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  1. except for R-78, I only see the community's disinterest in past and current moderators / GMs with their strong and wise words, not knowing how to use moderation and showing their point of view. I find your lack of "moderation" disturbing.
  2. Sorry, but HH only goes for some timezone, europeans need to stay wake up all nigth to get hh, i wake up around 6:30am to go work and hh comes at +-4:00am. when some of us ask for hh in decend hours for us, your respond is that is random , you cant turn on hh just because someone ask for blablabla and more shitty talks, but yah i see for GMs and Moderators replys that you dont give a big shit for those that try to keep playing on ultima
  3. nice random HH at 4AM everyday, once again European are left aside. yah Fuck all europeans, go get a chance to hunt in other games bastard Europeans

    1. R-78


      I'll try to make one for us today. i.e in 7 or 10 hours.

    2. Gui


      Brazil sucks tooo hahaha

    3. silv


      É tudo tão fácil no última, falo de nível e itens. Se calhar até foi por isso que deixei de jogar aqui, ou de jogar tão frequentemente 🤔

  4. S/T STA or TJ-S +50 [100/0/0/100|80] for maxed Ifaust+6 nakas

  5. T/ TJ-S +50 [40/40/0/0|60] for a good IFaust

  6. primeiro, tens de ser o lider da time para mudar a bandeira depois vais á pasta onde está o jogo(ultima psobb), e procuras a pasta teamflag, terás lá a bandeira original, tens de colocar a nova imagem que queres para a bandeira e mudar ou apagar o nome da original r colocar na nova o nome de flag.bmp. depois de fazeres isto tens de ir ao jogo, entrar no menu master da team usando o guild onde se cria salas, e atualizar o a bandeira, só tens de confirmar o tamanho da bandeira para saber se cabe no espaço dela. o jogo só vai conseguir ler a imagem que tenha o nome flag.bmp, qualquer outro nome não vai dar
  7. B/ time and patience

  8. Trade PB [50/50/0/0|50] for any other darks or good HU stuff

    1. RocketTots


      psycho bridge for hu stuff? what hu stuff you want?

    2. Ricardo Gomes

      Ricardo Gomes

      any usefull stuff, not looking for a specific item

  9. Trade Psycho Bridge [50/50/0/0|50] for any other darks

  10. i was thinking of doing that yes, since i dont have time like before to go ingame, and i had 840pd and 17 ps to spend all in this hit event, but im out of them now, so good luck all
  11. i mean that if we have a few/alot weapons to put hit, its better make some math before enter room and PM before what we want so GM dont losse time counting that example i gave i really dindt think about it, just trowed some numbers randomly. since i had(not anymore) a few weapons that some needed to split hit, i needed like 1300pd/13ps for all the stuff i wanted, so if we talk to GM before enter room, i think it was faster for everyone, i saw someone(r-78?) cant remember saying in forum to PM a gm if it was alot of stuff to make it faster
  12. if we made some math and it requires 3 ps and 20 for example, for all weapons, you take it?
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