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    1. McLaughlin86


      Shit slaps hard and feels good.

  2. They could, but they would have to steal the item from you in game and then run. Just always always always use the Trade Window when you're trading, that way there will be a log of the transaction happening If you drop the item and they take it then run, you can probably still get the item back, but it's more of a hassle to prove that it happened I suppose. At least this is what I've learned from Soly helping people in the past with this stuff. Just make habit of using trade window
  3. DTs are just another form of currency, similar to PDs You can get them by either donating to the server ($1 = 1 DT), or by trading items/PDs with other players who are buying with DTs (Rate is typically 6.6 PDs = 1 DT) The reason you'd want them is mainly for more expensive items, where it'd be a pain to use PDs to trade them. If an item is worth 100 DTs, obtaining and then trading ~660 PDs is just not reasonable in most cases. However, you can also add hit and attribute %'s to your weapons with DTs (15 DTs = 20% Hit. 15 DTs = 35% in any Attribute). I'm not sure if you can with PDs They're somewhat confusing because people expect to see an item in their inventory, but they're all stored and traded on forums. In game, if we were making a trade, you would give me an item and then I would transfer you the DTs on forums Hopefully that helps, feel free to ask more ^^
  4. If I made an updated texture making guide, would anybody use it? Waste of time if not

    This is the one I used, but it's outdated in some areas, mainly how to apply the textures (it's even easier now, thanks @Soly)


    @Lemon made this topic:

    This could also be implemented but I think the number of people who edit these kinds of things is even smaller than the number of people who edit weapon textures (which is just a few it seems)


    Let me know if you're interested lol

    1. McLaughlin86


      Someone's inevitably gonna use it in the future. You might as well mama.

    2. Soly


      If you bring anything new, it's always welcome.
      I guess a compilation of things (give credits in such case) would also be welcome.

      Some guides have probably died because of expired links or stuff like that.
      I'd say go for it.

      Also yeah, with the stuff I added, obviously would make it "exclusive" to Ultima, sort of, but I guess you could include as some sort of extra how to change it normally.
      Don't forget how to fix the skin issue when you use the same ID (ask me if you need help with that, it gets just a bit technical)

  5. Freshest instrumental since '86

  6. rip

    also the witcher 3 is so fun wtf

  7. Auli'i


    I didn't welcome you! You welcomed me! ;-; But thank you for everything that you did for the server, and like you said, I wish we could have been closer Good luck with whatever it is you're going on to after this, and you know where to find me if you need me <3
  8. Meant to link you this months ago, in case you don't know it already

    That and for dat beat

  9. dude what is this beat

    1. McLaughlin86


      This is seriously extremely fresh. The kind of thing that makes me want to be less lazy.

    2. Auli'i


      I started popping off at :51

  10. I definitely plan on keeping up with at least what is new in events, and I'll probably just do that through @mudkipzjm I'm always curious to see new stuff.. But thanks for everything @Larva, you have a really special place here
  11. It's about time I take off from this place, as hard as it might be. Over the (little) while I've been here, I've slowly realized that I only come back for friends nowadays. With every hour I put in, the game itself got slightly less fun, but the friendships I built got slightly more intricate. I now have some friends that I love dearly, and I'm truly grateful for that My time here is a really vivid memory in my mind now. I won't forget all the people I met, all the hours I wasted hunting nothing, those few times I actually got what drop I wanted, everything. It's all great, and I'm gonna miss it. There's a small chance that I might make appearances in the future to keep in touch with people I miss, but I wouldn't count on it I'm posting a trade list right after I post this. It'll be my old tradelist, but replaced with nearly everything of value that I own. If you were a good friend of mine, PM me, I'd like to give you something If you want to keep in touch on another platform, Discord works best for me. PM me your Discord ID and I'll add you, or PM me whatever your preferred contact method is and I'll try to adhere to that, but again, I wouldn't count on it I'd like to thank @KarmaTheFoney for even bringing me here in the first place. I'd also like to thank @mudkipzjm, @SelahIsASpot, @CaliburxZero, @HHawk4, @thelionorion, @Lone Ranger, @McLaughlin86, @ultrajerky, @Sabrina and @magictrick, @TripleR, @Zabby, @Lemon, @Sylph777, @CannaBeast, @Carsomyr, @PSOAddict, @R-78 and @griffeni (in no particular order) for making my time here so great. Thank you, you're all fantastic, and sorry if I forgot you Lastly, thank you to @kajex for opening my eyes on so many things and being so rad, and thank you to @Soly for putting up with me and helping me with nearly everything I found fun towards the end of my time here (and keeping the server alive in the first place..) I suppose that's it. Farewell Ultima~ <3 -Auli'i
  12. Back to music posts? lol

  13. Hey all. Not dead, just not around. Need(ed) to take a break from things. Not just PSO, but lots of things.

    Sorry for disappearing though

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    2. CaliburxZero


      Could've sworn i commented... well, been waiting to hear back from you, I guess let me know.

    3. Auli'i


      You did, but as you know, I'm required to give Mud better treatment because you won't drop that

      So I deleted it

    4. CaliburxZero


      I had been worried about you, since I tried to comment any way I could to see how u were doing and wanted to talk to u about some stuff.  I said that because despite all of those efforts, u didn't ever try to say anything back.

      If u don't want to talk to me now then tell me.


    1. Colt


      Yes, I am! Didn't know I was missed haha.

  15. I dig it

    1. McLaughlin86


      Shit just made me blast off tbh

    2. Auli'i


      You'll like this too

      His newest album

  16. heard this?

    1. McLaughlin86


      >This song is over five years old

      What the fuck where did time go

      Yes i've heard it :"L

  17. Well well well, look who decided to show up! Will those addons work if I just put them in my addons folder using the scanner I attached?
  18. Mag timers are already in the game using the /magtimer 1 or 2 command Item Drop checkers (see items on the ground before you pick them up) are also allowed, though I'm not sure if all of them are. I will attach one that Soly made and help with installing it if I can remember how. As for things that tell you monster health...I've never heard of someone using it, and I wouldn't use one until you get a 100% answer from a GM, though I would guess that they are not allowed Lemme know if you have any questions floor scanner.zip
  19. japan





    1. mudkipzjm



      pretty good tbh

  20. Chorus stuck in my head for 48 hours straight now

    Can't stop humming it

    @KarmaTheFoney said I sound like a dolphin while humming it ;-;

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