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    Playing several characters at once is interesting Last year I uploaded a Dual Log run of Fomarl and Racast This time I tried 4 Forces in episode IV. Obviously it is not worth it because of the time wastes, lack of weapons/shields switch and damage cancel but still funny. With then without HUD. Thanks for watching
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    @Shin + @JADE = 8 years of marriage today!!!! Happy anniversary to my love!!!!
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    The mini event entries have been finally judged (this time for real)! From the eight teams that have been subscribed for event, only three have successfully completed the challenge. I would like to wish them better luck next time! I would like to thank everyone for showing interest, for all the given feedback and for having patience with my judging process. Without further ado, here are the winners of our challenge against the clock! 🥁 drumroll 🥁 Third Place Second Place And the most awaited moment, our grand winner, is... First Place Congratulations to you three! You guys, yes, each one of you, did an amazing job, I am very impressed by the tricks and strategies used on your entries! I’m sure everyone learned something from my little challenge! For the first placed team, you can PM me here or on Discord with the prizes being claimed. Second and third placed teams, please message me as well stating when you would like me to meet you to get your prizes. ~ Final considerations ~ 🎉🎉I’m glad that we reached the end of the event. Despite it being a competition, this event demonstrated how important teamwork is. I hope that with this event, we learn to value more our bonds of friendship. 🎉🎉 🎊 Here is an exclusive wallpaper in honor of this event 🎊 Title = Valentine’s Day = Vanilla TA Mini Event Resolution: 1920x1080 (Full HD) Made by: Noob Saibot Logo: Ultima PSOBB Server Thanks everyone! See you soon! 😊 Prank post idea and video by: R-78 and Noob Saibot. ~ The End ~
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    The very first Phantasy Star game I played on my life was Phantasy Star Zero, the Nintendo DS game. I used to play this game with a friend on high school until he introduced me to SCHT... well, I was playing on SCHT many years ago with him, but I never cared to learn how to play, so I never took PSO seriously, I can't even say I started there to be honest. The further I went was leveling a character with my real name to like level 25 or so (lmao), my gear was just a Tellusis and a Varista (I was like "omg a gun with Yellow Name and name in FULL CAPS o.o, must be really rare!" ohhh "a golden mag"... I had barely begun my PSO journey. Until I stopped playing for a few months and my account got deleted so dw. Recently, on an old backup, I found the SCHT client I had installed on my first PC, and with that, I found some chat logs.... dude... they were hilarious lmao, asking so many dumb questions on lobby and saying stupid things to my friend while we were playing, good ol' times. Only years later, precisely on 2013 that same friend invited me to play on Ultima, that's how I ultimately learnt how to play PSO. He didn't went much further here, he got bored fast as he owned the PSO Ep. I & II Plus for Game Cube so he didn't care to start here all from scratch ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ But I stayed... and nowadays I must say this is my favorite online game and the game that I played for the most time of my life (aside from Super Mario Bros. 3, but that's another story lol =P) This server is very different from others I played, not only the custom items but the community here is great (of course there are the troll and drama queens but this is also what makes Ultima so lively and fun hahahah...). I went on hiatus a year ago and even tried moving to other servers at some point but at the end, Ultima is my home and will for sure be the server where I'll end my PSO career. Long life to Ultima!!
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    Wat do now? Well, aside from my usual being a game guide and mentor to new players... Ahhh well, it's been a long nearly 10 years here, hard to believe it's taken that long to max this account out. Thanks to Larva, all the staff here at PSOBB and to all the many friends I've made over the years here, it's been a helluva adventure. Maybe it's time to become a n00b all over again. Where's that old Quadhits backup account, hmmmm.... Time to learn all about the female characters? Get in touch with my feminine side? LOL Ahhh well, we shall see.
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    Raid on Central Tower - No PB - 2 Players - 35:37 Remaining Gunny (Ramar) - @rashan0121 HUNTERsFo (Fonewearl) - @HUNTER_ Few mistakes, 37 min remaining is our next goal.
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    So all year round Drop for PGF as of today. 1/300. Have fun
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    Raid on Central Tower - Solo No PB - 17:53 Remaining - Linde (Fomarl) (no Rianov-5 used)
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    Raid on Central Tower - No PB - 2 person - 34:51 Remaining Wheatley(myself) - RAcast Linde( @R-78 ) - FOmarl @R-78's prespective
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    Funny how you mention it, cause i was also just talking about that lol, this is what i believe should be present
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    Anyways, this is probably the hardest I've worked for something on Ultima before. It's not a free PGF, R-78 and I probably put in over 100 hours in this. Massive props to @R-78for being my partner, don't think I could've done nearly as well with anyone else.
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    Easter it's so close, and so the birthday of my two baby princess XD. lets have a blast of event no?
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    that was a real good articule and there will be jelly ppl always
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    First 90% Hit prize on Cal's Clock Challenge ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    And so, the judgement has happened, and it is time to announce the weiners winners: (dat looks tasty yummm!) Pheww... the most awaited moment, let’s finally reveal the team that obtained the 1st place! Ok....ready...... ....... ...... ..... .... ... .. . Remaining Time: 55”37 o.o ~ Players ~ r78 and mudkizpJM =D Yayyyy! (It is so unbelievable, I’m amazed by the time they achieved, simply a perfect run, yeah bois! 👌 Congrastastuslastion!) *cough* With a record like that, who cares for 2nd and 3rd place teams? 😉 🥓🥓To the weiners: Meet me in Test Server, I’ll log there as fast as possible, I’ll be waiting for you to generate distribute prizes in Lobby 16. 🥓🥓 *winners ok (typo) ~ Final considerations ~ As you all may have guessed by now, it was a prank…. I mean, the event was a prank, but not the records. There won’t be rewards for second and third place teams as I ended selling them all for real cash, only prestige will remain, your name shall be remembered forever! Okay GM, please lock this topic! Thanks and good bye! ~ The end? ~
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    Looks like I'm not a n00b at all
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    Holy cow, how did I miss this awesome article? Larva, you're in there too, this was from back in 2017! LOL, Lemon for the shoutout as well! https://www.pcgamer.com/phantasy-star-online-will-never-die-how-the-nicest-fans-in-gaming-keep-a-16-year-old-mmo-alive/
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    @Larva I was happy when i was able to help you out and look now ur server, 10 years later, ur community grow up a lot and i'm not afraid to said that is the best community
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    I'm here since the beginning of the server, I played with Larva at the beginning when we were still few players...He teach me the basic of the game and 10 years later i'm still here... Long Life to Ultima <3
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    I wouldn't shoutout ladymegid since they're a known pedophile.
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    Cal's Clock Challenge (Episode II) - MULTIMODE TEAM - PB Players: HUNTER_ - HUcast (a.k.a @HUNTER_), GunnY - RAmar (@rashan0121), Mephiles - RAcast (@Noob Saibot) and Shoutgu- RAcast (@Shoutgu) Remaining Time: 02"55 Video: A few notes - This is an updated version of Cal's Clock Challenge, which is nerfed compared to R-78's video. Here are the list of changes made to the quest: Temple Starts with 40 seconds instead of 30. Each wave cleared on Spaceship gives 8 seconds instead of 10 (2 less seconds per wave). Each wave cleared on Seaside gives 7 seconds instead of 10 (3 less seconds per wave). Each wave cleared on Seabed gives 8 seconds instead of 10 (2 less seconds per wave). Each wave cleared on Tower gives 14 seconds instead of 15 (1 less second per wave). - The following changes results in 150 less seconds (2"30) to clear the quest compared to previous version of CCC. Math: -10 (Temple Start Time) + (2x20) (Spaceship) + (3x20) (Seaside) + (2x20) (Seabed) + (1x20) (Tower) = 150 seconds (2'30) removed from CCC - If that run had happened on previous version of CCC, remaining time would be 5"25 by adding the 2"30 that was cut from the total time, or current Wilson's record would be 1"26 remaining if it happened on new CCC. The reason the quest was nerfed is still unknown. Taking into account the notes above, that run improves previous record by 1"29.
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    i don't know about you guys, but i personally dont associate with anyone who doesn't like Phantasy Star Online for the Nintendo Gamecube, Microsoft Xbox, Sega Dreamcast, or personal computer.
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    i made paint fabic symbol anchor T shirt.
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    yeah i'm back and i want my job back xD I love to be here again maybe we can play again like the old times @Larva @Choko <3
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    Had no idea mimi was still playing. My first, and only official, week as a GM was her last.
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    I was on Schtserv from 2006 and was going to quit pso for good when Schtserv died and lost all character info, however Shoutgu and Scopedout had accounts here and invited me to play. Ultima was always spoken of in a negative light on Schtserv by the majority, so I had never considered playing here. After much refusal I eventually gave in and now I wish I had came here sooner. I like the way this server is set up and the new weapons and items we have got so far. My forum name should be all golden in august this year =).
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    As long as his drive doesn’t die like Crono114 I’m ok with it all . This place gave me a home after that disastrous loss in schthack. Although the ultima community was very rude and not welcoming to schthack players back in 2015 when I arrived here, I would 100% play here over destiny, new schthack , and ephinea.
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    Even if your wallet is full so what. At least you were smart enough to make money. Good on you. I'm just glad I have somewhere stable to play psobb online so thanks.
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    You can also follow the Happy Hour topic so when there is a notification in the last 3 hours, most likely HH is on
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    Falce's Song... That's what i hear in my head when i go support... Don't you die on me You haven't made your peace Live life, breathe, breathe
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    I hope this isn't fixed. Your dumbass needs to stop playing this old ass ratchet ghetto ass dumpster game 24/7. Now you have a blessed day and go outside for a little bit.
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    Spanish: Esto es para aquellos que les encanta pso y aqui va la pregunta: ¿Cuanto tiempo llevas jugando y como conociste el juego? Cuenta tu historia. n.n English: This is for those who love pso and here goes the question: How long have you been playing and how did you know the game? Tell your story. n.n A picture of my console game 10 years ago:
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    pues yo conoci el pso por un amigo en los tiempos de la dreamcast es raro por q el lo compro y no le gustaba el juego siempre y asta el dia de hoy me sigue diciendo no mames como te gusta matar pollitos (rappys) jajajaja creo q yo le compre el juego no recuerdo bien desde alli me gusto y cuando salio la xbox y salio el pso lo compre de inmediato jajaja aun q si te soy sincero me frustro tanto q no tuviera un final ya q yo jugaba offline xD despues con internet me dijeron de schthak y entre solo una vez y de alli busque en google pso y me salio ultima y a si xD aqui sigo y espero seguir mas xD (espero no volver a darme ban) lol
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    Una vez alguien me dijo: "Eres una mujer muy fría"... Yo le contesté: "No es que sea fría, mi calor no se lo doy a cualquiera".
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    Quiero un pan de queso.
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    Quiero tacobell :”L
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    The reason I talk to myself is because I’m the only one whose answers I accept. George Carlin
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    Ok, so I finally figured the best way ever to unseal Limiters.
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    Happy birthday @Quan! We love you!!
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    This deserves the biggest face palm ever ...
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    Sign-up period has ended! Since there are people who still did not found their sweethearts (err...I mean, their partners! ;3), I will give until Tuesday (March 19th until 12:00AM GMT -3) for them to announce their partners according to the Partner Pending List. I will randomize and compose the remaining parties after that period. ( @Quan | @Patrick Bell | @chrisNL | @Heather Siren Tide | @Tiel | @Brunogre ) Please have a sit and discuss! Tomorrow I will add clear instructions on what/how you should submit your entries! I wish good luck to all Ultibums who are participating and I'm sure everyone is highly capable of completing this task!