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  1. Ohhh! Heard you. Okay that makes sense. Thanks a lot!
  2. DTs can show up in game? or do you mean exchanging DTs for PDs to trade in game?
  3. Oh okay that makes sense. I'm considering buying some DTs because I don't have much items to trade. But isn't risky to give someone DTs on the forum? Like can they say they'll give you an item for DTs then just not show up in the game?
  4. What's DTS and how can I get them? What's the difference between DTS and PDS? I tried using the search bar hoping that someone made a post explaining it but couldn't find anything.
  5. I thought you have to be level 100 to do ult on ep 2, no?
  6. Can I do WOI on any difficulty? Disregard that last question. I figure since I gotta be lvl 100 its only on ult thanks
  7. Title says it all. I don't have any rare weapons or armor to sell nor do I have any mags to sell either. Is there any other way I can make pds?
  8. no funny talk, thats actually really helpful. I could use some mats for my apartment.
  9. oh snap thought i said def mats. yeah 58 def mats XD
  10. I just bought 21 so i need 58. I'm out of pds so im trying to get some (how to get pds is going to be another topic suppose lol)
  11. Thanks! to buy. I already got all the power mats I need but now I need luck, evade and, def materials. but i can easily get power mats so i could sell too.
  12. How much do materials cost (power, def, evasion etc.)? Does it depend on what material it is and the quantity?
  13. Anyone know how I can make a good ramar? Like, what should the mag stats be, what kind of materials I should give, and what id is best?
  14. Hey, It's Dane Reid. I recently commented on your video on YouTube. Just stopping by to say hello ^_^

    1. R-78


      Hello ^^ By the way, don't buy Meseta, it's basically free on this server.

    2. danelux


      oh okay. thank you

  15. Hey guys, I've played PSO on and off for many years but never considered being active on the forums. It seems to be very helpful. Although I've played for years I still feel like a noob since there are so much to learn. Anyway, hope to meet you all and eventually do quests together, trade, buy, and/or sell items and chat with you all. Best, Dane Lux
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