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  1. t>sta+51dts+as80hit+cb+PR 50-0-45-35 for DF/DM

  2. t>sta+51dts+as80hit+cb+PR 50-0-45-35 for DF/DM

  3. S>Spread Needle 45hit 15dts

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  4. Im very confused from some the older posts, but would yas9k get the sane stats and hit from mechgun(series)?
  5. t>30dts+PBC+SN 45HIT for 70- 80hit demon yas9k

    or sell sn 45hit 15dts and pbc for 15dts pm me.

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  6. S> v101 5pds S>Godrick cloak 10pds S> 0-0-50-50-0- eggblaster mk2 5pds

  7. S>Godrik cloack  10pd

    s>egg blaster MK2 0-0-50-50- 10pd

    s>samba fiesta 0hit 10pd

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  8. t>sta+cb+gael mag for dm n/m or ab.d(or others) or trade for a DF

  9. s>d-core 30dts or 175pds

  10. can anyone give me step to have enb series on pso without it causing "NO DL and japanese text error" ive tried steps from planet and other site but still have this issue when moving certain files to the "root pso folder" anyone help please?
  11. dont leave us over this, i understand you anger some people in ultima try to play authorities and be rude to others,,, this anger topic makes you look bad be better person
  12. ....its me derp i still had test server for som reasonchecked and i fixed constant update problem solved ><
  13. ><close i find error
  14. yes ep 1,my mistake
  15. Amore rose-merlan redria ult