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  1. S>Ricos Parasol and ANTI DARK RING 10dts each.

  2. t>RIcos parasol for Macho blades

  3. ....its me derp i still had test server for som reasonchecked and i fixed constant update problem solved ><
  4. yes ep 1,my mistake
  5. Amore rose-merlan redria ult
  6. B<Charge Yas9k hit

  7. B<Charge yas9k 50dts 70hit or more

     S>Dcore 40dts :v

    Edited by Death
  8. B<PR blank :v 15dts


  9. S>D-Photon Core 50dts :v

  10. S>0-50-0-50-50 ARMS 10PDS

    1. Jose Zapata

      Jose Zapata

      i interested! you are online right now?

    2. Michael Gerrells

      Michael Gerrells

      if you have more than one I would like one

    3. Death


      Sorry jezbuz has purchase already 

  11. B<Hell laser 50hit and v502 

    S>0-50-0-50-50 ARMS and 50-50-0-0-50 ARMS mesge me

  12. is it possible for me lvl 134 racast to solo olga? or am i still 1 shot ignore