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  1. Bro you don't need to code to make it look better. You can Re skin everything and do it all in 1920x1080 and it'll make everything look way nicer. I started to do it and it works... I did all the robots, pioneer 1&2 and forest, caves, and mines easy through v hard. I just lost my desire to play so I never finished it or released it, well I have given out Racast 1080p skins but... Its just soooo much work but the work I did do looks Flippin awesome. While your making 1920x1080 skins for everything you can make everything look nicer at the Sametime, all you need is paint.net and a file extension thingy to be able to save each skin in a specific format which I forgot it's been a couple years.
  2. Keep your eyes open sometimes during events they'll ask you to he community to help design if adding stuff.... Hey if you know blender awesome but you can make skins for this game with pain.net then I used (forgot the name) to save and convert to the file type this game requires theirs info around on how. I asked about making new "levels" 3 Ish years ago long story short no, but you can make quests. And people have remodeled tons of this game theirs packs around also.
  3. Not really off topic but sorta is so.... Yeah so does anyone play phantasy star online 2 for Xbox One? I've played it a little on pc after wrestling with the crazy steps but never played with anybody so sorta just stopped.... Now that they FINALLY made a PROPER English/western version I'm hoping theirs some players, and it's free... If you play or are making a account my xb1 GT is o9B0666 (that's oh nine be zero six six six) Especially you guys.... @theancientsam, @nnorton44 @Terrybriggs711 @jezbuz @C01D1 Or anyone for that matter, anyone except people with a variation of the word "fire" and a kanine variation after words. I also have 50 some xb1 games so chances are I play other stuff you do, mainly wanting to get back into red dead redemption 2. Any major changes in the server in the past about two years (that's I've been absent), any new weapons/gear etc? Fixin to get back into this game if @nnorton44 your still doing ROCT runs I'd, be down this week.
  4. This isn't mine incase you have questions, it's easy to use and figure out. If you can't, I wouldn't worry about nodding weapons but understand the games file system more. Theirs a ton out their about this game if you want it bad enough you'll find it, good luck. Item Maker.7z Ooops sorry to bring up the dead threads didn't catch that this is old... Holy smokes I haven't played in a looooong time...
  5. Two ways theirs a text file with weapon peramators somewhere in the game file, I forgot it's name haven't played in way too long. The other way is use the item creator tool thingy floating around the server somewhere. Prolly with test server files.
  6. Oh damn, eh that's sorta crappy then theirs bind rifle and the one that looks like lindcry and frozen shooter snow queen... Think they should of done the needle since it's range is short as a iron faust variant multi target would be OP. Thanks.
  7. Been out of the pso and mod loop a good year and a half, but basically theirs a obb or ogg file containing all the sounds, take whatever sound you want to add, rename it whatever your taking out, example wanna replace caves 2 sound with ABC's.... Rename ABC'S caves 2, paste into the obb or ogg folder, hit overwrite and bam done. Sorry so rough haven't fired this up in so long about to get back into it, and finishing some mods I started.
  8. Haven't been around in going on 2 years.... Arrest booster and frozen booster.... You mean to tell me we can make arrest needles and freeze needles now!??! (hopefully a demons booster comes along!)
  9. 13 if it's not that then 1,2,3,4, 5,6,7,8,9-eh I'm too lazy to do 300....
  10. I'm so surprised these got used!!! I made em about a year ago as a haha check this out! Thanks @kajex for pushing for these!! Thanks @Soly and @Fyrewolf5 for allowing this I never imagined you guys allowing em haha
  11. i loaned @Hawk my DM set, and a STA awhile back, and i forgot who had it, and he told me he had em, and gave them back. He could of ditched out on me, cause one of seberal people could of had it, but he didn't and for that i want to say thanks, and your one of the few good trustworthy people on the server. just wanted to give you a shout out for being honest and a cool guy in general. Thanks for everything @Hawk
  12. Yeah exactly. ,☝️☝️☝️☝️👆👆 what he said, but it's done and over with, please no drama so post isn't locked, it's done and over just please don't post here again.
  13. S> all of this for currency/creditfor other games, pm for details only if you have the money and interested, please. 


    1. EDEN


      I have a Chili's gift card with like $11 left on it

  14. That's why PM'ing me would be beneficial as the post says lol I'd lock this topic if I could cuz I Wil discuss through pm. If you have the money to get currency/credits for other games and are interested pm me but if you don't then please don't. I really don't understand why you'd post something like this.
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