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  1. Ricardo Gomes


    in a hour im on a pc and can give you them just fine
  2. hi, i can take , call when you on
  3. hi, im looking to trade my DF for another DF. sell/trade list wants DT, Proof of Sonic Team, smartlink Dark Flow [100/0/100/0|80] trade for Dark Flow [0/100/100/0|80] Tsumikiri J-Sword +50 [40/40/0/0|60] Psycho Raven +80 [30/0/30/0|0] Rage De Feu [40/0/0/0|40] Red Ring [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] Parasitic Gene "Flow"
  4. hi good you make it i dont want anything for trying to help, but thanks ^^
  5. hi if you search for steam deck in forum, you will find some post about it, i think the one above have more information about it
  6. queria trocar por uma db ou pgf mesmo
  7. i outdated of prices, so make me an offer i i will see
  8. closed Arrest Needle +60 [35/0/0/45|25] Tsumikiri J-Sword +50 [100/0/0/100|80] sold Master Sword +70 [0/50/0/35|0]sold Snow Queen +18 [0/30/0/0|35] Dark Meteor +25 [0/0/100/100|80] Sonicteam Armor [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 1]sold Sonicteam Armor [DEF: 0/EVP: 0] [Slots: 4]sold Centurion/Battlesold Centurion/Battlesold Centurion/Battlesold Centurion/Battlesold
  9. In launcher, go to options and in GENERAL click on SAVE CREDENTIALS, so every time you log, you can choose the Acc to play and dont need to put pass or so. ingame if you want to be AFK and game dont close after a short time, since by default is 15 min to close after no movement ingame, press f12 and go to auto disconsect and put the amount you need, i think its 60 min max of AFK.
  10. LEY at some point i got that error, needed to change to google DNS to be able to enter in psobb as you did but work for me at first
  11. since im been off last months, but i know wilson from way back. all i can say is that if he got larva and Soly credit, its fine by me. personally never got any issues with him, regardless hes been agressive to some players, thats really bad as a GM, but i see that a few are constantly bully him too, so... better get an understanding of behavior from all sides. its a good pool to try at least got larva attention
  12. for me, ultima just lost when they remove major items from donation list, thats why many new players after a short time quit, since you cant do much if you are short in money and luck on drops. On others ultima stuff, i think its still pretty cool as expected from an old game, Soly and R-78 still try to improve what they can. i cant compare to others servers since i have only played here. i used to be very kind to new players and help them as much i can, but in last, most of them just want big stuff at start, otherwise they will be rude. because of that, must of time i play alone, or only with team. not to mention the super players who don't miss an opportunity to show that they are better and that the rest are crap, as I've seen in some cases, ask players to leave the room because they don't have top weapons or don't know much well what to do in each moment of the game.
  13. why you have 2 accs on trade?
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