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  1. It's time to say goodbye, I played here for more then 2 years and i have made alot of friends. For some of you guys it is not a goodbye but for some of you it is. And for those thanks for all the fun we had and for the talks we had. I am glad i have met you guys, And if you wanna stay in contact just pm me and we can add eachother on skype or discord. Wish everyone here the best in life. Goodbye Ultima.
  2. Happy bithday Sylph hope you have a nice day :D 

    1. Sylph777


      Wow thank you sabrina, nice of you <3 have a great day as well ^^

    2. JADE
    3. Sylph777


      Thank you jade <3

  3. Hi ! Can i buy your proof of sonic team for dts ? I offer 20

  4. Sabrina


    bumb added new want
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