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  1. that drop was from last event, drop chart is not up to date yet
  2. first drop
  3. é, faz muito tempo que não te vejo no lobby. boa sorte com isso, espero que tudo se resolva rapido
  4. oi Zeus, se quisser que eu ajude em alguma tradução so chamar, a GM que percebe portugues está meio fora agora
  5. i take my buddy, he need a work out
  6. i think guld milla to use in ranger cast is top, i love it on cast free hp
  7. king saber 80 hit works for all
  8. lol i totally was thinking on him
  9. T/ clean SJS for any good item

    1. Show previous comments  10 more
    2. Biza


      cool =D give me a call when you get  on for trade  

    3. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      i can go ingame now, conanback char in lobby

    4. Biza


      k coming char ayame  ramarl

  10. what=? its not flat?
  11. you need 23k kills for sjs. check kills using /killcount command. after you get 23k, you need to change blocks to take effect and a USE appear. turning sjs only in rooms
  12. yes, since you got it equiped, all kill count, melee or tecs
  13. B«  Blue Black Stone  pm

  14. its the way this server works, to compensate that they made some new great weapons for forces to balance they. about buffed ultimate, they are like that since beggining and its a choice from server owner and it was a good change, or else it was too easy play ultimate