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  1. Congrats to @KarmaTheFoney for winning the giveaway. I will be out of town Thursday-Monday, in case you can't claim your prize before then. Otherwise just shoot me a message on Discord whenever you're available. (I forgot to mute the background noise so enjoy the basketball commentary xD)
  2. Bump. Still a few days to enter the giveaway.
  3. I have acquired 40 V101 and 31 Secret Gear. Please close this topic. Ty to everyone that helped me out.
  4. Hello all you sexy ass Ultima players. To celebrate my 100th Youtube video I'm announcing a giveaway for a 65H Panzer Faust + Arrest Booster. All you gotta do is sub to my Youtube, and shoot me a follow over on Twitch to be entered. Once you're done PM me screenshots with proof, along with your name to be entered in the giveaway. Contest will end next Monday, April 29th, at 7pm PST. Good luck to all participants. Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJmRpmDYmk76OoAalStZjoA Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/mannyfresh_
  5. Hello, I'm purchasing the following items. Twenty of each. V101 3PDs each (Purchased 40. Thank you Flerbert) Secret Gear 5PDs each (Need 4 more)
  6. Another update. Best run is currently 5:48. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/2090252279
  7. Update on our progress. Our best run is currently 5:53.
  8. Good afternoon, everyone. I went ahead and consolidated all of my videos I currently have into one playlist. Any time I make a new video aimed at new, or returning players, I'll be adding them into this playlist. That way it's easier to have access to all of them instead of having them all spread out. Enjoy, and good luck on your hunts! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l28Os93khpQ&list=PL8njafFWl8xmX3yOABFXn1e5mu6hjsTLJ
  9. Nobody listens to what I listen to around here, but here you go. Lol https://youtu.be/09ks-bSxk2Q?si=EMY1fIIlCb9lRQM_
  10. I throw in a big kiss for each of the winners.
  11. Always staying sexy.

  12. You can farm them in the event right now. Run Max Attack S in Episode 1 on Yellowboze. Save yourself some PDs.
  13. ROCT TA with 46:20 remaining. We can still improve the time, but we're fed up with dealing with so many coin flips. Everyone's POV is linked in the description. Enjoy!
  14. Bumping to appreciate some more people. @Mr.Feeger and @CapT kIDD the new HUcasts on the block, and current ROCT TA record holders along with myself and Crank. (Even though they made me play FO). And of course I can't forget mi amor, @Papipush. Happy late Valentine's Day! 💜
  15. Hello, Ultima. Hope you're having a wonderful weekend. I just finished uploading my Rangers and Forces videos. Be sure to check them out, and as always, stay sexy. Rangers: Forces:
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