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  1. This'll sound stupid but I've been wanting to know....this is also my first event too...what does regular drops consist of, holiday event items or just normal Psobb items?
  2. Angel harp ep1 very hard guil shark purplenium Armor rose every ep every mob every ID - lol
  3. I messaged him thanks for the quick response.
  4. I read on the donation page you can' donate to change your section id. I have a pinkal fo i wanna change to purplenium, how does that work and who can do this? thanks
  5. Does anyone know of a tech disk drop table like what id gets what and where thanks
  6. ep4 ult yowie pinkal rianov 4 satelite klizard i meant for rianov 4
  7. stand corrected
  8. I see some people use the Tapatalk app for the forum. Much easier I'd imagine but 8 can't find the forum on their?
  9. 100% true, not as good as whitil or skyly for sure for drops
  10. tp revival ult pinkal pauly slime 2 ep1 sorry
  11. oran ult rianov ob lilly
  12. Dumb question but does the event drops change normal item drops? Or are all drops the same plus these new items?
  13. i just want to take some time out, and say thanks to everyone who has posted on my questions, and helped me. I greatly appreciate it. I played on dreamcast v1 and 2, in 2001-2003, but since then, after 14 years i have forgotton alot here. BB is a little different, and this server is great. Thank you to the server host, and GM's for making this childhood game addicting again at age 31 lol my wife hates it! Me and her played on xbox, i had her into it, but she won't touch this again thanks everyone who answers my questions on here, and very fast. If anyone needs help, farming or whatever, I have a 132 Pinkal force, and a 94 viridia ranger, ill gladly help.
  14. Ok i read it great write up. I do not have ashura cells, I'm currently buying mag cells as 8 go. I have some but not many. I have 8 mags going 3 should be done today all power tho with dex, by Thurs 2 mind and 3 power
  15. i mean what stats for some mind mags, then also, stats of power mags people would like, im not talking about pwr/mnd mags.