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  1. S>Hylian Shield 15dts

    pm me.

  2. s>master sword x2 status 0'ds 15dts each


  3. S>Sacred bow x2 20pds each

  4. im look trade som items for sonic team armor or buy plz pm me if interested

  5. S>Sacred bow 20pds each

    1. Virec


      I wouldnt give 5 pds for this right now buddy as much as their dropping ,   they are nice but its like a good 50-60 already dropped and there are lots of people selling them for like 10 pds each


    2. Death


      ive sold 6 for 20pds already :c

    3. Virec


      :)  maybe I was wrong...  btw I wasnt trying to criticize your post buddy I was just thinking out load as Sacred bows are dropping alot 

      best of luck with the trades 


  6. T>S-reds+5pds for 100power materials

  7. Serverus Mini Event

    Im very confused from some the older posts, but would yas9k get the sane stats and hit from mechgun(series)?
  8. can anyone give me step to have enb series on pso without it causing "NO DL and japanese text error" ive tried steps from pioneer2.net planet and other site but still have this issue when moving certain files to the "root pso folder" anyone help please?
  9. My Honest Goodbye and DTs Giveaway

    dont leave us over this, i understand you anger some people in ultima try to play authorities and be rude to others,,, this anger topic makes you look bad be better person
  10. solve pls close

    ....its me derp i still had test server for som reasonchecked and i fixed constant update problem solved ><
  11. ><close i find error
  12. Confirmed Valentines Drops - 2017

    yes ep 1,my mistake