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  1. Depending on what you have on your original character, it probably won't take long to catch up on this server. Leveling is incredibly fast and getting to a mid power level can be done pretty quickly. We are going to have an event launching at some point this month, so if you can level to 100 you can get into ultimate mode and start farming event gear with others.
  2. I understand RNG, I'm asking if anyone has ever gotten the slicer as a drop because I know that no one I have run with has gotten one so my sample size is around 400 drops and I'm just wondering if everything is working as intended.
  3. I've been running CCC a bit recently and was wondering if the Slicer of Fanatic is actually a possible reward from this quest. I haven't seen one drop or heard of anyone getting one. Is this a typo on this thread or a bug of it not dropping from the present. Thanks for listening.
  4. Brrrroooo we can go together.
  5. Please don't remove this quest. I was laughing my ass off the whole time.
  6. Why Leilla for hucast o_________o Silly onion strats for emergency healing while dfing? o_____O
  7. Welcome to Ultima! You picked a great time to start. The upcoming event is the Valentines event, which is probably the most new player friendly event, and has a slew of good drops. GL hunting.
  8. O_______________________________________________________________________________O
  9. looking for just dts or would you be down for pgf and 25 dts?
  10. Woah, I got 2 pgf's for sale hit me up first.
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