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  1. 420 c''; okay serious answer : 1
  2. looking for a spirit garment of a brightness circle would be even better c; dont have too much pds
  3. @rahan0121 i like to have my f1-12 in other games tho, so i will just have to get used to this i guess, but thanks for the tip C;
  4. Heyooo, my game just dies when i make a room with my huney 'Shiro and enter it. i tried it with a different char and that works just fine. pls halp D": i just came online to play on her. Thankyoo ;D
  5. found one ;D Closed
  6. i had the same issue with the new msi gaming laptop i bought. the end at my n1 doesnt work sadly, so i have to use the end under fn. (which also happends to be my pgdn key) was struggeling with it for the longest time since my previous laptop didnt have the problem that i had to use that specific end key in the corner. now im just struggling to quickchange weapons cause all the buttons are so far spread from eachother hahaha Glad you found the solution tho, im out here struggling with you mate ;D
  7. Im looking for a mind mag, Either a low one (but 50 or above) or just another mind mag that doesnt cost too much!
  8. c''; gonna need to do a woi run for that, if you dont mind waiting a day or max 2 for me to buy it xd i totally get it if you dont wanna wait, then just sell it ;D
  9. how much do you ask for the blank lindcray ?
  10. I heard that people were selling hylian shields for not that much since they dropped so much this . i really want to buy a hylian shield from someone thats willing to sell it around 40/50 pds if possible, of course we can take a look if i have something else you might like. pm me pls
  11. watched or read seven deadly sins c;
  12. Is in denial about not being a human, too scared people will start reading this soon. cover is blown.
  13. wants to give me another reputation point, just cause you're a nice peepol c; *not desparate for that point at all or anything.
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