remember hearing about that but I never actually was on that one I think I was on my old team's TS back then. I appreciate the support and I don't think that it will be any problem at all to keep it up at this point, but I could see needing more slots down the line if it got really popular.
  5. Team Speak 3 is a pretty fast download and the program is generally one of the smoothest out there. I know we don't have many people on yet but I think once people start using it regularly it should be very worth while.
  6. I want to have an open Team Speak 3 server up for all Ultima players if anyone is interested in this just message me. Anyone should be able to access it through Team Speak 3, you should be able to find it through a search feature being called PSOBB, that should bring you straight to it. If you want to put in the address it is crimson.typefrag.com:4595 I want to stress that this is NOT a team specific feature this is open to all of Ultima. This program is good to help you get through to other players right away even if you don't use a mic it can be useful, there is also a chat ability in the program. This is not an official server program through Larva etc. It is just a feature I, myself want to bring to the server that I have enjoyed for years. All of Ultima is welcome from Admin-new players. I hope to be able to be able to bring on a richer PSOBB experience for all.
  7. does anyone know the specifics in making a dreamcast mag? I got the mark 3, master system, genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast. I've used the Mark3 and I'm wondering when I can use the other mag cells. I hope someone can help me with this.
  8. I think the 220 ata is what you needed bu also hucaseal can do it as long as you have the ata.
  9. I'm trying to get c mode together again, I'm always up for it. Also if you have a mic that helps so we can be a little more efficient.
  10. I got it too and switched to fire fox, and thatworks better for this site anyways(like the drop tables).
  11. Since I missed that one I really wouldn't mind getting sjs dropping again. Honestly I think some of these newly changed weapons would be the best thing to have drop.
  12. myself and a few other team members are interested in c mode also, we just need to get together but atm about off to work.
  13. umm...you mean you wanna borrow mine?
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