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Ricardo Gomes

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    conan, SLB, Xangai, Starwars

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    Metallica - top
    conan - real nick name
    Xangai - old name of my city
    SLB - Best club ever / EUSÉBIO RIP

    Portuguese/mandarin/English/learning others

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  1. T sjs 30 nat sjs 30 dark both untekked for a maxed crimson sword, pm me to work deal

    1. EDEN


      Lmk if you want to sell one for DT

    2. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      fine by me, make an offer

  2. Logging out problem

    this one works fine to me
  3. Whats the highest hit you've ever found?

    80 hit blizzard raygun. 70 hit hell calibur
  4. T sjs 30 nat sjs 30 dark both untekked for a maxed crimson sword, pm me to work deal

    Edited by Ricardo Gomes
    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      hi, ok fine to me, cal me when you ready

    3. HUNTER_


      Hey I'm really sorry but I was online the other day and it seems that I must have traded that 75hit crimson sword bc I can't find it anywhere. I'm sorry about the inconvinice I thought I still had it . I hope you can find a deal with someone .

    4. Ricardo Gomes
  5. Logging out problem

    Soly, it works fine now, thanks again i have notice this error when event start, but also i made un update on pc, so i didnt say anything thinking it was on my side only
  6. Logging out problem

  7. Logging out problem

    Soly, when i open game wile launcher is ative, i got black screen on exit, but if i open game without launcher on, no ctrl, game close fine, have done 4 times i got this on black screen wile launcher is ative
  8. Logging out problem

    same here
  9. What's DTS?

    dt is real money that are put in the server, donation tickets(dt) cost 1 dollar each, with that, you can upgrade your items, buy items from others players. DT can only be used in forum. the difference to PD is that pd can be used direct ingame for trades and can be found in quests, while dt not. if by chance you will use dt, by getting some for you stuff or by donations, you can track that easy if you press your photo profile. about donation itself, i cant help you on that, since i never make it, but i know that besides official forum link for donation, you can contact LARVA for alternate ways to donate and get those DT
  10. Retiring from the game Special mini event giveaway

    well, take care ragol
  11. Portugal win Futsal EURO

    for the first time! Thank you

  12. New Year Raffle Results

    nice event, same time, next year i hope
  13. New Year Raffle Results

    i can take that RR, thanks
  14. you have won prize, you need to choose.

    1. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      thanks, i saw the post, but missed that lol

  15. B/ pgf or sta, pm your price please

    1. Terrybriggs711


      CG on your raffle win XD