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  1. Game crashes after starting

    Soly, just as event start, i tryed to update files on laucher, but names still wrong, then i tryed to update direct from forum, and i got this problem, had to delete laucher and download again and it solved, it may be the same here
  2. Estou no aguardo, so chamar quando puder =)

  3. Your pm's are full, Send me a pm

  4. Problema con drops en "Dropstyle 1" drop personal

    Soly ya explicó el nuevo drop en un post parecido, aquí tienes el link :
  5. Disconnected after killing Dark Falz

    could be a shared room? besides dc, that unfortunally is a crap on final boss. maybe thats why it show to you, and for all group? in that case, only 1 could pick it, as it shows in Soly logs não seria uma sala de shared drops? se for o caso, o rr apareceria para todos na sala e só 1 podia pegar, que foi o caso do CHAITANYA que o pegou, e se for o caso, infelizmente nada pode ser feito pelo Soly *se for o caso de nada ser possivel fazer, eu te dou 1 rr, só avisar
  6. T/ Zanba [25/0/0/0|15] [Untekked] for addslot stack and sreds arm

  7. T/ Banana Cannon [0/0/35/0|25] for 2 adepts 1 smartlink

  8. Mock GM Election!

    thanks nabooru ^^ i was got by suprise well, even that, i think that among all mock candidates, R-78 deserves for what they told about him here, and my opinion is the same, cool guy but even so, i will make something i want if i got the final 1) give a permanent ban to patrick Bell, once and for all ( yes, the ban is permanent ) 2) make a price for all items in donations list( larva must be nag alot) and for start it should be good, lets see
  9. Disconnected after killing Dark Falz

    olha ley, usa este post para referencia: depois é so preencheres e só assim o Soly ou outro GM pode te ajudar.
  10. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    this is now fixed and tested, according to Soly and larva, so we just need to adapt since it was very easy on many drops. i only agree on the individual system maybe need better drops chance now, since now its the opposite, real hard, but nothing that can be done. about economy, i think the only way to regulate it, is to put all items with a price (except for the unique ones) on donations list, after that, no one will complain if its hard or easy to drop a item
  11. Mock GM Election!

    of course, Booma should be the one
  12. Do you think PSO has changed?

    i have played alot in gamecube pso online ep1&2, still have it plugged, still love gamecube after this many years. the ultima server is changed for much better, with to many new stuff. i cant compare with others private servers since i never played in others, but i can say that only a few players will not like how Ultima server are about organization and playable stuff
  13. GM Applications

    unfortunately when Cyane make a pause it caused alot trouble in GMs function, they tryed to compensate with some new GMs, but only saith stills on and try to help when he can. but yes, some more GMs will be needed in near future, alot of people are complaining about redeem, specially those that are kinda new in server
  14. No Boss Drops. confirmed 3 times....

    not really, since rares are off, almost all mobs dont drop anything, includes all bosses, done a few pts/ttf lhb, and almost no drops at all on all mobs. not saying that the specific mob drop are wrong, singe i got an SN in pts, just saying that mobs/boss are dropping stuff like 1/3 then before
  15. Ayeee

    hello and welcome back again