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Ricardo Gomes

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    conan, SLB, Xangai, Starwars

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    Metallica - top
    conan - real nick name
    Xangai - old name of my city
    SLB - Best club ever / EUSÉBIO RIP

    Portuguese/mandarin/English/learning others

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  1. Ayeee

    hello and welcome back again
  2. Mistranslation of items?

    hi follow this one, same problem
  3. no kikori, a schedule will not help, it will only create more frustration if they dont keept up on that timer. as you may know, you never know your tomorow, so, sometimes you have more free time, and most of time, you dont have. my best advise is when you need to redeem stay in lobby until a gm comes, and it not very hard to find a gm in lobby on ultima
  4. for those that are stuggling to find a Gm to reedem, you can send a PM to any GM that is able to reedem ex: Soly, Serverus, i guess lemon, kajex and Fyrewolf5 can too, and put all the information of what you want, weapon/armor/misc, % or hit, guildcard, slot/bank and they will do when they have time: Example to anyone that dont know this: Hi, i want to upgrade a weapon on this GC 4******* Slot 2 when you have free time yask7 30-0-60-0 is to put hell special more 10 hit. its in normal bank DM 0-100-0-100-50 is to put 20hit more 10hit. its in inventory Total dt is 40 TY
  5. Happy Hours Alert!

    yes, all drops in any map/diffilcuty, except for those that are 1/2 or close
  6. there had been alot of those discussion, but none of the GM can ensure that will be ingame to do HH, so it will keept in GM hands when they can or want to, since when there is no event, they track the last HH and decide to do it or not. it all depend on GM´s will and time ingame, since HH is not an obligation making it a random thing
  7. Ricardo eu compro a sua TypeSH/Shot +60 [0/0/0/0|80] [Hell] te ofereço tudo que tenho 55 DTs + 60 PDs

  8. I did this wrong

    well, goodbye, see you around
  9. SoF Give away

    99 and 181
  10. voce tem Master Raven com bom status, mais nao precisa ter hit nao, voce tem ????

    1. Show previous comments  15 more
    2. Gadita


      ja pode me vender ???

      te dou 5 DTs  

    3. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      oi gadita, estive a ver ela e decidi usar ela tambem, por isso nao vou vender

    4. Gadita
  11. I almost forgot to do this.

  12. S/ 99 pd for 10dt to a friend

    1. Moiy Sanchez
    2. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      i know, but another friend need 10dt ^^

    3. Moiy Sanchez
  13. Goodbye

    well, see ya sabrina, best luck