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  1. any one selling a rionov 5 good stats

    1. jdhenry124


      I have a 0/70/0/35|20 R5... I would be open to offers



  2. buying rionov 5

  3. buying rianov 5

  4. hey if you ever log back on I am interested in buying some of your items from the shop. the j-sword and photon drops 

  5. is there a way we can have mag battles mag vs mag ? would be pretty cool maybie i should just play pokemon. alsoooo i think there should be more slots to your inventory as ive advanced from noob into semi pro i like to use more guns and i keep finding myself full especially when i got my cure freeze and cure shock on me.
  6. selling 100 souls 10 dts / cent battle 20dts/ and/ proof of sonic 8 dts

  7. Oh okay I didn't no you could covert them back yea no need then your right mate
  8. Probly been said before but the ability to have more pds instead of 99 or maybie a different sortt of in game currency
  9. buying 100 souls and master raven with good stats and guld millas

    1. Lone Ranger

      Lone Ranger

      @cloor might have a 100 Souls collected somewhere :3

    2. wizloe


      how much mate


  10. buying neutron skin

  11. buying adept/ guld millas 

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