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  1. i recently got that pic error on laucher updaded, that i solved by using Google DNS IP Addresses
  2. Returning to the subject of the server, what are you planning to do to improve and put the server back as one of the best as it has been before? I have already seen that a pool has been made to change the SS weapon and this is already a big improvement by getting the community to participate in the new items, whether they are imposed by the leader or by community suggestion. -What to do with the glaring shortage of forum / server GMs / moderators? - what to do to stabilize / lower the steep DW price increase, this is for a game that is already old but only the elite can donate hundreds! to buy a DW. I think by making these my suggestions (mine and not general), there will be other improvements and maybe even other priorities, but I think it could be the best server again starting with one of them
  3. well, all this is true, the last 2 years has always been going down, maybe because of Soly, who probably (dam you lol) got a full time job, and then the huge lack of at least active GM, r -78 cannot be server lifesavers, as Soly was when it came in, it seems that more and more GMs have too much responsibility instead of distributing it to less powerful but active GMs, so at least there is more interaction with the players. Another turning point is that increasingly the ultima server is just paying to play, increasingly evident, which leads to many moving to other servers. A major flaw is the placement of new items on the server, which for me should be done in 2 ways: - a pool to know what the server really needs through the players themselves, but not to spoil the game balance, always leaving the door open for a general improvement of gameplay; - the placement decided by the owner / gm / developers without any consultation with the players (immediately prevents the drama) where the players decided to use or not; even though I don't play any other pso server anymore, I see that the server is going back to broombob time or whatever it's called, and most of all the forum is infested with full time idiots who spend all day saying crap , which leads me to spend very little time on the forum because my 10 year old daughter can see what they write. both the server and the forum are clearly falling
  4. and now a girl fight is starting to show up, let's get back to the topic before hair and wigs are ripped off
  5. h/battle 40% speed, v101 30% speed that why its slower, but have others stats that help to lvl up
  6. Soly and all other staff, i know you dont get payd for what you all are doing, like most of all, keep server Alive, i say and repeat that all the work are priceless because of that, all i keept saying is that you need to cover yourselfs or dont expose to This kind of dramas since all work is nonpay, if somehow i think you all get payd from larva, well, all replys here can be deserved lol
  7. Thats why i said to think before put new stuff, all This crap can be easy avoid if you decide to put final itens ingame. Só no One can make dramas about changes when hunting alot for something that Will not be what was when released. I still dont care if changes be made or not, i dont pay to play, but i can see if someone pay to play, they dont deserve This undefinition and some replys. Its a lack of respect for those that keeps server Alive with huge DT amount
  8. I'm glad I saved my humar when I erased all non-ranger classes. I was waiting for a sswan to come. for real, so many things that can improve and all are arguing about a good new but not so good weapon. in my opinion, the only thing that is ruining the server is just the fact that PGF and other rare weapons are not on the donation list, this is what destabilizes the server, a dark weapon cost more than 400DT?!?! that is what is wrong, everything else is workable
  9. En estas situaciones, puedes intentar retirar las armas y buscar un esquina donde puedas usar el comando de ataque, debes tener un arma cuerpo a cuerpo o no tienes nada equipado para hacerlo. después de estar en una esquina, usa el comando de atacar para intentar que el personaje intentará pasar la barrera gradualmente. en algunas situaciones esto resulta Además, casi ningún GM puede ayudarlo si el artículo en sí es muy raro, como en el caso de SJS.
  10. ok vou entrar no game agora, apesar de aqui não ser o indicado para falarmos kkkkkk manda pm
  11. wether efects only have 5 epsilion, and take only a few minutes, solo like 15 min or so
  12. yes, you can change id for free the same character every 3 months
  13. hi r-78, I'm not calling into question the work that you have, I know it's very difficult to manage and still implement new things, I just think there are ways to test the new ideas and you guys like Admin / Mod have alternatives to do the tests before launching in the server. I have never criticized Soly nor the Mods (except one) because what they do is priceless, I said many years ago that I play with what the server gives me and I am happy with it, so I have the choice to use or do not. sorry if I somehow offended some of the staff, that was not my intention
  14. I already saw that you did not think much while you put this stupid answer. I know that it is not difficult to implement items to the game, because in the Ultima server only basically skins are made in most cases. the difficult thing is to please the community, so I say and repeat, think before you launch items to the game without being sure it's your final version or close to it Edit; so that there is no such confusion as is happening here
  15. better stop putting prototypes on the server, at least until they think it's the end product. What is the purpose of putting things to change afterwards and create confusion for the community? Next time think before launching things on the server.
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