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  1. Sylph's Time Attack Records

    Damn that's a nice run

    I'm int but that time is hard... Could prolly throw in something decent as a prize
  3. very good idea, cause i know now with a few DW's, and sta's, i dont find a need to get on during non events now. It's very unfortunate cause i do love the game, but it's the same ol' sh!t. Having daily quests or activities would help active player counts.
  4. hello

  5. Ive used xpadder was OK but I use anti macro now and find it the best for setting macros. I hated vjoy lol
  6. Crashing during Dragon

    Any skins in use?
  7. Everyone I said I'm hoping on in a hour for trades I'll need a bit more time motherboard fried on the phone with gigabyte for a RMA... I'll use wife's pc when I'm done sorry! 




    And the other 3 I'm sorry forgot the names 

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    2. duja1001


      Sucks man, hmu when you get it fixed

    3. O9B066


      Boards toast gigabyte is rma'ing it. In the meantime I got my wife's my pc ill take care of everyone today promise. Just built this in May and have had nothing but issues with it worst pc build I've done yet. 

    4. SkyOrphan


      Ugh. I can relate. The first PC I ever built had a lot of problems. It sucks that you're already having to send something back. May wasn't even that long ago! 

  8. Where we came from?

    Am I the only normal one here who came from a vagina?
  9. Idk my wife just plays she don't change weapons much although I buy her as good of gear as I play with she just nhh nhh nhh everything with a mech and MA be df and she likes huney better then her racaseal. She doesn't get beat up bad..... It's my next new toon I think. Their not that bad and I always give @theancientsam shit for using one but I've come to think she's prolly one of the better hunters. I used to like racast cuz he can tank and deal lots of damage...... Hucaseal can't take a hit for crap and yet I think she's funner due to the challenge she is compared to a racast. Racast and hucast are better for new people since there more forgiving but when you got skill play something weak or not OP to make it fun. Just don't use fonewn their God awful tech casting looks like someone bowling.
  10. I disagree... With the roct part her debuffs aren't high enough for roct and a hucast or ramarl is a better trade off in roct.
  11. Go into setting in launcher and uncheck ime keyboard
  12. B> 2 stacks of luck mats 

  13. It's prolly the gal skin if I had to bet
  14. Get rid of the skin lol that's whats doing it. You could re skin it yourself and maybe not have that issue.
  15. It's prolly a skin you havr. That terrors pso pack used to do it in CCA