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Ricardo Gomes

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    conan, SLB, Xangai, Starwars

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    Xangai city
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    Metallica - top
    conan - real nick name
    Xangai - old name of my city
    SLB - Best club ever / EUSÉBIO RIP

    Portuguese/mandarin/English/learning others

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  1. Show your screenshots

    this team was destiny to failure
  2. T sjs 40 beast for CB clean sjs for a max RR and /or any good hit weapon

    1. Hather247


      hey i got a C/B i would trade

  3. Weapons Gold badge

    well, in dc version, you could trade some of them, like 3 or 4 for a weak shield 20 edk res, and them when the shield was equiped you traded for a little better stuff in an offlline question , in a sequence of 3 more badges each until you get some gold shield or whatever it was. in BB version, i really dont know is use
  4. T/ 2 SJS, clean and 0-30-0-0 untekked for a rr max/c/battle/pr or a good hit weapon. no DT/PD

    Edited by Ricardo Gomes
    1. Moiy Sanchez

      Moiy Sanchez

      i got rage de glace 0-0-100-100|80

  5. that drop was from last event, drop chart is not up to date yet
  6. Show your screenshots

    first drop
  7. Ban ?

    é, faz muito tempo que não te vejo no lobby. boa sorte com isso, espero que tudo se resolva rapido
  8. Ban ?

    oi Zeus, se quisser que eu ajude em alguma tradução so chamar, a GM que percebe portugues está meio fora agora
  9. Team Challenge Event: Back on, sorry!

    i take my buddy, he need a work out
  10. What is your favorite gear?

    i think guld milla to use in ranger cast is top, i love it on cast free hp
  11. What is your favorite gear?

    king saber 80 hit works for all
  12. hunting wepons

    lol i totally was thinking on him
  13. T/ clean SJS for any good item

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    2. Biza


      cool =D give me a call when you get  on for trade  

    3. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      i can go ingame now, conanback char in lobby

    4. Biza


      k coming char ayame  ramarl