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  1. Virus Patch

    I never run anti virus and am all over torrent sites never an issue either..
  2. T>Heart Key for Photon boosters.

  3. Show your screenshots

    this is the best drop ive ever got on this server in a year...50 hit ill take that.
  4. sheeesh! id like to know what it takes to motivate you!
  5. dark weapons are going around 450-550 atm...thats 4, thats 2 grand alone, plus 2 sta, not sure on their price, but prolly atleast 2-250...pushing 3 grand plus more, and you cant be bothered!?!?!?!?!?! so you got better gear then this? its worth it like crazy! OH! dont forget about that PGF...350+ cant be bothered though sounds pretty rude to a cool dude, im pretty sure you dont have this stuff, you sound like this is junk compared to what you have.
  6. I am, but as we spoke about the circumstances...an a for effort doesnt really mean much in real life lol
  7. why is the drop rate so low for armo9r rose and the other junks?
  8. B> PB Create's

    1. Sophia


      I think I have couple

  9. So this is west tower, a little bit of it. The bulls are going to be a big problem especially more then one at a time. I tried a couple different configurations here ill have to lvl her a bit i was 3 ata shy of using a IF so i had to take one godric's off. definately a FS would be nice, in addition to one other from that list, atleast for seabed. did this in two parts to keep it quick to upload, but either way its the same size at the end (duh me) p2 I need to get that other 3 ata, and i will give these a better try, with all of your equips on. I do think mainly using the negative stat weapon the most will be the most hardest part of this challenge tbh.
  10. got OBS set up, trying a new char, had a little better luck. East tower wont be as bad as seabed i dont think. ( i hope you dont expect anyone to clear olga or gal like this lol). I think the main issue is going to be those episode 2 bulls, mainly in west tower with those charging scythe dudes, and big lion sounding flowers all at once. Hopefully they dont put green names on, cuz i wont even try ep4 with elcaires.... Still getting used to this abuelta battle thing, cant do a 180 and shoot like i used to be able to without shooting at a wall so just gotta get the timing down. this area seems the most realistic to do, along with temple. The dying is going to be the hard part. Tommorow morning when i get up and on, i will give it a good wack at seabed and west tower, until i die atleast.
  11. ok, i know this run is ugly, its just to make sure video records, and a quick try with this gear, its going to be hard especially tower. Im going to try to find another -h weapon and try again. getting used to abuelta battle, to combo is hard coming from a c/battle
  12. only thing i can think is stream, and youd have to watch, thats alot of time...idk ill get mine uploaded to drive but theres ppl who take 6 months to get into a room, more less upload a video lol
  13. ill use google drive ive uploaded 1 gig files in under a hour so...but 78 mins in i got 2 rooms cleared, these will be big files... this is tough ima re go at it, Cant figure out OBS since i have 3 monitors, idk what one its recording so i have to get this recording fixed first.
  14. also, i did a 7 min run to test recorder, it was 370 mb, tried to upload, and it failed...i have 100/20 internet so thats not the issue. where to upload these?