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  1. T>pb for df 

  2. T>Pds for DTS... better get your pds before type event/special event whatever they are planning

  3. S>Pwand And Three SEal

  4. S>DF 0/100/0/100/80 DF 100/0/100/0/80 PB and Pgf .. offer for the lot not selling individually =) one million DTS!!! 

  5. S>Pgf 2000 DTs now !!!!! 1/341 ... you want me to stop insulting people... how about you yell at the people that want to start trouble ...all I am doing is advertising my pgf 

    Edited by Kush
    1. Fyrewolf5


      But I only have 2 casts, i can only carry 40 damage traps QQ

  6. 145 hours to get 1 pgf at 63% is a bit harsh .. i would like to sleep =) ... and i am speaking for others
  7. Soly for President!!!!!!
  8. Pablo Larva el Escobar
  9. Because the pgf rate is out of hand ... i am not willing to put in 145 hours for a 63% chance of getting pgf
  10. buy mine flame 1000 dts
  11. that is why im selling a pgf for 1000 DTS any takers?
  12. S>Pgf 1000 dts .. 1/341 cant blame me 

    1. Misombre


      You shall be blame in due time. But first beer time è_é

    2. Kush


      Beer time is a good time =) but i am a smoker so I am gonna roll this joint and wait for someone to pay me 1000 dts for pgf 

    3. Auroboro


      B> PGF 2000 DT's. Fight me.

  13. >Custom mag order will pay dts Pm me if you are interested

    1. mudkipzjm


      i'd hit up Kezia, i think they're TheLionOrion on the forums

    2. Kush


      thanks mud

  14. B>Arms 0/50/50/0/50