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  1. Hey all! I see that tinypic has given up on the images that I used for the tutorial. Very soon I'll have new images worked up and uploaded with a different link, so don't fret if the lack of imagery confuses you.
  2. I figured out what it was. Turns out there was a bunch of registries that were also supposed to be included. I ran the "install" registry file that came with the compressed files, and we're all good to go. And hell yeah, I'm glad to hear that!
  3. Hey guys! Been a while! Hope that *.ogg tutorial is treating you well. Anyway, it's been a hot second since I've played. Wanted to get back into things. One tiny problem, though... Seems I can't select a resolution! I've tried running as an administrator, and have also seen a similar topic that talked about editing some regedit settings. Not sure what the hell I'm doing here, though. Anyone able to help me out? Thanks in advance!
  4. Seeeeeeeeeeeeeelaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah <3
  5. Man, I've been a corpse in this place for quite sometime. Nice to see, even if it's distant, that people are still making use of this guide. I still do this on a regular basis for my own entertainment, so if anyone has any questions, feel free to ask me.
  6. The polls have decided! Personal 3/4 OST: The Poem for Everyone's soul This will be updated soon. New submissions will be accepted once this has been put in effect.
  7. The poll has been udpated! For those that submitted multiple tracks, I only chose one of those submissions (as per the rules of the submission thread; only one submission per person!). Votes will be accepted until Sunday (December 6th) a 11:59pm EST, so cast your vote as soon as you can!
  8. Hello everyone! It turns out not only is this topic active again, but I've been put in charge of your lobby music (mwahahahahahaha!!) The rules are the same as always: Each player may post a song here that they'd like to see in the active poll (One song per player, please), and it will be updated to the poll. The winning song will be updated to the lobby at the end of this week. The current poll is ancient, so pay it no mind. It will be updated once an adequate amount of songs has been posted. You are also welcome to PM me any suggestions you have for the lobby. Bring 'em in, so I can make them!
  9. To be fair, I never got your PMs. My inbox must be full, again. Great work, though! I'll have to check this out, myself.
  10. This is the word i was looking for, but couldn't think of it. But yes, in order for your to achieve the same type of transitioning that most of EP4's music uses (aside from Saint Million's music), you'd have to use ambient music to do it. I know of a few tracks that -might- be able to get the job done. I'd have to do some theory testing myself. If/when I do, I can talk about the results here.
  11. The bgm's used in most of EP4 function in the same manner as the Central Control area music does in Episode 2. Meaning, these tracks are Seamless; you'd have to make individual ogg files with six second lengths, arranged in such a manner that BB can handle it in the same format with those particular areas. I wish I could tell you why Sega did it like this, other than poor coding. In my tutorial thread, there's a post that contains a link describing how to do said editing. But this is one of those things what you won't get right the first time, due to the length of the initial process.
  12. I've been meaning to loop a few of EPIII's tracks myself, for my own personal amusement. I should get around to that, at some point. :v But yeah, no problem. Feel free to ask about anything else you're unsure of. This goes for anyone else reading, and you have questions about what to do.
  13. Glad you actually asked both questions! Answer to First: One easy way to skip to the end of a selection you have made in Audacity is using the arrow keys to skip up toward it. (Left and right, Respectively). Tapping and/or holding the arrow key to the right will enable you to skip toward the end of your selection to test your loop faster (this cuts out a LOT of looping time). Answer to Second: You can loop any part of the track you want, so long as the end of your file and the beginning of where you want your loop to start have a smooth transition. A.k.a., are seamless. That way, it appears more as an endless song, versus a cookie-cutter track that has an awkward break somewhere in it. Essentially, you'll want something like this: Let's say the track you're working with is 4:50. The "intro" to your track is from 0:00 to 1:47 At 1:47, it begins the variation that is similar to a section in the track further on, at 3:48 If the loop is created correctly, your song will start playing at 0:00, play until 3:48, and the loop will start at 1:47. To which 1:47 to 3:48 will play continuously, and will sound like the track itself is making this transition, unnoticed. That is the end result you want. As you're creating the loop for your track, take advantage of the right arrow key while you have your selection up; again, this allows you to skip to where you have ENDED your selection while you have continuous play (Shift+Space) active, thus enabling you to properly test your loop outside of PSO.
  14. Untekked HEAVEN STRIKER (25/0/25/0|0) - 12 pds <--- I'd like that, please. Also, would you do 10 PD's for that Tempest Arms?
  15. Fyrewolf: I took a look at that tutorial you linked me to. I'm half-tempted to play around with it based on the information here. But after doing a bit of reading into the tutorial, editing these particular area OGG's require songs that are nearly designed to be edited like this. The only music I can think of that might come close is anything from Star Ocean III: Till the End of Time. Even then, any custom area OGG edits done to the Forbidden Four would be more noticeable in their erroneous areas, versus the smoother transitions of the others.
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