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  1. Looking for: 3x Dragon Scales Stealth Sword with hit Frozen Shooter with 50+ hit Hand of Justice with hit Nei's Claw (Real) If you have any of these things that you're looking to sell you can pm me on here on the forums. I'm also in the Ultima discord, my name is Crank there as well. I respond fastest to discord to dms.
  2. Crank

    B> Red Ring's

    I got all the rings, thanks again. This topic can be closed. Nice try Kotta
  3. Crank

    B> Red Ring's

    I want about 8 of them, so if you have any you want to sell for pds hmu. I don't care about stats, any ring I buy will be turned into a costume. Also I prefer discord DM's over Forum private message, but either is fine. My name is Crank in the ultima discord.
  4. I imagine you becoming gm every night before I go to sleep
  5. Also if someone gets the 95 hit Dark Bridge and wants to trade it for a different dark weapon, I can trade a pgf and a high hit base for it.
  6. Ah shit bro, nice snag! Hit up Saith he was drooling over that one.
  7. First off, Congrats to all the raffle winners! Also, thanks to all of the people who put NYC's into the raffle to bring up the prize list. I'm looking to trade for most of the 90+ hit weapons from the raffle, so if you want to trade, feel free to pm me on the forums here or dm me on discord. You can find me on the Ultima discord, my name is Crank on there as well. I have many options for trades, whether you want dt's or other weapons/items. The only 90+ hit weapons I have no interest in are the Iron Faust and Rianov 5.
  8. Crank

    Small shop :)

    Damn Rookie of the Year selling more CCC drops? Shhheeessshhh killing it.
  9. I would try not to stress about your interactions with others on this server, even if it may be hard for you. Usually people look forward to meeting other players and running quests with them. Sometimes you'll find that your fear/anxiety can give you a warped view of things. Also asking other people a question shouldn't bother them. At the end of the day if they say no or even ignore you, you aren't being a hinderance to them. Also if you want to make lots of friends just hop in the lobby and call people silly while spamming the Alt+Q emote, works everytime. Have fun hunting!
  10. I have a Panzer Faust [40/30/0/0|60] for sale if you're interested just send me a pm on the forums. Thanks for the shoutout @theancientsam!
  11. Crank

    Hey happy birthday man. Hope all is well! Keep the DF hand strong. :"L

  12. I have some PGF's for trade as well as an STA. I also have photon spheres and Donation tickets I am willing to get rid of as well. I don't want to buy small amounts of NYC's so unless you have at least a stack of 99 I am not interested. If you are interested feel free to pm me here on the forums, or find me on the Ultima/Sockland discord servers and send me a pm through discord. I am a lot more active on discord, but I will still respond to my forum private messages. I want a lot, so if you see this post in a couple of weeks and want to know if I am still looking for more, please message me. Happy New Year, or something o___o
  13. Shoutout to my HUcast brethren, @H2k @assface @Lordwin @Clappy @(Jay) @Light @MannyFresh for keeping it dank on the Ultima server. Shoutout to all of those friendly/silly people that are always lending out a helping hand to others. @IronSheik @Lobotomy @theancientsam @Smoochum I know the community appreciates your attitudes and your willingness to teach newer players. Of course gotta throw some love to these sexy motherfuckers. @RigeL7 @Wavebuster @Flerbert @777 @Kotta @JupiterDeMars Thank you to these 3 for thinking of me as someone good enough to join them for TA runs @Saber +7 @R-78 @JupiterDeMars I've learned a lot playing with you guys and had some fun times. Wilson always give honest criticism, whether it be nice or not haha. I appreciate that he has a good eye for where people can improve and points it out to them to help them become better players. He is also really silly tho hahaha. Newds is someone I always love having around, besides the fact that I want to marry him. He has a great attitude and is just plain fun to be around. Thanks for trying to squeeze me into TA groups. Shiida is too fucking funny, she has me gasping for air every time we talk. Obviously there are a lot of amazing things she does for the Ultima community, but most people know that stuff so I'm not gonna write an essay here. Long story short, super chill, amazing sense of humor, fantastic player, and has some sexy ass HUcasts. Huge shoutout to my boy, the GOAT @Patrick Bell for being the best WOI duo on the server, no cap. I want to see when you hit that 99 stack of photon spheres :"L. Throwing love at anyone whos ever run a CCC with me. @jespence @Kotta @(Jay) obviously being the original squad. Easily my favorite quest on the server and of course a shoutout/thank you to @Lemon for making this sick quest. I hope that more people will start to run this quest, because I feel that it deserves a lot more love than it gets. And of fucking course my soulmate/wife/husband @777 Will love you forever and always. Everyone else is just a fling. Hopefully we can smash for real someday. Also if I missed anyone feel free to seek me out and call me a big silly.
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