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  1. B> Mr. Naka's Business card x1 for 10dts  

    1. Ruffalufacus


      S> Zalure S-Rank Hangun.

  2. B> Mr. Naka's Business card x1 for 10dts 

  3. B> Mr. Naka's Business card x1 for 10dts

  4. cant pcik up rare

    yeah but some of the crappiest items in the game have ridiculous drop rates. This is ok cuz of the little bit of edk, but otherwise junk. If you need armor, lmk and ill find you something better i got in a bank. just cause its a red box doesnt mean their all good, lmk if you need something though. You can prolly find a vampire cloak thats similar but better then this for 10 pds or under too.
  5. cant pcik up rare

    Atleast it's nothing good be optimistic
  6. B> Mr Naka business card for 10 dts

  7. Idk what the hell this means but I hope you smart fellas could do it. If it's getting Re worked could always add 35% for a sphere as 16 dts adds 35 Huh
  8. that'd be amazing. way to much dialog and some you cant even speed thru lol. maybe expand lemon's shop to include this and omit gallons altogether, which maybe easier then tinkering with gallons?
  9. Please please remove all the dialog when sphering in gallons shop! It's rubbish and when trying to sphere a cpl things and 10 spheres it's an annoyance.
  10. B> Mr.Naka's Business Card x1 7 dts

  11. B>50/0/50/0/50 Calibur

  12. I won't be home for about 7 hours now but then if your on I'll run you through ttf or CCA ad give you a cpl things
  13. are you in game now? i can prolly hop on and give you a kroes, just need to look what acct has spares i have one for you but the best is 3slot, and i dont have addslots on that acct to give you the 4th, if i werent time crunched i would dual log to grab some slots for you too
  14. @LmAx has a orb for 25 pds, thats a steal their id jump on it myself if i needed one.