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    SABRINA level 200, HOPE level 200, Sabrina level 200, Angel level 140, Sabrina level 200, S@BR!NA level 200, Killer level 200, Hope level 160.

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    Taking care of my kids and my loved ones.
    And play pso

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  1. Happy Birthday Sab! Hope you have an awesome day!

  2. Happy birthday Sab!  You helped me get my first Lind last year :D hope you have a good one <3

    1. Sabrina


      thanks man i will have a lovely weekend my sister is comming today with her baby so i have lots of fun for a few days haha <3

  3. Happy Birthday ^.^

    1. Sabrina


      thank you :) 

  4. Happy bday enjoy your day :D 

  5. Happy Birthday!! 


    1. Sabrina


      Thank you :cr-dancing:

  6. Luna take care, make yourself a wonderfull life. I hope you find all in life what you want may all your dreams come true. You will be missed, I had alot of fun with you. Take care my friend.
  7. was to late but found all Grats all who won
  8. T>DF 50/50/0/0]50 for any 50 stats DM

  9. T> DF 50/50/0/0]50 for DM 3x 50 stats pm me if you wanna trade