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  1. S> frozen booster 15dt  and ultima reaper 30hit 15dt


  2. B<80hit demon yas9k

  3. B< 80hit demon yas9k

  4. S>Psycho Raven +80 [100/75/0/0|55] 60dts or trade for demon yas9k sold

    S>Macho Blades [0/0/0/0|0] 10dts


    1. Kendow


      Still selling that raven ?

    2. Death


      Yes, still have for sell.

  5. B<Demon yas9k hit

  6. B< Maxed Psycho Raven set

    S> cent arms 10pds,

    S> mg+ 20pds,

    S> pbooster 20pds


  7. i sell cent arm

    1. Himeko


      Hi hi, thanks but I need centurion ability :onion-head21:

    2. Death


      read wrong :s srry

    3. Himeko


      no problem haha, got a v101? :P 

  8. B<IF set and PR set :v message me

  9. Which quest poses the fastest way to unseal my limiters?
  10. I think this weapon could be useful on HUmar because of it's high atp+ 100% gizonde tech boost. Not worth make set, maybe have high % in mech.
  11. can get exact stats on outlaw star, like the others?
  12. It is not fair to keep the belras as they are now. Every player are not equipped to deal with them, like they were before. As i'm see many level 200 players and so called "pro players" doing very low damage or 0s to the belras so demons is ideal for kill them otherwise be more difficult.
  13. hell, i have a question which involves a mag. it's silly, maybe? but I need an assistant. http://www.pso-world.com/sections.php?op=viewarticle&artid=1024 I made an error in step 3, which says my Ila mag should have the stats of 5/7/45/0. Mines is 5/7/50/0. Is the evolution of it becoming a Sato mag now ruined? Or can I fix it into becoming a sato?
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