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  1. Excellent, can we get them bedazzled...👌🏾
  2. This would be a welcome change, considering the amount of RT we end up doing causes me to descend into madness. I always enjoyed getting goodies from random prezzies!
  3. Ya they’re still available
  4. Again, I’ll state it all comes down to your play style. Try out different classes, and see what you like!
  5. I enjoy ramarl a lot as a starting class, especially if you are considering soloing. JZ/SD makes things very easy when paired with RA’s crowd control capability. All comes down to your preferred play style; however, it does open up a lot of doors in solo and group play without a FO.
  6. Shot ya’ a pm! 🐷
  7. Added some prices to items, and added a couple more.
  8. Ya you can make one, DF shield drops from event though. PSOBB Claire’s Deal 5 ep4 🤗
  9. Can be closed, got one👌🏾
  10. Looking to buy a high stat Lindcray: 0/0/x/x/x Shoot me a PM; have DTs or check out my trade list.
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