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  1. deleting an account

    Y i k e s. What are we pressed about today?
  2. Mock GM Election!

    lolololol, y a s. Also I just realized your profile says you're from PR! Eeek, I'm assuming you have power back? I'm also from there!
  3. Mock GM Election!

    I am here to defy the rules of this GM Election, lul.
  4. Mock GM Election!

    Uh, why am I not in that list? Ultima does need a GM that's a strong feminist IMO. I'm sure my boys will back me up on this one. I would make an amazing GM. <3 Foiexx for GM Agenda: 1) Ban all the unfun people of Ultima. [Colorado Wilson, CliveFrog, Brii, etc] 2) Turn every character into a female character I'll add more to my agenda when I can think of more stuff.
  5. ...Time to get out of here.

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    2. foiexx


      When this new nigga bitch comes in and they are pressed by my mere existence...YIKES. Don't @ me, sis. Stay pressed.

    3. StarFox2223


      Nope. No problem at all!


    4. foiexx


      That's what I thought. Stay pressed, I love having fans bitch! xoxo

  6. @

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    2. foiexx



      Christian is into guys too.

    3. Colorado Wilson
    4. foiexx


      I'm pretty sure you're straight but okay.

  7. Hey boo miss ya. Come online sometime fr fr

    1. cloor


      i just saw this, i'll pop on more often to say hi <3

    2. foiexx


      we dont use the skype group chat anymore sis, get discord so i can add u to the new group chat. love ya


  9. Frogdaddy is cool as f. Feminist approved.

    1. Zabby


      I didn't even see this. y u creepin tho

  10. CMode! Read topic fully

    I would love to do C-Mode. I used to be obsessed with C-Mode back when I used to be active around here. If ya'll need a strong feminist in the team, lmk.
  11. Halloween Event 2017

    Okay, dis event cute though. I have never seen so many banners in my time here like tonight, lmaooo. Had me hard pressed tbh.
  12. Lowkey tempted to make a fulltime comeback to Ultima, today was a lot of fun rekindling with old friends and making new friends.

  13. Show your screenshots

    When THAT bitch shows up again in Ultima and has everyone SHOOKETH with a banner. Don't @ me. Ultima's Feminist is back, kids. Brace yourselves.
  14. @SelahIsASpot okay but the game doesn't want us feminists united, I got DC'ed when someone equipped a weapon. :(

  15. Ahhhh miss ya buddy!