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  1. Korok Mag from zelda! Just wondering if anybody else would want something like this, i was thinking about it earlier and thought if that mag was made itd be pretty cool just a thought tell me what yall think.
  2. WTB> Psycho Ravens with good stats :P


    1. hidden


      50-0-0-0-40 and 0-0-0-40-45  i got those stats

    2. nnorton44
  3. Guildcard: 42090736 Character Slot: 1 Date: 2016-10-15, Time 5:06pm Mountain time zone (4:06 PDT) Description: along with my other items that soly returned already, i just realized that my last swan also disappeared when i equipped my noob hp's, if a gm could look into this that could be great thank you.
  4. Guildcard: 42090736 Character Slot: 1 Date: 2012-10-15, Time 5:06pm Mountain time zone (4:06 PDT) Description: tried to equip one of my noob hp's and i dced, i logged back in and i have lost one of my centurian powers, and my mag is gone as well.

    i tried to equip my noob hp and it caused me to dc, i proceeded to log back in and came to realize that my CENTURION POWER, and my mag are both gone, they just disappeared, can a gm help?

    1. Lemon


      They should be able to. Post in This section following This format.

    2. josiah


      Thanks Lemon XD


  6. B>Chromatic orb 12DTS

  7. B> MASTER SWORD stats or no stats

  8. B> good stat SN (spread needle)

    PM me if ur a homie wit da hookups


  9. i think getting drunk three times in one week, 2 times being school days, isnt such a great start to the adault life... but i mean life sucks so do what u love when u can :D pso rules

  10. B> PGF   gimmeeeeeeeeeeee



    1. McLaughlin86


      Good luck with that one

  11. hi Zippo, did u check on the website tab, and on the far right of the drop down tab it should say "registration" on this page it will ask you to fill in the required fields, and that info will become you in game username and password. hope this helped
  12. PC> list 

    Double Cannon 30/0/30/0/25

    Girasole 0/45/0/45/70

    S-reds blade 0'd

    Hundred Souls 0/0/35/0/70

    Last Swan 0/0/0/0/35


    Chain Sawd 0/10/30/5/0

    Elenor 20/0/5/175 with twins

    Baranz Launcher 0/0/0/0/75

    Snow Queen 0'd

    Asteron Belt 0/30/0/45/30

    Sange 0/0/0/30/30

    Flowens Sword AUW 3064   0/30/0/0/45

    Demolition Comet 30/25/0/0/50

    Daisy Chain 0/0/45/40

    Kusanagi 35/0/0/25/25

    Flamberge 0/0/40/0/30

    Daylight Scar 0/0/25/0/25

    Ultima Reaper 0/0/0/20/70

    Hylian Shield

    Nidra 5/150/45/0 twins

    Tellusis 5/94/26/75

    Heaven Striker coat

    Arrest Needle 0/0/0/0/70

    Snow Queen 0/0/0/40/45

    Psycho Ravens 0'd

    Iron Faust 0/100/20/0/50

    Thanks to everybody who helps out with these prices XD


    1. radezz


      Double Cannon 30/0/30/0/25 20pds

      Girasole 0/45/0/45/70 50-60dts

      S-reds blade 0'd 20pds

      Hundred Souls 0/0/35/0/70 65dts

      Last Swan 0/0/0/0/35 25dts

      FTD 30pds

      Chain Sawd 0/10/30/5/0 4pds

      Elenor 20/0/5/175 with twins 15pds

      Baranz Launcher 0/0/0/0/75 10dts

      Snow Queen 0'd 20pds

      Asteron Belt 0/30/0/45/30 5pds

      Sange 0/0/0/30/30 6pds

      Flowens Sword AUW 3064   0/30/0/0/45 8-15pds

      Demolition Comet 30/25/0/0/50 8pds

      Daisy Chain 0/0/45/40 5-8pds

      Kusanagi 35/0/0/25/25 5-8pds

      Flamberge 0/0/40/0/30 4pds

      Daylight Scar 0/0/25/0/25 5pds

      Ultima Reaper 0/0/0/20/70 50dts

      Hylian Shield 20-30dts

      Nidra 5/150/45/0 twins 15pds

      Tellusis 5/94/26/75 no idea

      Heaven Striker coat 3-5pds

      Arrest Needle 0/0/0/0/70 50dts

      Snow Queen 0/0/0/40/45 55-60pds

      Psycho Ravens 0'd 15-20dts

      Iron Faust 0/100/20/0/50 60-70dts


  13. B> double cannon, preferably good stats, and a girasole also decent stats please :) ty


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