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  1. Hi! I could use a Sacred Bow? May I get onde for my FO? Thanks.
  2. Mulder..? But you should only come back nexy week...? Tell Scully to bring donuts. Thanks.
  3. Thank you! I was just getting ready to leave at the time... I had the lock option on the first time I instaled the game. But on the second time I got "cocky"... Lesson learned But good to see all the support
  4. Hi! Will only be back online next Tuesday due to work, but your words were more than great. That is why I enjoy this comunity! I ll get back to you when online
  5. Hi! So, yesterday after a 6 hour play, I decides to grind a bit for my limiter killcount and all was good. At least until the point that I decided to sell stuff for meseta. Unfortunatly, while doing so, the phone beeped, I looked away and... I did it... I sold my limiter.... :'( Alas cruel fate. 14936 kills just went away. But life goes on. And now, as I have a Viridia id, what is the best way to farm Girtablublu. Thanks for your time.
  6. Well... Can't be bad at that!!! Happy New Year!!!
  7. What is New Year's Card...? Mmm.... The plot thickens!!
  8. Better late than never, I guess...? Merry Final Fantasy (VII) Christmas YALL!!
  9. Been enjoying this for a while Thanks a milion!!! It just sucks that epi 4 now plays without music.... Question: in the lobby, yesterday "The reunion was playing. Was it you who set it up? If so, you made my day!!!
  10. Wow! Congrats!!! Now... Get some sleep!!!
  11. I kind have mixes feelings on the new take... Their trying to make too much (linking the events on the original series with the new one, using elementos from non canon game, trying too much fan service). But man the animation on NGE new movies!!! AWESOME!!! Hope Anno finished the new Godzilla movie. Currently re watching "Cowboy Bepop".
  12. Hey! Me too! At least Luck mats are easy to farm, and not many needed Seed ya later
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