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  1. I figured out what it was. Turns out there was a bunch of registries that were also supposed to be included. I ran the "install" registry file that came with the compressed files, and we're all good to go. And hell yeah, I'm glad to hear that!
  2. Hey guys! Been a while! Hope that *.ogg tutorial is treating you well. Anyway, it's been a hot second since I've played. Wanted to get back into things. One tiny problem, though... Seems I can't select a resolution! I've tried running as an administrator, and have also seen a similar topic that talked about editing some regedit settings. Not sure what the hell I'm doing here, though. Anyone able to help me out? Thanks in advance!
  3. http://www.phantasystaronline.net/forum/index.php/topic/23665-so-you-want-to-make-ogg-loops/ -- For anyone wanting to make their own *.ogg loops. This tutorial strictly uses Audacity.
  4. I'm actually half tempted to load up a test server and try to figure some of these out for myself.
  5. It ended up being a gamepad issue. All gamepads were uninstalled and disconnected, and it started working again. My second guess was correct!
  6. I've never had this issue before. Though from what it sounds like, it could be one of two things: 1. Your keyboard having issues (which is less likely, as you would likely have the scrolling issue outside of the game), or 2. You have a gamepad connected to your computer that's currently sitting in a position to cause the constant scrolling/back-running. Do you have any other devices connected to your computer that could potentially cause the issue?
  7. I imagine they simply mean cycling blocks. As far as I know, there's only ever been one block. So just try a quick block cycle and see if that does anything.
  8. I'm also getting the same issue. If anyone else is and has discovered some fix for this, that'd be awesome. I'm tempted to try a re-installation to see if that resolves the issue.
  9. What's up Santa!? There's a few things I wish I had: 1. More hit on my charge Yasminkov 9km 2. More hit on my hell Yasminkov 7kv 3. Rianov-5 (Maybe) 4. A Snow Queen that combos!
  10. I've been cracking out on this game since the Dreamcast release, and haven't regretted it since. Welcome to Ultima! Hope you enjoy your time here. If you need any help, you're welcome to come find me in-game (Kibble,Aurelli,Nukeflare), or PM me here.
  11. S> 0/35/0/40|40 Girasole

  12. Mist

    Hit event

    I wouldn't mind adding more hit to my 7000v, though...
  13. S>10/0/0/35|50 Guld Milla

  14. Soul Booster confirmed drop for Redria Gibbles, yo.
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