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  1. Triforce Event Drop Chart

    Nm Pinkal drops sacred bow forgot what enemy tho. Was either dark bringer or delsaber or those big stupid scorpion looking things from ep1 caves. Ran max attack s. Too bad everyone's leaving our pinkal games when they see pinkal. (Edit I said greens not getting all the drops which made his comment exist down below)
  2. Happy B-day meng!!!

  3. Just a thought...

    think about it.... why have it drop all year when people donate tons of money so they can buy one? yeah I'm going to make something drop all year when people still drop $300 plus for it lol Blane the people who drop that kinda money and honestly 150 of the price is to max one...
  4. exp x5 ?

    Generally Server events. Very seldom, is it random.
  5. @Soly @Fyrewolf5 @Lemon what's the deal with this? i see @Fyrewolf5 edited the comment, is this a thing or is this smoke? im int in this but see no download link. If this one is smoke, do any of you know of a working file such as this?
  6. Ryu's PGF Mini Event (finally)

    kodos on the prizes... @ryukin you wanna run this with me, so i can enter it myself? (lol)
  7. Id rather leave it that way on this topic atleast cuz it's litteraly a grey area (which I wish it was)
  8. I know this prolly would never happen on this server as im sure its a ton of work, but its worth throwing out there.... Adopt a FFXI type auction house for players to sell and buy gear, prices are leveled for the same item and its easier then m,aking a list for some people. Or like myself tend to be lazy and not update it enough.
  9. Team Challenge Event: Round 1!

    Ok cool well I'll add you to what I just sent our team lol
  10. Team Challenge Event: Round 1!

    Great I have a person notorious for not checking or responding to pms to try to figure out a time hahahaha
  11. Team Challenge Event: Back on, sorry!

    i leave here the 4th, thru the 9th where i won't be able to get on game at all, so if round one i could do before then that would be great. This thursday i know you start it, this thursday and this sunday i am basically free the entire day as well.
  12. Player-Made Easter Drop Chart =3

    I've gotten 8 cloaks from waiting for the pan arms to split and the Pinker colored one who's weaker against barta dropped them.
  13. Team Challenge Event: Back on, sorry!

    @TripleR To help make scheduling a bit less chaotic later on, I'm free for a little bit after 630PM eastern time each night for the next couple of weeks, and sunday's all day for this event. If you can let me know when i am scheduled that would be great so i can confirm my availability. I have training for 2 weeks, then leave on May 6th for Tennessee. I will be able to participate but i no longer have open availability and work from home as i have been having the luxury to do
  14. You can manage thirty although 35 would be great. I carry in my bag for my casts Dimates trimates sol telepipe moons 4-5 weapons armor v101 three units I use plus cure freeze and shock barrier mag and 4 noob hp cuz im too lazy to walk to the bank when I get in a game to noob up....that's 23 items.....unless your picking up every item for some reason thirty works