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  1. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/tool-box/calculators/max-stats/&c=2&l=200&m10=115&m11=0&m12=0&m13=0&m14=35&m15=125&m16=0&m20=3&m21=182&m22=15&m23=0&i0=63&i1=170&i2=100&i3=106&i4=81&i5=-1 This is the Hucast max stats link. Also the 4th unit slot can be whatever you want. Usually if you're running epsiode 2 you would run a cure/confuse. Pretty much the only other useful option is a v502 if you want to use Hell or Arrest. As for your gear specifically. It's great. HUcast only needs 2 weapons to be useful. 1. Strong mechguns 2. A weapon that can hit multiple enemies (usually a Big Sword). Psycho Ravens and Serene Swan are the 2 best mechguns options for the character and your Psycho Ravens have 45 hit which is great. Those 2 weapons can easily deal with most enemies alone. I would recommend going for a Crimson Sword because honestly its basically just better than TJS and is much cheaper/easier to get. You can also farm a Crush Bullet to make a Crush Cannon, its decent. I wouldnt use SoF. Demons is pretty useless on HUcast outside of the devil special on Serene Swan. Samurai Armor is good enough until level 200, HUcast is naturally tanky so it doesn't really matter which frame you use. For the mag I would make a Tellusis personally, and That silly Kotta guy that responded in this thread actually sells the max stat hucast mag that can be made into HUcast, so you can buy one from him if you're in need.
  2. Crank


    Jeeeez, can the community come together and push for a Kotta ban? Kotta plz.
  3. Ep 2 Whitill Morfos Non Event Drop Ep 2 Greenil Olga FLow Non Event Drop
  4. EP 2 Whitill Olga Flow Centurion Battle
  5. Thanks for the info. If there is an ID that can get Centurion Battle from Olga Flow, would it also be affected by this same logic, or does this just apply to epsilons?
  6. Epsilon Ep 2 Yellowboze NON EVENT DROP Olga Flow Ep 2 Viridia NON EVENT DROP Gibbles Ep 2 BLUEFULL NON EVENT DROP Epsilon Ep 2 ORAN CENTURION BATTLE
  7. I like the idea of having a different STA variant with an animation. I wonder if people would be against an upgrade of STA that adds a unit effect as a buff, like built in Trap search, Smartlink, V502, V801, or some kind of cure unit. I think there could be something kind of like this that could work well. By choosing these types of additions you aren't pushing out any stat/tech boosting armor's. I chose these units specifically, because I find that they could be a nice boost to certain characters that have a clunky unit setup for their build. I find STA to be a bit ridiculous already, but I think a change like this will be discreet enough to not buff the stronger classes that don't struggle with this problem.
  8. https://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php?/registration/
  9. Huh, Its possible that pbing before the first spawn of a room bugs out the quest, not really sure.
  10. That can happen if someone leaves/disconnects in the previous room, so did anyone in your party leave during spaceship?
  11. You can farm or trade for Vjaya, Diska of Braveman, Crush Bullet, Bloody art. These can all be useful and most of them can be farmed in Very Hard mode. If you make Blood Tornado you will be able to easily 1 combo problematic enemies like Gibbles/Epsilons. You will need a Blue Black Stone to make use of the Crush bullet and the Bloody art, but BBS are only about 7-10 pd's each.
  12. Depending on what you have on your original character, it probably won't take long to catch up on this server. Leveling is incredibly fast and getting to a mid power level can be done pretty quickly. We are going to have an event launching at some point this month, so if you can level to 100 you can get into ultimate mode and start farming event gear with others.
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