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Ricardo Gomes

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    conan, SLB, Xangai, Starwars

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    Metallica - top
    conan - real nick name
    Xangai - old name of my city
    SLB - Best club ever / EUSÉBIO RIP

    Portuguese/mandarin/English/learning others

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  1. Retiring from the game Special mini event giveaway

    well, take care ragol
  2. Portugal win Futsal EURO

    for the first time! Thank you

  3. New Year Raffle Results

    nice event, same time, next year i hope
  4. New Year Raffle Results

    i can take that RR, thanks
  5. you have won prize, you need to choose.

    1. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      thanks, i saw the post, but missed that lol

  6. B/ pgf or sta, pm your price please

    1. Terrybriggs711


      CG on your raffle win XD

  7. B pgf or 1 df, paying good, pm me

  8. New Year Cards

    mine is not yet there ^^
  9. New Year Cards

    well, i will put 50 NYC for that raffle, % i can put latter with pd
  10. :"L

  11. Idea for post-xmas Mini Event

    any event made by Gms are good, no matter what reward are, for me i can say, except for the hit event, i dont enter in other events so others that really need better stuff got them, since im pretty satisfied myfelf ingame. so make some suggestions, but fair, until a GMs like it or they decided to make one
  12. I'm leaving the game

    Ola gari, pena que sair, percebo a tua situação, já passei por isso varias vezes por causa do pso kkkkkkk de qualquer maneira, um abraço e boa sorte na tua vida já não entro no jogo tanto como antigamente, mas estarei sempre por aqui se quiseres vir aparecendo Abraço
  13. Ricardo tem algum pd ainda?


    sim, mas isso depende do tempo que o GM mio estiver disponivel para o fazer, ou outro GM que queira entrar no evento para ajudar, por isso nao tem horario estabelecido