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  1. I've gotten 8 cloaks from waiting for the pan arms to split and the Pinker colored one who's weaker against barta dropped them.
  2. @TripleR To help make scheduling a bit less chaotic later on, I'm free for a little bit after 630PM eastern time each night for the next couple of weeks, and sunday's all day for this event. If you can let me know when i am scheduled that would be great so i can confirm my availability. I have training for 2 weeks, then leave on May 6th for Tennessee. I will be able to participate but i no longer have open availability and work from home as i have been having the luxury to do
  3. You can manage thirty although 35 would be great. I carry in my bag for my casts Dimates trimates sol telepipe moons 4-5 weapons armor v101 three units I use plus cure freeze and shock barrier mag and 4 noob hp cuz im too lazy to walk to the bank when I get in a game to noob up....that's 23 items.....unless your picking up every item for some reason thirty works
  4. Espesiode 4 is pretty crazy for a racast alone. You must switch on the fly from sword for lizards to gun for zu. So many things knock you down and gets frustrating with a ra. If I must solo something on 4 I will use my fo and it's pretty much a breeze. Greenill gets some all around decent drops so you have a solid class id. You really need something with demons and a Vulcan for now. You can easily get one running single player restless lion quest under side Story in ep4. The higher the difficulty yields better stat weapons. Pretty good for starter weapons untill you can grab something better. My ra collection is I'd say complete minus a dm right now and I use a RL weapon on my ra and Hu just need to add hit. Hit is your best friend for ra and on ep2 you miss alot without it unless you only use normal attack. When you tek stuff if it has 25 hit before tek don't accept the tek if it's anything but 35 alot of people don't tek weapons right and I used to be one. Ra is fun it used to play nothing but forces once I got 200 with em I needed to play something else and started my ra and love it. It's like the game is reborn again and not just standing around nuking and buffing. I prolly have some gear for your ra I can set you up with may not be Hugh value bit I've accumulated alot and won't ever use it. I'm o9B0666 in game as well every character not hard to find. If you want me to check what I got for you pm me when your on I'll try and get on.
  5. Wanna sell?
  6. vhard virus vol opt shield skyly from vol opt
  7. You don't need 80 hit to hit stuff. Most my stuff is 35-50 hit and I don't have an issue Yeah hell special doesn't work so great but non the less you don't need it. Yeah 80 hit looks nice when selling an item but really as triple r said it's a waste. Monsters are buffed but so is exp and stats and ultima has some op weapons to make up for that. Be nice to see mags get stronger tho. It's harder here then other servers but the gear here is stronger also. If you want vanilla pso there's vanilla servers with vanilla gear. But this is what makes ultima good. My only complaint about ultima has nothing to do with this stuff as its what sets it apart and is just my opinion. I see more people complaining about this server then thanking the GM or developers for their hard work and time for free.
  8. Actually I do have a good one. Either on the forum wiki or the drop tables put links to either where the item can be found and what id or on the drop tables, have the item be linked to its wiki. Would make things so much easier especially on a phone browsing.
  9. With all of the great things and ideas on this server after 9 years I'm surprised this wasn't already done lol I think your idea would be the best idea though. It's too bad server and forum id aren't the same. When I made my account I made my game account first and couldn't figure out why I couldn't login to the forum lol
  10. Where you create a forum id and where the game is downloaded boldly state you need to create a in game account as the forum account is not the same. Pretty much everyday someone has trouble with that and asks in the chat box and who knows how many get discouraged and give up and not find the chat box to ask. Now that I looked it's on their twice at the top Idk o guess that old sayings true you can't fix......
  11. I'll take part in this.....seeing everyone's higher levels I'll have to use my fonewearl lvl 195.....My Rangers are 110ish
  12. So I have a couple of these as do many and I checked out pso world it says Its stats were determined by the total number of kills. DFP = 237778744/1500000, EVP = 237778744/1000000 What exactly does this mean the more kills it's equipped for its stats increase or?
  13. I'll register my 189 force for tomorrow 3/14
  14. Lol^ I'm int I just gotta see what stupid things I can equip on my fo and if so even have 5 dumb things
  15. Yeah Idk about mud but some ppl let that Pgf get to their heads especially when you come in a party they ask if everyone hit there going to use df on something like they can actually one shot it lol If it don't apply let it fly If the truth hurts I'm sorry