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Ricardo Gomes

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    conan, SLB, Xangai

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    Xangai city
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    Metallica - top
    conan - real nick name
    Xangai - old name of my city
    SLB - Best club ever / EUSÉBIO RIP

    Portuguese/mandarin/English/learning others

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  1. lol i totally was thinking on him
  2. T/ clean SJS for any good item

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    2. Biza


      cool =D give me a call when you get  on for trade  

    3. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      i can go ingame now, conanback char in lobby

    4. Biza


      k coming char ayame  ramarl

  3. what=? its not flat?
  4. you need 23k kills for sjs. check kills using /killcount command. after you get 23k, you need to change blocks to take effect and a USE appear. turning sjs only in rooms
  5. yes, since you got it equiped, all kill count, melee or tecs
  6. B«  Blue Black Stone  pm

  7. its the way this server works, to compensate that they made some new great weapons for forces to balance they. about buffed ultimate, they are like that since beggining and its a choice from server owner and it was a good change, or else it was too easy play ultimate
  8. any force is good at ep4, but for ep1/2 magid damage is very weak, and many times they are good only for suport.to make more damage, ya you will need some melee weapons
  9. Im interested in your ultima reaper and 99mind mats. How many dts for both?

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    2. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      ok let me get ingame

    3. Markeivan Magus

      Markeivan Magus

      KK just make a room called Sky trade, Ill be there shortly

    4. Ricardo Gomes
  10. cg man, job done lol
  11. well, i was here when a pgf cost like 50 or 60 dt from donations list, and saw people buying dozen of them, but in that way, all economy was based on that price. what can be done about that? i dont care if its in or out in donations list, since until now i got 0 donated and still got what i wanted ingame, and yes, playing alot with others items until i got some darks. now, making a drop harder and a pgf cost, lets say +300dt, its not a large pay to win system? im an adult, but many players here are teens, how tha F** they will get the money? i think its time to larva think of what is taking in ultima, its not a fair place like it was 3 years ago. maybe news players dont know what is to hunt harder since indiv drops is helping alot, i just want to some of you take a ramarl just using a low stat Mille and go kill olga, no force around. then you will see what is a hard hunt. and meh, im done of this, im just here to play until they let me to
  12. really, dont get me wrong in my opinion, well, just like in any game, there are a list on things that you can or only can buy there, generally top items, and not avaluable ingame in any others means, its a way to get money to make things still work, just like in ultima. now, by removing some items( pgf in mind) and make it drop harder, it well get some drama of course, since everyone that plays pso, want to get a dark one, to play using sabers/canes i play lego. pgf/sta are the top items that makes everyone plays, i dont see anyone play to hunt less and stay there, wow i found a glide, game over?! all that things about other items to play, only when you got all the goal ingame you can trully say that.
  13. well, pgf from begging in Ultima, was an event drop, so it should be like that, only problem was removing pgf from donations list, like others items, that is the big problem that make economy like it was. and for "special" drops, i only can see STA, SOV, zondebacon( and others that was made for ultima only, cant rename all), all that special items made for/to Ultima indded make them event only and not in donation list, all others it should be there to make a more balanced economy without all that crazy values. about time to hunt and so, well, i hunt alot with no luck, and hunt a few with extreme luck. or you play or not, even if its in an event like pgf drop( hard to drop) drops are just like that. edit: thats just my opinion, nothing against anyone, you all are rigth on your opinion